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Such That
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Default Rev Hq monthly II News - September 14, 2007

As we approach the end of September, we have some exciting
Revelation Records tour updates for you. Down To Nothing will
start a full US tour with two of New York's immmortal hardcore
mainstays, Sick Of It All and Madball in October. Meanwhile, you
can catch Shook Ones playing "The Fest" in Gainesville, FL
October 26-28 with tons of other modern hardcore acts. Finally,
we have Sinking Ships touring Europe with Ruiner (Bridge Nine
Records). Of course, you can find all the latest relases of all
the aforementioned bands on

Boatloads of new releases came in this week, including some
super-rare hand- screened Dropdead LPs leftover from their
recent tour, the new 7" from the legendary Coalesce, the vinyl
version of the new Bracewar with a gatefold cover, the Bulldoze
"Final Beatdown" CD with DVD, and tons more.

-The RevHQ crew

If you know something about hardcore you're probably familiar
with Judge's album "Bringin' It Down", but did you know that a
lesser known band coincidentally beat Judge to the punch when
it came to titling their record? The hardcore / punk band
Misguided from Queens, New York got their start in the very
early '80s hardcore / punk scene, releasing the "Bringing It
Down" 7" on Reality Records in 1982. While not known as a
straight edge band, the cover of their record did have a big
"X" on it. Below the "X" and the band's name, is the title of
the record, "Bringing It Down" - they used a "g" instead of the
apostrophe - but it's close to the title Judge used for their
album. Coincidence or influence? Porcell says there's no
connection whatsoever (he was apparently very familiar with the
band, but didn't consider them an influence in any way), but
you be the Judge (pun intended).

To see everything new this week, just go here: - The Best Source for Independent Music.

DWI59 108 "A New Beat From A Dead Heart" Color LP / CD $11.00
No one can deny that fake fashion posturing and lifeless clone music
are on the verge of killing heavy music. On an undeniable rampage,
108 is shocking listeners back to consciousness and getting them
thinking again, feeling again, and banging their heads in defiance
at the near-death of heavy music with message. Their first proper
studio album in over a decade, "A New Beat From A Dead Heart" was
recorded and engineered by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at Godcity
Studios. Second pressing out now on red vinyl. Deathwish Inc.

FRT87 A Life Once Lost "Iron Gag" CD $12.00
Logging countless miles on the road over the past 5 years, A Life
Once Lost has developed into an absolute force to be reckoned with
in the live setting. Now, with "Iron Gag," A Life Once Lost is set
to deliver a truly original, innovative, heavy-as-hell listening
experience. Supremely well-paced, the music dovetails its blend of
raw-power metal and fuzz-tripping hard-rock. Ferret Records.

PSR034 The Action Design "Into A Sound" CDep $7.85
The Action Design combines Emily's (formerly Agent M of Tsunami
Bomb) dynamic vocal stylings over pulsing, sometimes frantic, drums
and bass and colors with textural keys and guitars, taking influence
from groups like Blondie and Bloc Party. Popsmear Records.

AF51 Anti-Flag "A Benefit For Victims Of Violent Crime" CD $7.00
Fresh on the heels of the "War Sucks, Let's Party" tour, Anti-Flag
assembled this EP to benefit a very important cause. Bassist Chris
#2's family experienced the horror of losing of family member when
his sister fell victim to violent crime, leaving behind a young
daughter and son. This inspired the band to create this limited
edition recording, with proceeds going to benefit the The Center For
Victims Of Violence And Crime (The Center for Victims of Violence and Crime (CVVC)) as well as educational
bonds. The disc features previously unreleased Anti-Flag studio
tracks along with five live songs recorded at Pittsburgh's Mr.
Smalls this past April. A-F Records.

RLR10 Attica! Attica! "Dead Skin/Dried Blood" CD $9.80
Attica! Attica! is the solo project of former Marathon frontman
Aaron Scott, who creates a mixture of folk, punk and country with
heartleft lyrics and vocals layered over acoustic and electric
guitars, cellos and pianos. Red Leader Records.

