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Lisnaholic 12-30-2021 08:10 AM


Originally Posted by Plankton (Post 2195516)
The first time I heard it, it made me laugh so it stuck. Kinda.

Yes, some of those things do. I have permanently stuck in my head some of Syd Barratt's studio remarks from The Madcap Laughs: "Last one was diamond actually.... No, no, it's just the fact of going through it..."
Plus "Voices of Old People" on Bookends: "Just a room - your own room, in your own home...God forgive me, but old people without money are pathetic."

Plankton 12-30-2021 08:35 AM

"Well, I certainly wasn't roight"

staticinvasion1 12-31-2021 01:19 PM

Eric Clapton is the most boring musician on the planet. Wanker at best

DianneW 01-01-2022 03:23 PM

Do you actually know what wanker even it is some outrageous activity... happens... it's nothing to do with music, go and figure it.

Trollheart 01-01-2022 08:42 PM

Yeah but it's also a term of abuse. "He's such a wanker. **** off you wanker! Ref! Are you ****ing blind, you stupid wanker? That was never a penalty!" and so on...

I find it hilarious that Peggy's family in Married With Children were actually named the Wankers. Peggy Wanker married Al Bundy. I'm not sure the writers even knew. Or maybe they did, but America didn't. :laughing:

DianneW 01-02-2022 05:06 AM
I had to look the Bundy's up as never heard of the prog. Gave me a good laugh though reading about it. Great name for a County as well.:laughing:
Never understood how it became used for an abusive term but f off is used a lot so all part of the same vein it seems.... he could not give a f*** I get that loud and clearly as an insult.

I had not ever read about the older Clapton and actually have no idea what he is like these days.

Lisnaholic 01-02-2022 05:41 AM

I don't know what EC is up to these days, but it looks like he has got his various destructive addictions under control, which is surely a good thing. Nobody writes "Clapton is God" anymore, but he still has a huge presence in the world of guitar-centred rock because he is the driving force behind the famous Crossroads festivals. Perhaps that's partly why he's attracted a lot of negative comments in this thread; people are getting fed up with his prominence.

What am I getting fed up with? I was reminded of it by your clip, Dianne. I don't like the way he kind of swallows up the best material of lesser-known artists. John Martyn, Bob Marley, JJ Cale: they have all had their songs cleaned-up and Claptonized so he can present them as part of the unadventuruos middle-of-the-road rock that he seems most fond of lately. Perhaps he's been too influenced by his real-life pal, Andy Fairweather Low, who, as far as I can tell, has made a career out of promoting mediocrity as if it were a virtue:-

The Batlord 01-02-2022 07:05 AM

Wide-legged and eyeless for me, please.

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