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Such That
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Default Rev Hq monthly

I'm going to start posting the monthly e-mails I get from RevHq ( There's a lot of good tour info and album releases. Enjoy. News - September 7, 2007

Summer is almost over, and thankfully we all made it through one of the worst heat waves in recent history. But we're sad to see summer go, as that will mark the end of the Fullerton Farmer's Market for 2007, our source for kettle corn, hummus and toffee peanuts that make the rounds here at the office on Fridays.

Sweet slabs of vinyl rolled in again this week, with the new Pinback LP, Good Life LP, Regulations 7", Pelican 10" and more.
CD picks this week include the excellent new Red Dons, the above-mentioned full-lengths and a sweet split between Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Apartment 213 that's also available on crazy colored vinyl.

-The RevHQ crew

Last week we told you about the "Danzig skull" having its origins in the Marvel comic book "Crystar Crystal Warrior" and being "borrowed" by Glenn Danzig for use by his bands.

Another legendary hardcore band followed in Danzig's footsteps by using comic book imagery on their records: Integrity. This infamous Cleveland outfit popularized what is now called the "Integrity skull," but is actually lifted from the "Blood: A Tale" comic which was a 4-issue limited series originally published in 1987 by Marvel Comic's "Epic" imprint.

Check it out here:

To see everything new this week, just go here: - The Best Source for Independent Music.

MAL29 Bitter End "Climate Of Fear" CD $11.00 Refining the mid-tempo power displayed in their previous release, Bitter End take it to the next level with their debut full length, "Climate Of Fear." Tight production accentuates song after pummeling song, creating a controlled chaos few bands could achieve. This release finds Bitter End paying homage to their influences (Cro-Mags, Killing Time, Breakdown) while firmly establishing themselves as leaders of the new breed of heavy hardcore.
Malfunction Records.

HH141 Botch "We Are The Romans" 2xCD - Deluxe Edition $16.75 Thought to be the finest hour from this Seattle noise/metal/hardcore group, "We Are The Romans" influenced today's generation of bands with complex song structures and unmatched musicianship. This reissue not only features the album in its entirety, but is accompanied by a second full disc with eleven tracks that include demo versions of tracks on the original full-length as well as live versions of a few other choice cuts. Hydra Head Records.

JT1125 Cloak/Dagger "We Are" CD $12.90 Combining the jagged aggression of bands like Swiz and Black Flag with the spastic urgency of Drive Like Jehu, Cloak/Dagger, who boast ex-members of Count Me Out and Trial By Fire, embrace a lyrically raw directness that transcends the false conceptions and misgivings of modern punk, offering up honest commentary on the balance between life both with and without excess. Jade Tree Records.

REV141 Down To Nothing "The Most" Color LP $10.00 / CD $11.00 Down To Nothing's Revelation debut full-length, "The Most," is a fully realized outlet for their sound, melding their energy and strength with a newfound melody. With influences ranging from Gorilla Biscuits and Judge to local Richmond, VA legends Four Walls Falling, "The Most" cements Down To Nothing's place at the forefront of hardcore. Recorded at The Outpost with Jim Siegel (Outbreak, Have Heart, Blacklisted), the thick guitars and barreled drums give an accurate replication of their infamous live show. Second pressing of 500 copies now available on transparent purple and opaque orange split colored vinyl. Revelation Records.

FAT723 The Flatliners "The Great Awake" LP $8.60 / CD $8.20 Blending punk rock, reggae, hardcore and straightforward rock, Toronto's The Flatliners are one of Canada's hardest-working punk outfits, spending the last two years on the road, going out alongside bands like The Suicide Machines, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag and Catch 22 and even doing time as part of the 2006 Warped Tour.
Fat Wreck Chords.

SCR108 The Good Life "Help Wanted Nights" LP $12.90 / CD $11.20 This Omaha, Nebraska quartet, featuring Tim Kasher of Cursive on vocals, plays a much darker brand of music than Cursive, stringing together ten tracks of intimate indie rock with hushed vocals, reverb-driven guitars and washed out cymbals. The vinyl version includes a code for a free MP3 download of this album. Saddle Creek Records.

