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Default The Discovery Chamber: Where Do You Find New Music?

Sorry if there's already a thread on this, I couldn't find it through a search.

Since most MB members are always trying to expand their taste and exploring the massive music world, I thought it would be a good thread idea if we shared where we discover new music from.

I'll start:
1. Musicbanter (duh)
2. Word of mouth, largely bandmates or people I meet at shows
3. Random blogs (I'm especially fond of this one)
4. recommendations
5. Chthulu (when a sacrifice goes particularly well he grants me the gift of an artist I haven't heard)
6. Spotify's "Discover" page
7. Forums/blogs/rym lists that turn up in "best [x] albums/artists" google search

So what about you?
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Default and my two favorite blogs: Mortuus in Somnis and CUT & PASTE

Occasionally from the ALbums you're digging thread. And spotify does a lot too, I'll be on a page from a band I like and see a related artist and think, "Hey they have a cool name".

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Oddly enough most of my new music comes from Download mp3 music from
I just see albums that look good or have interesting covers or titles, play a sample and if I like them then I buy them. Some music from here of course, then the rest of it would be accidentally, like if I hear it on the TV or in a movie perhaps. I don't actually go out looking for new music (other than the above) as I have already way too much to really ever listen to.
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1. Rateyourmusic
3. Musicbanter
4. YouTube
5. Bandcamp
6. Soundcloud
7. Record labels
8. Friends
9. Spotify
10. Other forums
11. Pitchfork
12. Theneedledrop
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1. Watching old clips from The Old Grey Whistle Test
2. Festival highlights
3. Pub chat
4. Band documentaries
5. School of Rock (back in the day lolololololol)
6. MusicBanter!
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1. MusicBanter
2. RYM
3. The radio, actually. There's a station that plays classic hits. Since I'm unfamiliar with lot of them, it's led me to check out older bands, like the Cars.
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  1. YouTube
  2. YouTube
  3. YouTube*
  4. Wikipedia articles
  5. Discogs
  7. various blogs, (non-forum) music sites,
  8. media: radio, tv, & cable
  9. various books and music rags*

*EDIT: The best recs I get are from musicians, either from articles in music books/magazines or interviews or documentaries found on YT.
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Recently I have been finding good stuff on band camp.
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Cliffs: Pandora, YouTube, cellphone apps, researching artist info.

I began using Pandora awhile back. What I began to notice is that when I went to find the YouTube video of a song I heard on Pandora, there were all kinds of music channels, and they were all different. So, the song will come across on Pandora, then I look it up on YouTube, and if it's on a channel I've never heard of, I subscribe to it on YouTube. I call this "spidering" of my interests, where Pandora is the origination point and I add YouTube channel subscriptions from there. I test out different subscriptions and add/delete them as necessary.

I've tried Spotify, but that was a bit cluttered for me. It might just be that I'm not that familair with it.

Other ways I find things: Doing background research on the artists I already know about; you come across artists/songs mentioned in an article and check them out. I have found great suggestions in YouTube comments as well.

Tune-In apps were something I did for awhile. I really try to change things up and switch different stations to get more random selections. Keeps things fresh.
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Music forums and plug DJ

Plug more than anything because I'm forced to listen to things I might not have remembered to YouTube otherwise.
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