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How High?
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Default Wire's 100 Albums That Set The World On Fire (while no one was listening)

I ran into this list a few weeks ago.

This list came out in 1998 and it basically lists a number of releases "that should have ignited the world's imagination - but somehow got forgotten along the way."

How many have you listened to?

I've only heard six.

The List
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Not going to lie, I've listened to exactly 0 of those albums.
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Still sends his reguards.
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23 (out of the full 130 )....but i saved that list....and really want to check some of those out

i love the fact that they included both William Burroughs and Steven Bernstein's poetry....Bernstein was such a bad-ass and i think often his stuff falls through the cracks
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I've heard Son House - Father of the Delta Blues: The Complete 1965 Sessions and although he may not be well known now I do know that he was a very prominent and influential bluesman. So I don't really know if you could say "nobody was listening", but I'm glad it made the list.

I've also heard Dancing in Your Head by Ornette Coleman. It's one of my favorite Coleman records, actually.

Of course I've heard Bad Brains self-titled. Again, I don't think this is a lost treasure. It's a treasure all right, but it was highly influential and remains popular today.

I also wouldn't say Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed was anything particularly good. Maybe it didn't deserve the critical bashing it got, because after all it was an experimental album, but I don't consider it a lost treasure as it was quite high profile to begin with.

Overall I think this list contained some interesting write ups and I'm looking forward to checking out some of them.
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one big soul
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I've heard two, Bad Brains and First Utterance.
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I've only listened to a handful of those albums but it seems like a decent list. I'll have to check so of the other stuff out.
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Music Addict
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Plenty of stuff I've not heard, can't wait to check some of it out. Nice to see The Homosexuals and Labradford mentioned, too.
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I would love to hear the Joe Meek album! In fact, this is a bit of a shopping list.

Still, there are albums I have heard.

Blue Cheer - Good, loud sounds!

Dr. John - Great! Believe this, I heard parts of it in the Nudie flick Sweet Bird of Aquarius

Pearls Before Swine - Found this in an antique store for a couple of dollars in good condition. I played it a couple of nights back and still like it. A little more dramatic for my tastes, but it's relaxing in it's own way.

Skip Spence - Oar is one of those albums that the writers like, but still just can't really get into it...yet.

Brian Jones/Master Musicians of Joujouka - Still a fine late night listen!

Miles Davis - Remember this a LONG time ago, siging it out from a Library, and getting into the music. I must hear it again!

Lou Reed - I have to give this a lot of credit for sparking a few minds here and there for the shock/Noise/Industrial worlds that many have traveled since it's release. To me, it's still a mix of indulgence and telling RCA where to go, but it is one of Reed's more interesting albums, even if it's to me listenable through one part at a time.

Human League - I caught the single on a Fast Products compilation (along with Gang of Four and others) just when The League were in their final year of stardom in The US. I really had to convince a couple of friends of mine that they were not always the "Don't You Want Me"/"Human" band, especially with their early records, but when I did, it turned into one of my favorite memories.

Walker Brothers - There's reason why the write up did not mention John or Gary's songs...you can't top Scott's, end of story! I was in a bad mood when I first heard "The Electrician" and nearly cried that I finally heard the beauty that I always read about. There were a number of albums I passed up as I turned into "Choosing the most rare album I could find" when I bought this, so Pulp's excellent This Is Hardcore (with songs I could mix in with Scott's songs with ease) could wait as I was listening to Scott.

A side note - in an Mojo article about Manic Street Preachers' The Holy Bible (Great album!), Nite Flights, This Is Hardcore, and Oar were listed in a small list of other albums that were dark listening. Moving on...

Nurse With Wound - OK, a bit of a cheat as I mainly heard tracks through a compilation (The Sisters of Pataphysics), but at least I was experienced with the sounds of the early Nurse. I have to seriously catch up with Stephen Stapleton's works as I think I last heard NWW with Thunder Perfect Mind (Have both the Current 93 and NWW albums)...and there's loads of catching up!

Bad Brains - Someone had the tape, and I heard it quite a bit in my days of hanging out with the Hardcore Punks in my area. I should thank them for the experience!

Royal Trux - A used find a long time back that I was not into then (this being around 1992), and as such sold it after a couple of plays. Then again, I just may have to hear it once more. either way, it's cool to see something I heard put into a list with a publication I respect.

Dead Can Dance - Great sounds! Beautiful!

Although I don't have the Dylan Bootleg Series Vol. 4, I do have No Direction Home and Don't Look Back on DVD, getting me ready to add this into the collection

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one big soul
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I'm listening to Bad Brains again now... album holds up so well.
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