HR694 Mustard Plug "In Black And White" CD $11.80 Helping lead the new resurgence of ska-punk are Michigan's Mustard Plug, who have been playing the same horn-backed, upbeat ska sound that fans have been gobbling up for over 16 years. Hopeless Records.

SECROC05 No Allegiance "Flirting With Disaster" CD $9.80 Straight out of the cesspool of Waltham, Massachusetts, hardcore/metal outfit No Allegiance release the chaotic "Flirting With Disaster," the follow up to their now out of print MCD "Apocalypse Yesterday," which extracts the fast paced aggression of Black Flag, the pure power of The Hope Conspiracy, and the wit of Every Time I Die on this powerful debut full length. Second Rock Records.

HELLC495 Orange "Escape From L.A." CD $13.95 They've spent the last two years almost constantly on the road, touring with Rancid, The Adicts, UK Subs, Misfits, Nekromantix and Agent Orange. "Escape From L.A." is another collection of catchy songs that put the fun back into punk, while showing an immense growth in songwriting chops, inspiring kids with their no frills attack. Hellcat Records.

HH113 Pelican "Pink Mammoth" 10" $13.80 This 10" single combines a new version of the song "Mammoth" (now called "Pink Mammoth") and a remix of the song "End Of Seasons" by Prefuse 73. The record comes packaged in a hard, full-cover sleeve and full-cover hard stock dust sleeve. Hydra Head Records.

TG300 Pinback "Autumn Of The Seraphs" LP $13.70 / CD $13.70 Comprised of two members whose previous projects include Three Mile Pilot and Heavy Vegetable, San Diego's Pinback present their second full-length for Touch And Go, pushing forward with more dynamic and aggressive melodies and tighter and more immediate drumming, with drum duties being shared by Mario Rubalcaba (Clikatat Ikatowi, Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes, Black Heart Procession) and Chris Prescott (No Knife). LP includes a coupon for a free download of the entire album in MP3 format, plus bonus MP3s of tracks not included on the album. CD comes with a bonus, 3-song CD of tracks not included on the album. Touch And Go Records.

DERA112 Red Dons "Death To Idealism" CD $11.20 Formed from the ashes of Portland's The Observers, Red Dons present their debut full-length of melodic punk rock that tackles themes and imagery of the Middle East. Their sound is very similar to that of The Observers, but they infuse some surf-guitar tones, taking cues from bands like The Ventures and add it to their existing formula.
Deranged Records.

HAV7048 Regulations "Different Needs" 7" $3.80 The first release since their wildly successful tours of the US and Canada, "Different Needs" is another four tracks of early-'80s Los Angeles punk-influenced hardcore from this Swedish foursome who boast former members of ETA and DS-13. Havoc Records.

CATA24 V/A "Open The Cages Free Your Mind" CD $11.40 Benefiting the legal defense fund of animal rights activists of the SHAC7, this disc compiles tracks from some of the most notable and politically outspoken bands from around the world, including Requiem, This Time Tomorrow, Eye Of Judgement, Trial, I Object, Alguna Vez Fui Ciego, Gather, Nueva Etica, Birthright, Oubliette, 7 Generations and many more. Catalyst Records.
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Such That
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625204 Hummingbird Of Death "Diagnosis: Delicious" 7" $4.10 After a split with I Accuse on Sound Pollution, Boise, Idaho's Hummingbird Of Death recorded this 18-track 7" EP and continue their brand of hyperspeed powerviolence with direct lyrics about hatred of metalcore kids, love of Infest, and more. 625 Thrash Core.

625188 The Process "The Kennedy Sessions" CD $9.40 England's The Process feature former members of Shank and play a high-speed powerviolence/hardcore hybrid with metallic buzzsaw guitars, drums that range from outright blast beats to slow sludge and everything in between, and howled vocals. This release compiles two demos and an EP and serves as the band's introduction to the world outside of their home country. 625 Thrash Core.


RR6751 Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Apartment 213 "Domestic Powerviolence" LP - Color Vinyl $16.20 / CD $11.40 Relapse's premier digi-grind terrorists Agoraphobic Nosebleed team up with the recently reformed Cleveland powerviolence cretins Apartment 213 on this long awaited split release. Relapse Records.

