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Old 02-12-2023, 06:17 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Question Favourite Music genre and influences

What is your favourite music genre and why? What influenced that choice?
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Prog rock first and foremost. First albums I owned for myself were ELO ones (not quite prog, but touches of it) and then I got into Genesis, and that was it for me. When I later heard Marillion, who at the time seemed to be the new Genesis (even though Phil and the boys were still around, you couldn't really call them prog at that time, and Fish and the lads were making the kind of music Genesis had back in the 70s) they became my second-favourite band.

Just loved the overblown pomp of it all, the mad lyrics, the long songs with strange time signatures, the odd instruments used - all so much different to what was on the radio.

Also got into metal, Iron Maiden and Saxon being my entry point. Still love metal and prog, as well as AOR, though I have broadened my musical palette a little, or tried to.
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Nu-Metal :P

nahhh really tho pretty much Electronic music Hip hop and Metal all mixed in a blender that's where i started
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Old 02-13-2023, 07:51 AM   #4 (permalink)
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I like quite a few genres actually.

But the genre I'm into the most would probably be folk rock. You'll notice by my handle that I'm an avid Beatles fan and I like sixties music in general, particularly artists like the Byrds, the Kinks, Dylan, etc.

Anyway, for me, it all started with the Beatles.
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Old 02-14-2023, 08:29 AM   #5 (permalink)
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Probably house music - or if I wanted to be more broad, electronic music a whole.

Probably because more than anything else in music, I like when it aids me and others in having a great time. There is a collective effervescence when you're seeing a live house set and dancing with others and just letting the music guide your emotions and feelings. I've been to many different concerts - rock concerts, rap concerts, blue concerts, folk concerts, etc just don't hit the same way.

Over the past few years, I learned how to DJ myself - and the ability to weave tracks together, layer vocal tracks over different instrumental tracks, melt vocal accompaniments together, etc is a somewhat treasured creative mode of expression or myself, since I'm not particularly talented at any traditional instruments. House is an iterative genre - and its tendencies to sample other tracks from different spaces, remix tracks old and new, and constantly sprinkle music you know and show you that music in a different light has always been fascinating to me.

I love a lot of different genres of music though, for different reasons. I'm not always in the mood for house, despite how much I love it.
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My favorite genre is also electronic music, mostly ambient, space, new age, psychedelic and experimental synthesizer music. I love the colorful sound textures and abstract structures of the pieces. It ranges from tight compositions to totally spaced-out improvised jams, unchained from the constraints of the popular song format. I love zoning out and getting lost in the cosmic drones.
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My favorite genre is Deconstructed Club, when I heard Sophie for the first time my life was turned upsied-nwod because I just could not fathom how these harsh sounds were put into a modern club context and with such gusto! Such grace. I love how it as a genre takes from global contemporary influences as well as unnatural, hyperreal sounds.
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Mostly folk and also pop.
copied my answer to Marie at the Pitchfork BitchDork:
I will try to explain it very short.
I was listening/exposed to almost everything when I was little.
At the age 10 I think, I was into Irish pop (the corrs, boyzone, b*witched), so later 1999/2000s I was into more traditional stuff, hevia, lunasa, the cheiftains, danu, xose manuel budino.
and more usually from ireland (the bothy band, karan casey. and more) scotland (julie fowlis, old blind dogs, cliar, blazin' fiddles. and more) and spain (la musgana, berroguetto, anubia, oreka tx, kepa junkera, felpeyu, fia na roca. and more), later france (carre manchot, and more i will try to recommend).
Scandinavian music I also started but a bit late (sorten muld, folque, akkajee, Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag, and more)
There is also from portugal Sétima Legião you should check their first album their music is nice.

In the past with my old last.fm account I was listening to more world music than with my new account. I am trying but it is a bit difficult.

But I also like to listen to pop especially 90s and british pop, french pop is nice too (jenifer is my favourite, alizee, lorie).
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From beyooond the graaave
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For a long time it was early progressive rock and it's still the main one I go back to but I try to listen to everything, sometimes I have phases where I mostly listen to a certain kind of music, which has included 60s psychedelic rock and garage rock, early rock n roll, punk and post-punk, electronic and ambient, various styles of pop, soul and funk, jazz, hip hop, video game music and whatever else I'm in the mood for at any given time, it's all been on my rotation, I don't focus on any one thing for too long but prog remains my biggest comfort zone.

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Hair Metal... Because you know, the crazy guitar solos, guitar riffs, huge production, and generally very bombastic.
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