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Old 12-09-2008, 05:59 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Athens burns..

This is a Athens' resident's account of what happened over the weekend.

There was no petrol bomb. I repeat : THERE WAS NO PETROL BOMB. Not
even stones. The ONLY thing that was thrown at them was a 500 ml
plastic bottle of water. The policemen had passed from the spot a few
minutes ago, heard some verbal abuse, they left and a bit further down
they parked the car and returned on foot. From distance (about 50
metres) they started verbally arguying with the teenagers and one of
them SHOT DIRECTLY to them, killing young Alexandros.

Today demonstrations continued and in Athens but also in other cities
around Greece. Nearly all schools of Greece did not work as the pupils
squated them, and then demonstrated on the streets of their town...
Alexandros was a school kid, one of them, on Saturday it was
Alexandros today it could be someone else... In a lot of occassions
the pupils threw stones against the police, who responded with
chemicals. In various cities of Greece, the youth attacked and
destroyed police departments...It has been decided that for the next 3
days all schools of Greece will be closed, in memorance of Alexandros.

In Athens, big demonstrations are again going to take place today.
During the day there were a lot of actions carried away, mainly
attacks against police departments on different areas of Athens. The
fascist group Golden Dawn, had organized an event for today near the
centre of Athens, but they postponed it, because of the incidents that
take place... Small groups of fascists though, are walking on the
streets of Athens during the last 2 days, and are in occassions
cooperating with police against anarchists.

A big demonstration has been planned for Wednesday. It was planned
long before the murder of Alexandros, it is called by the worker
unions for completely different reasons. Of course, after the recent
events, this demo will take a different meaning. There are rumours
that the worker unions have decided to postpone the demo, in fear of
violent riots in the centre of Athens again, but nothing is confirmed

There is a big cover up from the media. Our public TV channels, ET1
and NET (similar lets say to BBC1 and 2) are still saying that the 2
policemen were attacked, no matter the fact that on the rest TV
channels, a big number of eye witnesses have said that THERE WAS ONLY
VERBAL CONFROTATION. The riots and the demonstrations, are presented
by the media as acts of hooligans, who have just randomly decided to
destroy Athens. If you walk on the streets of Athens though, the
scenery is quite different. You see anarchists, together with
"ordinary" people, attacking the police with whatever they can find.
Pedestrians, are trying to help the wounded, and shout with anger
against the police. There is a BIG public outrage for the murder, it
is not only a matter of a few anarchists destroying the whole place.

You have to understand that is not only the murder that has created
this situation. During the last months, we live under economic
ressesion, with big problems and trying to survive. Day after day,
more and more economic scandals are coming forward, a lot of
government officials, even priests (yes priests !!) in occasions have
been found to gain millions of euros for their own interest. All these
have made all of us very angry. Police presence in the streets,
especially in Athens, during the last year is massive, and nearly
everybody has a story of police abusing their power and being brutal
against civillians. Immigrants have paied the price on a lot of
occassions, the last dead immigrant from police was only a month ago.
This murder though, was the last drop, a KID was murder, a young
innocent kid, all of you that you may be parents of a teenage kid,
think that it could be YOUR OWN KID, and then try to think of what
would your reaction be and justify what is happening now in Greece.


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locomotive power
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the current events were coming for a while now. greece is probably the worst country in europe to live in. corruption, low wages, over-populated cities. it was coming and unfortunately nobody did anything
...siempre es possible

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smash it up
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