RR6721 Baroness "Red Album" CD $13.00 Baroness expand upon the Savannah, GA sound that produced bands like Kylesa and Damad on "Red Album." These ten tracks showcase the band's heavy, powerful sound while maintaining their raw hardcore influence and metal riffs, blending together the sounds of bands like Tragedy, Mastodon, Isis, and High On Fire. Relapse Records.


RIVAL26 Red Handed "Wounds Remain" Color LP $12.00 / CD $11.00 Red Handed's debut full-length is 14 tracks full of raging, pissed off hardcore punk from the San Francisco Bay Area. Following in the footsteps of The Nerve Agents and Outbreak, this band combines a similar formula of raw hardcore riffs, punk rock rhythm, and angry vocals. It's no secret that these guys love Black Flag, early '80s hardcore, and all things Dischord, and this record is the evidence.
Rivalry Records.

RIVAL27 Soul Control "Involution" Color LP $12.00 / CD $11.00 Drawing influences from bands such as Burn, Bane, Quicksand, 108 and Into Another, Soul Control breathes fire back into a long-dormant style of hardcore. Lyrically, the album concentrates on self-evaluation, introspection and taking a deeper look at what composes the self. Mid-tempo and passionate, "Involution" has a definite groove driven by melodic, yet strident, guitar, thick, heavy bass lines and drums that are as compelling as they are driving. Rivalry Records.



F097 Alesana "On Frail Wings Of Vanity And Wax" CD $11.80
RIVAL24.5 Allegiance "Out Of My Blood" 7" $5.00
CRL7534 Bad Brains "Black Dots" LP $10.65 / CD $16.00
EPI863 Bad Religion "New Maps Of Hell" LP $11.40 / CD $13.95
RIVAL21 Betrayed "Substance" LP $11.00
SCR073 Bright Eyes "Digital Ash In A..." LP $11.20 / CD $10.50
NINE009 Cold World "No Omega" LP $10.65 / CD+DVD $12.65 RR6720 Coliseum "No Salvation" CD $13.00
DANG01 Dangers "Anger" LP $10.00 / CD $10.00
PLEX019 Death Cab For Cutie "Drive Well..." DVD $25.00
HED008 Drive Like Jehu "s/t" LP $11.00 / CD $15.00
POP006 E-Town Concrete "Jersey Devils" CDep $9.80
RV025 Energy "Punch The Clock" CDep $7.45
GRNR02 The Exploding Hearts "Guitar Romantic" LP $10.90
RIVAL18 The First Step "What We Know" LP $11.00 / CD $11.00
STILL39 Full Blown Chaos "Wake The Demons" CD $13.05
BARB03 Get Rad / Protestant "Split" 7" $4.20
MVD97 H2O "One Life, One Chance" DVD $13.40
ABAC017 Ion Dissonance "Solace" CD $11.00
PR32 Lamb Of God "New American Gospel" CD $14.50
BLESS08 Life Long Tragedy "Destined For..." LP $8.20 / CD $9.80
AZ07 Melt Banana "Bambi's Dilemma" LP $10.20 / CD $13.95
EQUA04 Modern Life Is War "Stagger Lee" 7"+CD $12.40
POP004 Murphy's Law "Beer, Smoke And Live" CD $11.40
GK055 Parasites "Compost" CD $11.00
ABAC034 Planes Mistaken For Stars "Mercy" CD $11.00
REB05 Reagan SS "Universal And Triumphant" LP $11.80
RV022 Risky Business "Some Days" CD $9.95 SUBP550 The Shins "Oh, Inverted World" LP $10.25
HAV1231 Skitsystem "Stigmata" LP $9.00
NCR01 Street Trash "Into The Wasteland" LP $11.40
SUBP246 Sunny Day Real Estate "Diary" CD $12.20
ABAC018 Sworn Enemy "The Beginning Of The End" CD $11.00
FASH11 Under Pressure "Black Bile" LP $10.00 RIVAL20 Verse "From Anger And Rage" LP $11.00 / CD $11.00