MTLB642 The Black Dahlia Murder "Nocturnal" CD $13.00
After appearances on the 2005 Ozzfest and the 2006 Sounds Of The
Underground Tour, The Black Dahlia Murder returned to the studio to
record their third full-length for Metal Blade Records, which turned
out to be a monster of pounding breakdowns, burly grind and Swedish
melodies. Metal Blade Records.

NINE010 Bracewar "Juggernaut" LP $11.85 / CD $12.65
Back with their debut full-length, Richmond, VA's Bracewar keep to
their formula of modern, moshy hardcore played at great speed, much
like Outbreak, but this time around adding a little more mid-tempo
punch, while still managing to harness the intensity of their EP.
Now available on vinyl with a gatefold cover. Nineteen Seventeen

WKR17 Bullets In "Trashed And Burned" 7" $5.30
Using sincerely impassioned vocals over explosive, yet catchy,
songs, this record combines the best elements of bands like Torches
To Rome, Bread And Circuits, early Hot Water Music, and Rites Of
Spring, creating melodic but furious hardcore with a political slant
in their lyrics. Waking Records.

SN69 Coalesce "Salt And Passage" 7" - Color Vinyl $5.40
Marking Coalesce's triumphant return to the studio, "Salt and
Passage" is less distorted than previous efforts, yet retains the
innovative, technical rif***e and signature howl that have
characterized the band since their inception over 13 years ago.
Comes in a gatefold cover and is on colored vinyl. Second Nature

ZZZ32 The Exploding Hearts "Shattered" LP $11.80 / CD $13.55
On July 20th, 2003, three out of four members of The Exploding
Hearts lost their lives in a van wreck in Oregon, with the band
leaving behind a very short legacy of high energy punk and power pop
conjuring up the spirit of the Buzz****s, the Jam and various other
1977-era punk bands. "Shattered" collects the band's singles, demos
and alternative versions of sixteen of the band's songs, plus live
bonus video footage of five songs from their last official show. Now
available on vinyl. Dirtnap Records.

RR6705 High On Fire "Death Is This Communion" LP $17.80 / CD $13.00
High On Fire's colossal sound returns on "Death Is This Communion,"
with Matt Pike's unmistakable guitar playing and throaty war cry
leading the charge, while Del Kensel's massive drumming takes on a
new life and pushes the beast onward more urgently than ever.
Relapse Records.

625203 Insect Warfare "World Extermination" LP $9.80 / CD $9.80
After multiple splits, demos and EPs, Houston's Insect Warfare
deliver their first full-length of gulf coast grind, with 20 songs
of pure blasting madness complete with cookie monster vocals and
guitars that are tuned so low, the notes are almost
indistinguishable. 625 Thrash Core.

CYCL015 Mi Amore "The Lion" CDep $4.50
Recorded during their "Lamb" LP session with Kurt Ballou in 2003,
these five tracks from Montreal's Mi Amore are packed with heavy
death rock 'n' roll that borrows elements from bands like Cursed,
High On Fire, Converge and more. Cyclop Media.

LIME013 Jonah Matranga "And" CD $11.80
Jonah Matranga, who may be better know for his work in fronting
bands like Far, New End Originals, Gratitude, and Onelinedrawing,
presents his first formal solo release for Limekiln, "And," in which
he belts out a full-length work of acoustic numbers, all with his
underlying punk influences. Limekiln Records.

EPI862 Motion City Soundtrack "Even If It Kills Me" CD $16.35
After tours with bands like All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy and
stints on Warped Tour, Bamboozle and Lollapalooza, Motion City
Soundtrack return with "Even If It Kills Me," a smart, catchy album
filled with infectious songs from start to finish, recalling the
clever pop of Weezer and Death Cab For Cutie. Epitaph.

ER84 Nevea Tears "Run With The Hunted" CD $12.65
The second full-length for Orange County, CA emo/metal rockers Nevea
Tears, "Run With The Hunted" is a high-energy, explosive mix of
contemporaries Every Time I Die, Chiodos and From First To Last and
forward thinkers Nine Inch Nails and Deftones. Eulogy Recordings.

