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elphenor 01-10-2017 03:13 PM

white male born into money who goes around using his privilege to bully others

Frownland 01-10-2017 03:15 PM


Originally Posted by Chula Vista (Post 1793417)

Explain it to us like we're kindergarteners, oh wise one.

DwnWthVwls 01-10-2017 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by Chula Vista (Post 1793417)

This is why Frown mocks you. That's not an answer.

In case you didn't notice, I don't follow politics. I pop my head in here every once in a while in a lazy attempt to have other people keep me informed. It was a legitimate question, and all you gave was a stupid answer.

riseagainstrocks 01-10-2017 03:25 PM


Originally Posted by DwnWthVwls (Post 1793416)
In reality, it's true. Not that I agree with the idea, but I'd be a fool to deny it's part of American culture (possibly even human nature??). For less offensive examples, you can look at our desire for symmetry, effects of color, etc..

I certainly agree to that when it comes to entertainment, fashion, etc. In the natural world, appearance and reality are intimately related. The shape of foods, our natural affection for chubby faces and big eyes (babies!), etc.

The problem, and it's not unique to Trump - he's just an out-sized offender, is when you substitute appearance for policy. The wall is a perfect example. The appearance of the wall riles up his crowds. 'It'll be huge and won't cost you a cent!' Cue cheering and nativist chanting. But the policy behind this construction project is messy, costly, time-consuming, and, depending on who you listen to, likely to be harmful to our economy.
The Economist

And you can always google the well-researched (and I think hilarious) John Oliver breakdown of the wall's cost.

Trollheart 01-10-2017 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by Chula Vista (Post 1792489)
Do some research instead of relying on talking points.

Clinton says she was gone for the 'red line' in Syria incident | PolitiFact

Your "unwillingness for Russian diplomacy" response is too stupid to address.

Did I miss something or did Clinton completely avoid the question of whether or not she would shoot down Russian jets?

Originally Posted by djchameleon (Post 1792606)
I feel like with Russia we are way past the stage of Diplomacy. It is time for some good chest puffing at the moment.

In the ideal scenario, I'd like to see us go to war with Russia and start up World War 3.

Trump would truly go down in the history books for being part of that.

Either that or to see Trump get impeached for treason and all of his sketchy ethics issues that he has going on.

I really want to see the war scenario happen though. So I could get to do a big "told you so" to the idiots that thought with Hillary we would be going to war and thought there wasn't a chance of Trump doing the same thing.

I'm going to assume you of course do not mean that.

Originally Posted by Chula Vista (Post 1792681)
Speaking of hyperbole.....

As I noted before, Russia's military is pretty gutted since the breakup of the Soviet Union. They simply do not have the money to support it. They are planning on eliminating a half a million troops this year. ****, Israel could kick Russia's ass in a war, never mind the US with its allies.

Clinton's chest puffing and talk of negotiation over safe zones in Syria is what's called "diplomacy". Look it up.

Trump wanting to circle jerk with Putin is the absolute worst way to go. Putin's playing him like a banjo. Tillerson as Secretary of State? Really? That sure played right into Putin's hands.

Tell me this doesn't stink:

Never mind. BENGHAZI!!!!!!!!!

Don't Russia still have nuclear capabilities? If so, it doesn't matter how many ground troops or what an air force they have, no?

Originally Posted by Frownland (Post 1792949)
My dad just threatens auditors.


Originally Posted by elphenor (Post 1793028)
The common henchman which is mostly what The Bat beats down on was probably trying to feed his kid
Most criminals are just desperately poor

Trump has cut a check to charity

You do know Batman isn't real, don't you? :rolleyes:

kibbeh 01-10-2017 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by elphenor (Post 1793418)
white male born into money who goes around using his privilege to bully others

this post triggers me

Goofle 01-10-2017 03:49 PM


Originally Posted by Frownland (Post 1793339)
I asked if you give a ****, not what Milo thinks the real story is.

This is about as funny as saying Trump is orange. And obviously I don't give a sh*t, because it wasn't an issue.


Originally Posted by elphenor (Post 1793415)
He mocked him using his disability and it was super prickish

He didn't.

Ol’ Qwerty Bastard 01-10-2017 03:51 PM


Originally Posted by pansy gayboy 69 (Post 1793437)
this post triggers me

he didn't even give us a trigger warning :(

Frownland 01-10-2017 03:51 PM

You gotta be a certain kind of special to think he wasn't making fun of the guy's disability.

Ol’ Qwerty Bastard 01-10-2017 03:54 PM

I'm not on one side or the other but this adds some perspective I guess or whatever

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