B9RSS06 Death Threat "Brotherhood" T-Shirt $12.00 REVSS80 In My Eyes "1997 (BLUE)" T-Shirt $11.00
REVSHIRT15 Judge "Bringin' It Down" T-Shirt $11.00
CINSS108 Misfits "Skull" Short Sleeve T-Shirt $13.50
SHIRT79 The Movielife "Star" Short Sleeve T-Shirt $11.00
CINSS1108 Rise Against "Worlds" Short Sleeve T-Shirt $13.50
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Such That
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Be sure to check out the "Upcoming Releases" section of RevHQ to preorder some of the great new releases coming out soon. Here are a few we added this week, to see them all, go here: - The Best Source for Independent Music.

FR065 A Plea For Purging "A Critique Of Mind And Thought" CD $11.00
NIT75 A Wilhelm Scream "Career Suicide" CD $12.10 CM8400 Arch Enemy "Rise Of The Tyrant" CD $13.00 MTLB650 Behold... The Arctopus "Skullgrid" CD $13.00
BOBR057 Dropkick Murphys "The Meanest Of Times" LP $20.75 / CD $16.75
S11342 Dusty Rhodes And The River Band "First You Live" CD $11.40 DWI60 The Great Deceiver "Life Is Wasted On The Living" CD $11.00
LFR076 Harlots "Betrayer" CD $11.40
CM8370 Himsa "Summon In Thunder" CD $12.20
FR062 Inked In Blood "Sometimes We Are Beautiful" CD $11.00
HH127 Jesu "Lifeline" CDep $11.45
VIC380 Moros Eros "Jealous Me Was Killed By Curiosity" CD $11.40
METR501 Moving Units "Hexes For Exes" CD $15.70
VIC356 Nights Like These "Sunlight At Secondhand" CD $11.40
EPI878 Parkway Drive "Horizons" CD $14.90

CAPITAL (Revelation Records)
9/16/2007 Westbury NY Nawton's

LIVING HELL (Revelation Records)
9/9/2007 Brockton MA Fallen Friends 4
9/16/2007 New York NY The Pyramid NYC

SHOOK ONES (Revelation Records)
9/7/2007 Portland OR Hawthorne Theatre
9/8/2007 Seattle WA El Corazon

SINKING SHIPS (Revelation Records)
9/7/2007 Portland OR Hawthorne Theatre
9/8/2007 Seattle WA El Corazon
9/14/2007 Stuttgart Germany Juha West
9/15/2007 Fierenze C.S. Italy Cienfuegos
9/16/2007 Milano Italy SGA
9/17/2007 Berchtesgarden Germany Kuckucksnest
9/18/2007 Paris France Le Klub
9/19/2007 Caen France L'Excuse

9/7/2007 Essen Germany JZE Papestrasse
9/8/2007 Leipzig Germany Conne Island
9/10/2007 Berlin Germany SO 36
9/11/2007 Copenhagen Denmark Lilla Vega
9/12/2007 Oslo Norway Garage
9/13/2007 Stockholm Sweden Debaser
9/14/2007 Helsinki Finland Nosturi
9/15/2007 Riga Latvia Andrejsala
9/16/2007 Poznan Poland Eskulap
9/17/2007 Praha Czech Republic Futurum
9/18/2007 Munchen Germany Backstage
9/19/2007 Wien Austria Arena

A LIFE ONCE LOST (Ferret Music)
9/7/2007 Portland ME The Station
9/8/2007 Worcester MA Upstairs @ The Palladium
9/9/2007 South Hackensack NJ School of Rock
9/10/2007 Philadelphia PA First Unitarian Church
9/11/2007 Wilmington NC The Soapbox Laundrolounge
9/12/2007 Charleston SC The Music Farm
9/13/2007 Harrisonburg VA Guzmans
9/14/2007 Wilmington DE Harmony Grange
9/15/2007 Lemoyne PA Championship
9/16/2007 Poughkeepsie NY The Loft @ The Chance