SIXONE10 No Apologies "Survival" CD $11.00
After selling out of their debut EP, No Apologies began picking up
steam on their quest for world domination. Not satisfied to write a
generic hardcore album, No Apologies added traditional Australian
instruments such as the didgeridoo in "Succumb" and a jazz
influenced drum solo in "Believe." To fully comprehend the scope of
this record, imagine if John Coltrane, Dr. Know (Bad Brains), Matt
Henderson (Madball), Mackie (Cro-Mags) and Jerry Cantrell (Alice In
Chains) got together and wrote the twelve hardest songs they
possibly could and you'd have a hint of the power this record
contains. 6131 Records.
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Such That
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STEEL04 Suburban Lockdown "Locked In" CD $8.20
The first full-length from Orlando, FL's Suburban Lockdown, before
the Durty Mick album, "Locked In" is fifteen songs of short, sharp
shocks of speed, aggression, and melody, centered around themes of
working-class frustration, everyday life, and punk rock 'n' roll
mayhem. Steel Capped Records.

LFR074 War From A Harlot's Mouth "Transmetropolitan" CD $11.40
German metalcore masters War From A Harlot's Mouth follow up their
split with Molotov Solution on Twelve Gauge with this debut LP,
playing a mix of technical mathcore, grindcore, hardcore and
throwing in a pinch of jazz. The crew has played shows and festivals
relentlessly across Europe alongside the likes of Dying Fetus,
Cattle Decapitation, Ion Dissonance, Cephalic Carnage, The Red Chord
and more. Lifeforce Records.

LOIR34 Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer "Schematics" CD $11.95
After a collaboration with Reel Big Fish, Zolof The Rock And Roll
Destroyer went right back into the studio to record these ten tracks
of light, fluffy pop rock with plenty of keyboards and female
vocals, bringing to mind bands like Weezer and All-American Rejects.
Reignition Recordings / Law Of Inertia.


ARMA02 Dropdead "s/t (1993)" LP - Color Vinyl $13.80 / CD $9.80
Influenced by the old Japanese, European, and some US hardcore. An
extreme mix of fast and mid-paced parts with angry vocals and
personal/political lyrics. Limited edition, tour-only pressing with
a hand-screened cover now available. Armageddon Label.

ARMA01 Dropdead "s/t (1998)" LP - Color Vinyl $13.80 / CD $9.80
18 songs in a decidedly more Swedish HC vein, but with the usual odd
breaks and fast parts throughout. More melodic than the first LP in
some ways, and noisier in others. Limited edition, tour-only
pressing with a hand-screened cover now available. Armageddon

ARMA03 Dropdead "Discography 1991-1993" Color LP $13.80 / CD $9.80
Originally released in 1994 as an 11" LP on Clearview and regular LP
on Flat Earth in the UK in 1995. A collection of 39 songs compiled
from the first 7", the split 8" with Rupture, the split 5" with
Crossed Out, and several compilation songs. The complete early
studio tracks on one release. Limited edition, tour-only pressing
with a hand-screened cover now available. Armageddon Label.


DOUB013 Fight Like Hell "Rabid As Wolves: Letters From The Dead" CD $12.65
Now remastered and reissued with four previously unreleased songs!
Relentlessly brutal, but backing an urgent message of positivity and
self-improvement, Fight Like Hell is one of the forerunners of
hardcore in the Mile High City. Their songs combine the fury and
tradition of streetwise, mid-'90s hardcore with the speed and energy
of classic bands like the Cro-Mags, all while maintaining a
contemporary edge and sensibility. The boys spent much of 2005 and
2006 playing shows and touring alongside the likes of Ignite,
Madball, Blacklisted and Hatebreed. Double Or Nothing Records.

