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Old 12-18-2009, 10:01 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Music Banter Has Spoiled Me

MB has spoiled me. I'm too used to having intelligent discussions with people who actually know what they're talking about.

Check this lovely discussion out, on a Eminem vs. Biggie freestyle video.


Me Lol... are you serious? Are you really calling Biggie Smalls and 2pac underground? Then you're trying to say "rap is a black man's game" and yet claim to like underground hip-hop... do you know anything about underground? There are tons whites, hispanics and asians in the game. Take Army of the Pharoahs... 8 of their 14 members are white or hispanic. And Kurt Cobain said The Vaselines were better than Nirvana but that doesn't make it true.

Katie19711 not one rapper today can't hang with biggie,pac, big l, eazy... if there were here em would be nothing period... get over it.. every knows except for you young dillusional kids that this new **** ain't rap.. old school rap mops the floor with em face.. epic failure.. no one is more famous than biggie, or pac period and their so know what fool?

Me Are you five years old or something? If you're not even going to come back with a co-herent reply then why reply at all? All you're doing is saying old scool rap is best... over and over again. Maybe give me some info on WHY it's so great compared to today. Oh but you can't because you don't listen to anything new so how would you know? Chalking up your preferences to a specific time frame is one thing, but you're insisting it's fact. When any idiot knows music is a subjective experience.

Katie19711 Are you a moron or something? It's not rocket science, listen to the old and the new, and wow there ya go! genius... please don't patronize me fool.. anyone that listens to em has to be a buffoon. unfortunately, i have heard em nonsense and it's nothing like i grew up too. opinions are like *******s everyone has one, even you *******.. look all over youtube and you will see that 90% of the people agree that old school rap is bar far the best.. if you young fools that don't know any better..

Me And there you go again. I'm a young fool? I could be 55 and you wouldn't know it. You're assuming because you don't have a good argument to fall back on, so instead of attacking the argument you attack me? I love Biggie Smalls 2pac Nas Wu-Tang Clan etc but I also like Gruf, Pip Skid, The Vultures, Jedi Mind Tricks, etc because I know that type of hip-hop didn't end with Biggie and Pac, it just went off-radar.

Me Also, Eminem has been rapping since the early 1990s. His album Infinite was released in 1997. Guess who also released an album in 97? Biggie Smalls. So why isn't Eminem chalked up into your definition of "old school/underground" when, Eminem has been both? If you're serious about the "black man's game" comment then I'm actually kinda stunned at how blatently prejudice and ignorant that is.

Katie19711 your right.. and to top it off blacks rap better than whites.. bigigie moped the floor with all the good rappers are gone unfortunately and now were left with idiots like em.. crappy rap... why bother? pac, eazy, big l, biggie, nas, dmx, ice, snoop, all greats...

Me Does that mean that entire era was better and nothing since matches it? No.

Me Yes. They were all great. But as soon as you move past em you'll find so much more out there than 90s.

Katie19711 i believe, pac, biggie, big l, eazy, ice, dmx, rakim are all better than em.... that's your answer fool...

Me How was that an answer?
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Old 12-18-2009, 10:42 PM   #2 (permalink)
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Lol. She would make a good mate for someone I know.

Because she's right, you're not, the sooner you realize that, the better all of our lives will be. etc.
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Old 12-19-2009, 07:11 PM   #3 (permalink)
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An update on my ongoing fued with Katie19711.

Katie19711 opinion are answers no one is 100% correct, and the same goes for you. There is no scientific data to back up your claim or mine, just bias rhetoric.. on both parts.. but if you look at the majority of the responses on this page you will see who prevails.. "i said i believe", not speaking for others fool, so yes that is my answer..

Me I'm not talking about who won this fake rap battle. I'm talking about your idea that old school rap is better than everything else. Of course it might be better then what's on the radio today but the radio isn't the only place to hear music.

Me [why is Eminem so bad?]