AMBITIONS (Think Fast! Records)
9/7/2007 Toulouse France Le Caravan Serail
9/8/2007 Kontich Belgium Lintfabriek
9/9/2007 Luzern Switzerland Sedel
9/10/2007 Trier Germany Exhaus
9/11/2007 Giessen Germany MUK
9/12/2007 Hannover Germany BeiChezHeinz
9/13/2007 Bremen Germany Wehrschloss
9/14/2007 Bochum Germany Matrix
9/15/2007 Linkoping Sweden Cupolen - Dead Fest
9/16/2007 Rosswein Germany Jugendhaus
9/17/2007 Praha Czech Republic 007
9/18/2007 Budapest Hungary Kultiplex
9/19/2007 Wien Austria Arena

BEDLIGHT FOR BLUE EYES (Trustkill Records)
9/7/2007 Little Rock AR Vino's
9/9/2007 Madison WI The Loft
9/10/2007 La Crosse WI The Warehouse
9/14/2007 Huntington WV The Ywca

BLOODJINN (Pluto Records)
9/7/2007 Sheffield AL The Rave
9/9/2007 Jacksonville FL Thee Imperial
9/10/2007 Boca Raton FL The Hookah Hut
9/11/2007 Fort Meyers FL Smiling Dog Saloon
9/12/2007 Orlando FL Island Oasis
9/13/2007 Baton Rouge LA The Darkroom
9/14/2007 Houston TX The Engine Room
9/15/2007 Corpus Christi TX The Compound
9/16/2007 San Antonio TX Scooby's
9/17/2007 McAllen TX The Metro
9/19/2007 Joplin MO The Foundry

BOYS NIGHT OUT (Ferret Music)
9/7/2007 Pharr TX Pharr International Convention Center
9/8/2007 Corpus Christi TX House of Rock
9/11/2007 Lubbock TX Lonestar Event Center
9/13/2007 Tempe AZ The Clubhouse Music Venue
9/14/2007 Pomona CA Glasshouse
9/15/2007 Rohnert Park CA Sonoma State University
9/17/2007 Eugene OR WOW Hall

BULLET TREATMENT (Think Fast! Records)
9/13/2007 Long Beach CA Alex's Bar

RICHARD CHEESE (Ideatown Records)
9/8/2007 Chicago IL House Of Blues

COLISEUM (Auxiliary Records)
9/16/2007 Oklahoma City OK The Conservatory
9/19/2007 Tijuana MX JF Bar & Cafe

DIVIDE THE DAY (Pluto Records)
9/7/2007 Lancaster CA Cedar Centre
9/9/2007 Victorville CA Trilogy Theatre
9/13/2007 Anaheim CA Chain Reaction
9/14/2007 Temecula CA THe Vault

THE FALL OF TROY (Equal Vision Records)
9/19/2007 Birmingham United Kingdom Barfly

FAR FROM FINISHED (Think Fast! Records)
9/19/2007 Berlin Germany SO36

9/7/2007 London United Kingdom Underworld
9/8/2007 Rotterdam Holland Waterfront

THE FINAL BURDEN (Thorp Records)
9/8/2007 San Bernardino CA INLAND EMPIRE FEST

THE FIRE THE FLOOD (No Sleep Records)
9/11/2007 Lawrenceville GA The Treehouse
9/12/2007 Louisville KY The Bulldog Cafe
9/13/2007 Riverview MI Rack N Roll
9/14/2007 Chicago IL Memories Bar
9/15/2007 Elwood IN Huntington National Bank

FOUR YEAR STRONG (I Surrender Records)
9/7/2007 Worcester MA The Palladium
9/8/2007 Wilmington DE Harmony Garage
9/9/2007 New York NY Knitting Factory
9/11/2007 Baltimore MD The Ottobar
9/12/2007 Wilkes Barre PA Cafe Metropolis
9/13/2007 New Haven CT Toad's Place
9/14/2007 South Burlington VT Higher Ground
9/15/2007 Providence RI Lupo's at the Strand
9/16/2007 Portland ME The Station
9/17/2007 Lancaster PA Chameleon
9/18/2007 Richmond VA Toad's Place Richmond