DOUB012 Under One Flag "Red" CD $12.65
With a no frills, abrasive approach to traditional hardcore, Under
One Flag has single-handedly put their hometown of Columbus, Ohio
back on the map. With vicious live shows and a rabid fan base, Under
One Flag quickly set their sights on the rest of the world. Past
tours alongside such bands as Casey Jones, Palehorse, Die Young,
Know The Score and Will To Live have proved that Under One Flag is a
force to be reckoned with in the hardcore scene. Double Or Nothing


MVD1026 Shelter "Beyond Planet Earth" CD $16.90
On their second full-length for Roadrunner, Shelter took a different
approach to the music of this record, incorporating more pop sounds
to their hardcore and post-hardcore sound. "Beyond Planet Earth"
continues the band's tradition in spirituality and musical progress.
This digitally remastered reissue includes 3 bonus tracks (2 audio
and 1 video) and is a numbered limited edition of 2,000. Music
Video Distributors.

MVD1025 Shelter "Mantra" CD $16.90
In 1995, Shelter, fronted by Youth Of Today's charismatic Ray Cappo,
released their first album for the major label Roadrunner Records
entitled "Mantra." The record's artwork announced the band's strong
return to their Krishna roots. Indeed, songs like "Message To The
Bhagvat" come directly from this source. This reissue is digitally
remastered and contains 3 bonus tracks (2 audio, including a cover
of the Beatles "We Can Work It Out" and 1 video). Digipack is a
limited, numbered edition of 2,000. Music Video Distributors.


SDAG013 The World We Knew "Exordium" CD $9.80
Over the last three years, Long Island, NY's The World We Knew
blurred the lines between hardcore, Scandinavian metal and grind,
incorporating elements of brutality, melody, speed and technicality
into their formula. This sound, coupled with a straight edge
philosophy, garnered them national attention and allowed them to
play shows alongside bands like Bleeding Through, Darkest Hour,
Through The Eyes of the Dead, The Warriors and many more. Seventh
Dagger Records.

SDAG012 The Wrath "Overcoming Failure" CDep $8.20
Salinas/San Francisco, CA's The Wrath follow up their CD on High
Fidelity Records with a five track EP, this time on Seventh Dagger,
and heavier and better-produced than previous efforts, with the band
working with Scott Crouse of Earth Crisis and Path Of Resistance
fame. They retained their straight edge convictions and express them
over heavy hardcore, not unlike that of bands like Hatebreed and
Full Blown Chaos. Seventh Dagger Records.


TRIPM07 Bulldoze "The Final Beatdown" CD $13.00
The Final Beatdown is the complete discography from the originators
of "Beatdown-Style" hardcore. It contains their demo, 7" and both
"New York's Hardest" compilation tracks and is 10 studio tracks in
all plus a complete live set from 1995 at The Wetlands in NYC, all
completely remastered from the original pressing on Time Served
Records. The DVD contains over 1 hour of live Bulldoze footage shot
at the legendary NYC clubs, CBGB and The Wetlands. Trip Machine

TRIPM08 Robots And Empire "Omnivore" CD $9.80
Formed from the ashes of local heroes When Dreams Die and Drowning
Room, Poughkeepsie, NY's Robots And Empire bring a spaced out style
of post-hardcore over these fourteen tracks with a heavy, slowed
down sound that is influenced by bands like Failure, later-era Cave
In, Hum and Quicksand. Trip Machine Laboratories.


VIC351 Between The Buried And Me "Colors" CD $11.40
"Colors" is North Carolina's Between The Buried And Me's fifth
full-length for Victory and is a continuous movement of savage metal
and lush prog-rock, proving that they are a band with no boundaries,
with past tours being logged alongside bands like Norma Jean,
Bleeding Through, Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Darkest Hour
and more. Victory Records.

VIC348 Voodoo Glow Skulls "Southern CA Street Music" CD $11.40
Still going strong after over 15 years, Riverside, CA's Voodoo Glow
Skulls present another album of their rowdy, latino-influenced
ska-punk, and have spent that decade and a half touring constantly
alongside the likes of Sublime, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Less
Than Jake, The Offspring, Catch 22 and more. They will hit the road
after the release of "Southern California Street Music" with Hellcat
Records' Left Alone and Hopeless' Mustard Plug. Victory Records.

