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Old 01-26-2011, 04:41 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Drill Sergeant Johnson is here to motivate

Hey losers, listen up.

So you don't wanna work out, huh? You just want to sit around all day fapping, posting on MB, fapping to the Member Pic Gallery, and listening to tunes? Jesus Christ maggots, get your asses in gear. Don't have workout equipment? Boo fucking hoo, losers. We all have work out equipment, it's called the outdoors. Go for a walk, lard ass. Maybe even a goddamn jog if you can handle working up a small sweat. Perhaps after playing shitty video games for hours on end, you can manage to do a push-up or two. Be grateful that you have land around you to run on and it isn't a torn up warzone of sorts. Get off your lazy asses and go shape your body, you bunch of pussies. Quit being the doughy sack of shit that you are and get to work. It takes about 15 minutes a day, quit wasting your life sitting around crying and eating Twinkies. Start exercising or be doomed to porking beached whale look-a-likes for all eternity.

Aww, high school sucks? Get the hell over it. High school doesn't even matter in life. Most the people you meet will never play a significant, or any, role in your pathetic life. Mom grounded you again? Tough shit, maybe if you weren't such an anal douche you wouldn't have lost your weekend privileges. Orphans would kill to have a Mom to ground them, you ungrateful dipshit. Classes too hard? Then study more. Not everything in life is handed to you, start getting to work and stop caring about what the girl with the big boobs thinks of you. It's only highschool, so turn off your angsty/emo music and start living life, loser. Gain some self-esteem and quit bawling around like a little bitch and complaining about how bad your life is.

Work sucks, doesn't it. Well at least you have a damn job. I bet Rico, the illegal immigrant who lives in a one-room apartment with 13 other Mexicans would love to be sitting in your cubicle filing papers. I bet he would love to spend half his day playing MineSweeper and Solitaire. You think you got it bad? Try walking 3 miles to get water, you ungrateful bastard. You probably even have human rights, don't you? You do, asshat, so stop your bitching around and making the lives of others around you just as miserable. Be happy you have money to afford to eat more than trash scraps from local diners.

My name is Drill Sergeant Johnson and I am here to motivate you losers in any aspect of my life. Hit me up for motivation, maggots.
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wasting my youth online
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Originally Posted by Dirty View Post
fapping to the member picture gallery

Today I asked my coach if magic was real.
He said it was.
I ran a little bit faster!!!!
Originally Posted by Wavves
I'm going nowhere
going nowhere
going nowhere
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