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rostasi 12-28-2021 05:23 PM

My problem with any of this Clapton business is that it all comes from an angle of
some kind of worship of technical prowess when the majority of it sounds like revved
and hyped-up bar-band music full of all of the sound and fury cliches not only just
associated with it, but actually encouraged by his worshippers.
The gawd-awful pinched, nasal sax sound ... those chord-banging attempts of repetitious energy ...
the rather uninspired drumming/rhythm overall ... semi-unconscious chord changes ...
pretend "soul" vocals ... every kind of patterned backing and cliched soloing ...
all of this in disregard to actual sound and more in line with him/them being showmanship entertainers.
There's room for this in some people's lives, but I couldn't see any reason to look forward to hearing or seeing this.

John Peel:


"Call that music?" is the kind of thing people say to me from time to time. I mean, I do, because music is something which ought to take you to places you've not been before, so things like Eric Clapton are not music really in a sense, because what makes his stuff so attractive to people, or Cliff Richard, is the fact that they take you where you've been before, and it's kind of reassuring, and you feel quite safe there, I suppose, but it's not for me."

"I mean, who wants to listen to Eric Clapton? He can really play, but that's boring beyond measure.

"At number 5, "Unplugged" - Eric Clapton - if only..."

Trollheart 12-28-2021 07:50 PM

"At number 5, Eric Clapton with his new album Unvaxxed"....

Psy-Fi 12-29-2021 09:44 AM

The only time I listen to Eric Clapton is when I'm in the mood to hear some Cream or Blind Faith. His work with John Mayall and The Yardbirds was good but I've never cared much for either one. Everything he did after Blind Faith just bores me.

Lisnaholic 12-29-2021 10:57 AM

Yes, the same: I don't search out Clapton's music as a rule, but if I did it would be the old stuff.
Nonetheless, I'm a big fan of the musical style that rostasi and John Peel take against: pub/jam band rock. To me it's a good combination: a safe, solid beat and wandering instrumental stuff on top. If it has a predictable element about it, it is also capable of endless minor variations that trick the musically ignorant, like me, into thinking they are hearing something new each time.

rostasi 12-29-2021 11:11 AM


Originally Posted by Lisnaholic (Post 2195442)
... safe ... predictable element about it ...

Those are the nadirs for me.

Trollheart 12-29-2021 11:45 AM

Funny thing about "Layla" is that personally I consider the best part of it to be the piano outro. Not really interested in the "shorter" version.

Lisnaholic 12-29-2021 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by rostasi (Post 2195443)
Those are the nadirs for me.

Of course too much safety and predictability is disastrous, so I like a balance; a mild challenge, a bit of discordance. I think Faust or SPK are about my limits of strange so far.

Plankton 12-30-2021 06:11 AM


Originally Posted by Lisnaholic (Post 2195384)
Thanks! I didn't recognise her until she took out her false teeth and started whistling Purple Haze.

Ooops, that was Dylans grandma.


Lisnaholic 12-30-2021 06:46 AM

Wow! Your brain must have quite a retrieval system to have tracked down that off-hand remark! I think I enjoyed the shambolic intro more than the song itself.

Meanwhile, Eric's grandma Rose was often rumoured to be at those impromtu local concerts, so that's another non-suck item to put on EC's balance sheet, imo; guy who takes his grandma to a rock concert.

Plankton 12-30-2021 07:49 AM

The first time I heard it, it made me laugh so it stuck. Kinda.

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