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SIRE304 Against Me! "New Wave" LP $18.00 / CD $16.20
VAG381 Alkaline Trio "Good Mourning" CD $16.20
NINE007 Attitude "We All Go Down Together" CDep $10.65
BUBR07 Blackbirds / Braindead "Split" 7" $3.95
SN22 Blood Brothers "This Adultery Is Ripe" CD $13.85
LA48 Broken Needle "s/t" LP $10.60
NOIR067 Celtic Frost "Into The Panedmonium" CD $10.80
NOIR326 Celtic Frost "To Mega Therion" CD $12.65
NIR221 Chuck Ragan "Feast Or Famine" LP $10.20
NINE009 Cold World "No Omega" LP $10.65 / CD+DVD $12.65
NINE001 Donnybrook "There's No Love For The Insincere" CDep $6.90
ARMA08 Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh "Split" 7" $4.20
SGP004 Duckhunt / Hammertime "Split" 7" $3.40
VIC391 Earth Crisis "All Out War/Firestorm" LP $9.80
SUB40 Every Time I Die "Last / Hot / Gutter" Box Set $33.00
AWSR01 Fahrenheit 451 "If I Knew...Discography" CD+DVD $15.40
DERA53 ****ed Up "Epics In Minutes" CD $11.00
SOSR01 Funeral Dress "A Way of Life" CD $13.15
LIA035 Graves At Sea / Asunder "Split" CD $10.40
SMG06 Hatebreed "Under The Knife" 7" $3.80
ATHR16 In Cold Blood "Suicide King" LP $11.80
VIC034 Integrity "Humanity Is The Devil" 10" $8.20 / CD $9.00
MTLB951 Job For A Cowboy "Doom" CDep $6.60
JOEC01 Joe Coffee "When The Fabric Don't Fit The Frame" CD $8.20
LFR073 Last Winter "Under The Silver Of Machines" CD $11.40
SGP006 Life Long Tragedy / Sabertooth Zombie "(Split)" 7" $4.20
LA43 Limp Wrist "Want Us Dead" 7" $3.80
LA25 Los Crudos "Discography" CD $11.40
FAT586 Me First & The Gimme Gimmes "Drag" LP $8.60 / CD $11.80
PL9002 Misfits "Earth A.D." LP $12.20 / CD $13.55
FAT222 NOFX "#10" 7" $4.20
G7050 Propagandhi "Live : Official Bootleg" DVD $14.20
G7043 Propagandhi "Potemkin City Limits" 2xLP $16.20
ATHR18 Pulling Teeth / Frightener "Split" 7" $4.20
SGP007 Ramparts "Whiteboys Love The Blues" 7" $4.20
DIS016 Rites of Spring "End on End" LP $10.40 / CD $10.40
TG200 Shellac "Terraform" LP $13.70 / CD $13.70
ED100 Shelter "Eternal" CD $14.60
TNG143 The Business / Dropkick Murphys "Mob Mentality" CD $12.60
S11286 The Casualties "Can't Stop Us" DVD $12.20
XOR009 The Gaslight Anthem "Sink Or Swim" CD $11.85
DT026 The Movielife "Has A Gambling Problem" CDep $8.35
SUBP550 The Shins "Oh, Inverted World" LP $10.25
ER77 Thick As Blood "Moment Of Truth" CD $12.65
625199 V/A "Trapped In A Scene" LP $9.85 / CD $9.40
GMR13 Wasted Time "s/t" 7" $3.80



RIVALSS04 Allegiance "Wake Me" Short Sleeve T-Shirt $12.00
REVSS17 Down To Nothing "Live" Short Sleeve T-Shirt $11.00
SHIRT88 Quicksand "Logo" Short Sleeve T-Shirt $11.00
SHIRT88 Quicksand "Logo" Hooded Sweatshirt $25.00
RIVALSS06 Verse "From Anger & Rage" Short Sleeve T-Shirt $12.00

Be sure to check out the "Upcoming Releases" section of RevHQ to
preorder some of the great new releases coming out soon. Here are
a few we added this week, to see them all, go here: - The Best Source for Independent Music.