Katie19711 because i don't like his rapping ability.. his voice, style, flow, techique do nothing for me.. pac and biggie had the voices, and beat they are the definition of what rap really is... today's rap can't compare and if you knew a little something about old school rap you might concur.. but your so close-minded that you can't see beyond your feet. i don't wear rose colored glasses... it is what it is.. em admitted big and pac rap better than him, now what?

Me Your actually calling me close-minded when I've already said I like Biggie and 2pac?

Katie19711 what's on the radio today is crap in my opinion.. i have seen these guys in concert, and they were my generation.. so i can compare because i was there for both... once again your argument is weak and has no substance so please love on em and broaden you horizons..

Me Yeah.... I agree there isn't much good hip-hop on the radio. That's why I've repeatedly said you can look underground. What the hell are you talking about "broaden my horizons?" The whole point of this bloody discussion is to get to the bottom of your dislike for modern hip-hop! Who's horizons need to be broadened? If you're actually suggesting I don't listen to so called old school hip-hop then believe me you're telling the wrong guy.

Katie19711 Your choice of music is obviously heavy metal, alternative rock according to your page..I happen to like Nirvana that was also my generation. I told you reaptedly why I don't like the new rap. The people that are spewing their lyrics for the most part are stealing from old school rap "jay-z", and they didn't live the "thug life"so to me there is no meaning behind the lyrics just made up crap.the beat, the flow, is not catchy.. it doesn't make me want to listen to it again once I have heard it

Katie19711 To me yes... What do you think?

Katie19711 Yes..that's what it mean to me.. name one new rapper better than old school?..

that's a big fat 0

[In response to my post about how Eminem released his first album in 97]

Katie19711 wrong first album 1999.. biggie was now who's wrong..

Me No, Slim Shady LP came out in 99. That's when he hit mainstream success. He was underground until then. Now who's wrong?

Katie19711 exactly..he wasn't  really known until 99.. duh!!! big was dead and so was pac...

Me: I'm done. Honestly I am just trying to help you. But hell if you're happy in your bubble then who am I to burst it? Peace love and empathy.
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Old 12-19-2009, 07:40 PM   #4 (permalink)
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That person obviously has no idea what she's talking about. I stopped reading at "you're so close minded" because I could honestly take no more.

EDIT: Why is it that the majority of people on youtube have to be idiots and/or clueless 14 year olds?
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Old 12-19-2009, 07:46 PM   #5 (permalink)
MB's Biggest Fanboy
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YouTube comment boxes are the cesspool of collective human thought.

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Old 12-19-2009, 09:44 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by loose_lips_sink_ships View Post
EDIT: Why is it that the majority of people on youtube have to be idiots and/or clueless 14 year olds?
I really don't understand it either. Maybe mum was right... too much internet fries your brain
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Old 12-19-2009, 11:05 PM   #7 (permalink)
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somehow i feel like i've attempted to have discussions on musicbanter with people who have similar knowledge of proper argument. its becoming an ignorant world indeed. its almost painful to see some of the hatred and narrow-mindedness that infests the internet at times.
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Old 12-19-2009, 11:16 PM   #8 (permalink)
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I like how people think the world is becoming more ignorant. It has always, always, always been like that.
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Old 12-19-2009, 11:18 PM   #9 (permalink)
Fish in the percolator!
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To be honest, I can only foresee myself seriously reading youtube comments in the event of seeking an aneurysm.
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Old 12-19-2009, 11:24 PM   #10 (permalink)
أمهاتك[وهور]Aura Euphoria
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I didnt even have to read this to know that its a waste of space.

EDIT: "And Kurt Cobain said The Vaselines were better than Nirvana but that doesn't make it true."

I lied, all you really need to read is once sentence.

Lew Harrison, who looked like an anarchist with his red eyes and fierce black beard, had been writing furiously in one corner of the room. "That's good—happiness by the kilowatt," he said. "Buy your happiness the way you buy light."
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