THE HIGH COURT (I Surrender Records)
9/8/2007 Tempe AZ The Clubhouse
9/9/2007 San Diego CA Epicentre
9/10/2007 West Hollywood CA Troubadour
9/11/2007 Anaheim CA Chain Reaction
9/12/2007 Bakersfield CA Studio 99
9/13/2007 Modesto CA Sidelines
9/14/2007 Carson City NV The Warehouse
9/17/2007 Tacoma WA Viaduct
9/19/2007 Cedar City UT The Grind Coffeehouse

HOUR OF THE WOLF (Think Fast! Records)
9/8/2007 Phoenix AZ The One Place

IGNITE (Abacus/Think Fast! Records)
9/8/2007 Szekesfehervar Hungary Fezen Festival

IMPERIAL (Pluto Records)
9/12/2007 Orlando FL Island Oasis

JONAH 33 (Ares Records)
9/8/2007 Sparta NJ Sparta Evangelical Free Church
9/14/2007 Adrian MI Ogden Church
9/15/2007 Shepherdsville KT Uth Fest @ City Park

THE JONBENET (Pluto Records)
9/8/2007 Houston TX The Proletariat

MERCILESS DEATH (Heavy Artilerry Records)
9/8/2007 Salt Lake City UT Club Vegas
9/10/2007 Seattle WA Studio 7
9/11/2007 Portland OR Satyricon
9/12/2007 Eugene OR Samurai Duck

MODERN LIFE IS WAR (Equal Vision Records)
9/19/2007 Nashville TN Rocketown

PERMANENT ME (I Surrender Records)
9/13/2007 New Haven CT Toad's Place
9/14/2007 South Burlington VT Higher Ground
9/15/2007 Providence RI Lupo's at the Strand
9/16/2007 Portland ME The Station
9/17/2007 Lancaster PA Chameleon
9/18/2007 Richmond VA Toad's Place Richmond

PIERCE THE VEIL (Equal Vision Records)
9/7/2007 Pharr TX Pharr International Convention Center
9/9/2007 Dallas TX The Door
9/11/2007 Lubbock TX Lonestar Event Center
9/12/2007 El Paso TX Chic's Bar & Billiards
9/13/2007 Tempe AZ The Clubhouse
9/14/2007 Pomona California The Glass House

RISE AND FALL (Deathwish, Inc.)
9/8/2007 Dulsburg Germany Light In The Dark Fest

SICK OF IT ALL (Abacus/Think Fast! Records)
9/8/2007 Copenhagen Denmark Store Vega
9/15/2007 Kiev Ukraine Extreme Power Festival

SOUL CONTROL (Rivalry Records)
9/9/2007 Providence RI Club Hell
9/15/2007 Haverhill MA Welfare Records

THROWDOWN (Trustkill Records)
9/7/2007 Anaheim CA House Of Blues
9/8/2007 Las Vegas NV Jillian's
9/9/2007 San Diego CA Soma
9/11/2007 Tucson AZ Rialto Theatre
9/13/2007 Dallas TX House Of Blues
9/14/2007 Houston TX Meridian
9/15/2007 New Orleans LA House Of Blues
9/17/2007 Lake Buena Vista FL House Of Blues
9/18/2007 Atlanta GA Masquerade
9/19/2007 Jacksonville NC Hooligans

VALENCIA (I Surrender Records)
9/7/2007 Bethesda MD Walter Johnson High School
9/8/2007 Sterling VA Sterling Community Center
9/9/2007 Greensboro NC Greene Street
9/10/2007 Atlanta GA The Masquerade
9/12/2007 Orlando FL Backbooth
9/13/2007 Ft. Lauderdale FL Culture Room
9/14/2007 Tampa FL The Orpheum
9/15/2007 Jacksonville FL Fuel Coffeehouse
9/16/2007 Tallahassee FL Floyd's Music Store
9/18/2007 Columbia MO Mojo's
9/19/2007 Papillion NE The Rock

THE WONDER YEARS (No Sleep Records)
9/7/2007 Marlton NJ The Gibson House
9/15/2007 Waldorf MD My Brother's Place
9/19/2007 Newport News VA Buddas
10/13/2007 Oil City PA Reno Social Hall

For an up to date list of all current Revelation tourdates:

For other tourdates:

Thanks for reading!

Everything in this email is Copyright (c) 2007
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