TK96 City Sleeps "Not An Angel" CD $11.00
MF910 Dead Kennedys "Milking The Sacred Cow" CD $7.40
DWEL1079 Fight Pretty "Rewiring The Human Body" CD $9.00
HAR001A Merciless Death "Evil In The Night" Pic Disc $14.00
REAP013 Terror "Rhythm Amongst The Chaos" 7" $5.00 / CDep $8.00
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Such That
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DOWN TO NOTHING (Revelation Records)
9/29/2007 Richmond VA Toad's Place
9/30/2007 Philadelphia PA First Unitarian Church

LIVING HELL (Revelation Records)
9/16/2007 New York NY The Pyramid NYC

SINKING SHIPS (Revelation Records)
9/14/2007 Stuttgart Germany Juha West
9/15/2007 Fierenze C.S. Italy Cienfuegos
9/16/2007 Milano Italy SGA
9/17/2007 Berchtesgarden Germany Kuckucksnest
9/18/2007 Paris France Le Klub
9/19/2007 Caen France L'Excuse
9/20/2007 Amheim Holland Goudvishal
9/21/2007 Wolfsburg Germany Hallenbad
9/22/2007 Lichtenstein Germany JZ Riot
9/23/2007 Bremen Germany Schlachthof
9/24/2007 Lund Sweden Hemgarden
9/25/2007 Stockholm Sweden Cafe 44
9/26/2007 Fredericia Denmark Ungdownshuset
9/28/2007 Heist Belgium Ravelingen
9/29/2007 Lowestoft UK Seabreeze

9/14/2007 Helsinki Finland Nosturi
9/15/2007 Riga Latvia Andrejsala
9/16/2007 Poznan Poland Eskulap
9/17/2007 Praha Czech Republic Futurum
9/18/2007 Munchen Germany Backstage
9/19/2007 Wien Austria Arena
9/20/2007 Roncade (Treviso) Italy New Age
9/21/2007 Rome Italy Alpheus Club
9/22/2007 Rimini Italy Velvet Club
9/23/2007 Winterthur Switzerland Salzhaus
9/24/2007 Geneve Switzerland Usine
9/26/2007 Barcelona Spain Razz 1
9/27/2007 Madrid Spain Caracol
9/28/2007 Bilbao Spain Santana 27
9/29/2007 Nantes France Le Ferailleur
9/30/2007 Paris France LA Locomotive

A LIFE ONCE LOST (Ferret Music)
9/14/2007 Wilmington DE Harmony Grange
9/15/2007 Lemoyne PA Championship
9/16/2007 Poughkeepsie NY The Loft @ The Chance

BEDLIGHT FOR BLUE EYES (Trustkill Records)
9/14/2007 Huntington WV The Ywca

BOYS NIGHT OUT (Ferret Music)
9/14/2007 Pomona CA Glasshouse
9/15/2007 Rohnert Park CA Sonoma State University
9/17/2007 Eugene OR WOW Hall

CHIODOS (Equal Vision Records)
9/23/2007 Grand Rapids MI The Intersection
9/24/2007 Madison WI The Loft
9/25/2007 Omaha NE Sokol Underground
9/26/2007 Colorado Springs CO The Black Sheep
9/28/2007 Reno NV Stoney's
9/29/2007 Orangevale CA The Boardwalk
9/29/2007 Orangevale CA The Boardwalk
9/30/2007 Anaheim CA Chain Reaction
9/30/2007 Pomona CA The Glass House

COLISEUM (Auxiliary Records)
9/16/2007 Oklahoma City OK The Conservatory
9/19/2007 Tijuana MX JF Bar & Cafe
9/20/2007 San Diego CA Casbah
9/21/2007 Los Angeles CA El Rey
9/22/2007 Phoenix AZ Brickhouse Theater
9/23/2007 Albuquerque NM Launch Pad
9/25/2007 San Antonio TX White Rabbit
9/26/2007 Dallas TX Granada Theater
9/27/2007 Austin TX Emo's Outside Room
9/28/2007 Houston TX Meridian Red Room
9/29/2007 New Orleans LA One Eyed Jacks
9/30/2007 Birmingham AL Bottletree

THE DEAD SEE (Pluto Records)
9/29/2007 Dallas TX Tomcats

9/20/2007 Buffalo NY Icon
9/21/2007 Wheeling WV Yesterdays
9/22/2007 Detroit MI Hayloft
9/23/2007 Chicago IL Galaxie
9/24/2007 Joplin MO Foundry Music Theatre
9/25/2007 Fort Worth TX Competition
9/26/2007 San Antonio TX White Rabbit
9/27/2007 McAllen TX Nikki Rowe
9/29/2007 Albuquerque NM Moonlight Louge
9/30/2007 Mesa AZ Papillions Too

DIVIDE THE DAY (Pluto Records)
9/14/2007 Temecula CA The Vault

THE FALL OF TROY (Equal Vision Records)
9/19/2007 Birmingham United Kingdom Barfly
9/20/2007 Portsmouth United Kingdom Wedgewood Rooms
9/22/2007 Oxford United Kingdom Zodiac
9/23/2007 Manchester United Kingdom Academy 3
9/24/2007 Glasgow United Kingdom King Tut's
9/25/2007 Leeds United Kingdom ****pit
9/26/2007 Newport United Kingdom TJ's
9/28/2007 London United Kingdom Islington Academy

FAR FROM FINISHED (Think Fast! Records)
9/19/2007 Berlin Germany SO36
9/20/2007 Wurzburg Germany Immerhin
9/21/2007 Eindhoven Netherlands The Rambler
9/22/2007 Hannover Germany Bei Chez Heinz
9/25/2007 Bristol United Kingdom Juction
9/26/2007 Dundee Scotland Chambers Bar
9/27/2007 Leeds England The Subculture
9/28/2007 Stockport England The Thatched House
9/29/2007 Gent Belgium The Frontline
9/30/2007 Arnhem Netherlands Goudvishal

THE FINAL BURDEN (Thorp Records)
9/23/2007 Corona CA INLAND EMPIRE FEST Showcase Theatre

THE FIRE THE FLOOD (No Sleep Records)
9/14/2007 Chicago IL Memories Bar
9/15/2007 Elwood IN Huntington National Bank

FOUR YEAR STRONG (I Surrender Records)
9/14/2007 South Burlington VT Higher Ground
9/15/2007 Providence RI Lupo's at the Strand
9/16/2007 Portland ME The Station
9/17/2007 Lancaster PA Chameleon
9/18/2007 Richmond VA Toad's Place Richmond
9/20/2007 Athens GA Legion Field @ University of Georgia
9/21/2007 Isle of Palms SC The Wind Jammer
9/22/2007 Columbia SC Headliner's Music Hall
9/23/2007 Hilton Head Island SC Monkey Business
9/24/2007 Tallahassee FL Floyd's Music Store
9/26/2007 Birmingham AL Workplay Theatre
9/27/2007 Baton Rouge LA Varsity Theatre
9/28/2007 Cordova TN Skatepark of Memphis

HORSE THE BAND (Pluto Records)
9/26/2007 Greensboro NC Greene Street Club
9/27/2007 Charlotte NC Tremont Music Hall
9/28/2007 Nashville TN Rocket Town
9/29/2007 Atlanta GA The Masquerade
9/30/2007 Memphis TN Skatepark Of Memphis

IMPERIAL (Pluto Records)
9/28/2007 Winter Park FL Island Oasis

INTERNAL AFFAIRS (Malfunction Records)
9/29/2007 Anaheim CA Chain Reaction

JONAH 33 (Ares Records)
9/14/2007 Adrian MI Ogden
9/15/2007 Shepherdsville KY City Park
9/28/2007 Dallas GA Hope
9/29/2007 Smithfield NC Neuse River Amphitheatre

THE JONBENET (Pluto Records)
9/28/2007 Nacodoches TX The Back Door
9/29/2007 Witchita Falls TX American Legion 169

MODERN LIFE IS WAR (Equal Vision Records)
9/19/2007 Nashville TN Rocketown
9/20/2007 Cordova TN Skatepark of Memphis
9/21/2007 New Orleans LA The Parish at House of Blues

PERMANENT ME (I Surrender Records)
9/14/2007 South Burlington VT Higher Ground
9/15/2007 Providence RI Lupo's at the Strand
9/16/2007 Portland ME The Station
9/17/2007 Lancaster PA Chameleon
9/18/2007 Richmond VA Toad's Place Richmond
9/20/2007 Athens GA Legion Field @ University of Georgia
9/21/2007 Isle of Palms SC The Wind Jammer
9/22/2007 Columbia SC Headliner's Music Hall
9/23/2007 Hilton Head Island SC Monkey Business
9/24/2007 Tallahassee FL Floyd's Music Store
9/26/2007 Birmingham AL Workplay Theatre
9/27/2007 Baton Rouge LA Varsity Theatre
9/28/2007 Cordova TN Skatepark of Memphis

PIERCE THE VEIL (Equal Vision Records)
9/14/2007 Pomona California The Glass House
9/23/2007 Grand Rapids MI The Intersection
9/24/2007 Madison WI The Loft
9/25/2007 Omaha Nebraska Sokol Underground
9/26/2007 Colorado Springs CO The Black Sheep
9/28/2007 Sparks NV The New Oasis
9/29/2007 Orangevale CA The Boardwalk
9/30/2007 Anaheim CA Chain Reaction
9/30/2007 Pomona CA The Glass House

SAID RADIO (Mankind Records)
9/29/2007 Anaheim CA Chain Reaction

SICK OF IT ALL (Abacus/Think Fast! Records)
9/14/2007 Berlin Germany S036
9/15/2007 Kiev Ukraine Extreme Power Festival
9/16/2007 Amsterdam Netherlands Melkveg

SOUL CONTROL (Rivalry Records)
9/15/2007 Haverhill MA Welfare Records

THROWDOWN (Trustkill Records)
9/14/2007 Houston TX Meridian
9/15/2007 New Orleans LA House Of Blues
9/17/2007 Lake Buena Vista FL House Of Blues
9/18/2007 Atlanta GA Masquerade
9/19/2007 Jacksonville NC Hooligans
9/21/2007 Worcester MA Palladium Downstairs
9/22/2007 New York NY Nokia Theatre Times Square
9/23/2007 Baltimore MD Sonar
9/24/2007 Norfolk VA Norva Theatre
9/26/2007 Philadelphia PA Trocadero
9/27/2007 Buffalo NY Evolution
9/28/2007 Toronto CA Opera House
9/29/2007 Montreal CA The Medley

TIME AND DISTANCE (I Surrender Records)
9/25/2007 Hurricane West Virginia Hurricane Community Center

VALENCIA (I Surrender Records)
9/14/2007 Tampa FL The Orpheum
9/15/2007 Jacksonville FL Fuel Coffeehouse
9/16/2007 Tallahassee FL Floyd's Music Store
9/18/2007 Columbia MO Mojo's
9/19/2007 Papillion NE The Rock
9/20/2007 Ames IA The Maintenance Shop
9/21/2007 Lacrosse WI The Warehouse
9/22/2007 De Kalb IL The House Cafe
9/23/2007 Lansing MI Mac's Bar
9/25/2007 Rochester NY Water Street Music Hall
9/26/2007 Albany NY Valentine's
9/27/2007 Hartford CT Webster Underground

THE WONDER YEARS (No Sleep Records)
9/15/2007 Waldorf MD My Brother's Place
9/19/2007 Newport News VA Buddas
9/20/2007 Kernersville NC Creation Skatepark
9/21/2007 Savannah GA Basement Show
9/22/2007 North Charleston NC The Remnant
9/23/2007 Augusta GA Sector 7G
9/28/2007 San Antonio TX Rock Bottom
9/29/2007 Midlothian TX The Lighthouse
9/30/2007 Lubbock TX The Way

For an up to date list of all current Revelation tourdates:

For other tourdates:

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