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Old 08-21-2014, 01:20 PM   #91 (permalink)
Zum Henker Defätist!!
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Originally Posted by MattMVS7 View Post
I am a hedonist who feels that pleasure is the only thing that matters in life and that if I don't have it, then I and this life are both worthless. I am also an atheist who knows that, even though life is about not giving up and ending your life, I actually feel otherwise and I will present a compelling reason as to why:

There is something in life that I absolutely hate and wish to be superior to which would be acceptance of major problems in life (such as if I had to live the rest of my life in a hospital bed with cancer or live my entire life with little to no ability to experience pleasure from a mental condition known as anhedonia or depression). This sense of superiority can come in 2 forms: 1.) Having delusional fantasies and living a happy life not having to deal with these problems or 2.) Actually using a hard cold fact of reality to my advantage such as that, since there is no point in living and that we are just all going to forever die in the end anyway, instead of being someone who accepts major problems in life and continues to live on anyway, I will become a cold hard bastard and decide to do what I want by ending my pointless life. The cold hard fact of reality that since we are forever going to die in the end and that we might as well just kill ourselves, this is actually something liberating to me and I can use this fact of reality to become superior to acceptance of reality’s major problems. I would have given up and died. But at least I have given up and died as someone superior. I would actually feel empowered and superior for deciding to have given up and killed myself and feel that this cold hard fact of reality I stated is my best friend since I can use it to my advantage here.

Most people would not only consider those who give up and end their lives to be cowardly (weak), but they would also consider those who don’t deal with such problems and escape such problems through delusional fantasies to be cowardly as well. But I, on the other hand, do not feel cowardly (weak). Instead, I feel the opposite which would be feeling empowered by those things. Therefore, since I feel empowered instead of cowardly (weak), this is what makes me the opposite of cowardly (weak) in that I would instead be a powerful human being.
Meh. You're overthinking things. If life is pointless and absurd, then instead of deciding how to be better than the absurdity it makes more sense to accept the desires brought on by evolutionary instincts, though tempered with logic of course. You're not going to make yourself happy by going against your basic human nature just because you don't want to be a slave to it. Will rejecting basic human contact and human relationships make you happy? Of course not. Sure, it's only something you're compelled to do because evolution has programmed you to form alliances with other humans to maximize survival odds, but that doesn't make your relationships with your family and friends any less emotionally fulfilling. Tasks such as reaching career and financial goals may likewise be based on preprogrammed survival instincts, but a hard day's work still makes one feel satisfied. Trying to invent life choices purely with the intent of rising above whatever human characteristics you find to be "inferior", even if they still apply to you, whether you like it or not, will only result in you making yourself miserable.
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Old 08-21-2014, 05:42 PM   #92 (permalink)
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Now there are two forms of strength in life: 1.) Deciding to live on in life anyway and never give up as well as for the sake of other people, or 2.) Giving yourself a sense of self-empowerment through death and ending your life.

Both forms of strength are just as good and I have found my own strength in life (which would be #2). You also have to consider the mindset I am having in deciding to end my life before you just jump to the conclusion that it is something cowardly (providing that anyone here would think so). I would not be giving up because life is too much (which might be considered something cowardly, but you have no right to tell these people that they are weak and cowardly. If you would know what it is like to live with the worst possible suffering, then I bet you wouldn't say that).

As I just stated, I would not be cowardly and giving up because life is too much. Rather, I would have a powerful totalitarian dictator personality in wanting to end all things inferior in my life (just like how Hitler wanted to end all of the Jews that he perceived as inferior. Except, that I am not like Hitler in the sense that I value other human beings, but I am Hitler in the sense that I wish to "kill" inferior problems in my life). Therefore, to end my inferior problems in life if they are something major, then I would obviously choose to end my life.
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Old 08-21-2014, 06:20 PM   #93 (permalink)
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Son, you done.
Originally Posted by Pedestrian View Post
As for me, my inbox is as of yet testicle-free, and hopefully remains that way. Don't the rest of you get any ideas.
Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
I'll have you know, my ancestors were Kings of Wicklow! We're as Irish as losing a three-nil lead in a must-win fixture!
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Old 08-21-2014, 09:37 PM   #94 (permalink)
Fck Ths Thngs
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Aww, this was kind of fun.. One of the most active threads we've had in a while.
I don't got a god complex, you got a simple god...

Originally Posted by elphenor View Post
I'd vote for Trump
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Old 08-21-2014, 10:00 PM   #95 (permalink)
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MattMVS7 really paced himself - 14 posts in 2 years
Originally Posted by mord View Post
Actually, I like you a lot, Nea. That's why I treat you like ****. It's the MB way.

"it counts in our hearts" ?ºº?
“I have nothing to offer anybody, except my own confusion.” Jack Kerouac.
“If one listens to the wrong kind of music, he will become the wrong kind of person.” Aristotle.
"If you tried to give Rock and Roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry'." John Lennon
"I look for ambiguity when I'm writing because life is ambiguous." Keith Richards
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Old 08-22-2014, 02:39 AM   #96 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by DwnWthVwls View Post
Aww, this was kind of fun.. One of the most active threads we've had in a while.
People like to play with and feed trolls that's why.
Fame, fortune, power, titties. People say these are the most crucial things in life, but you can have a pocket full o' gold and it doesn't mean sh*t if you don't have someone to share that gold with. Seems simple. Yet it's an important lesson to learn. Even lone wolves run in packs sometimes.

Originally Posted by RoxyRollah View Post
IMO I don't know jack-**** though so don't listen to me.
Originally Posted by Franco Pepe Kalle View Post
The problem is that most police officers in America are psychopaths.
Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
You're a terrible dictionary.
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Old 08-22-2014, 02:59 AM   #97 (permalink)
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aww but he was just getting into the suicide cult phase. this site is too touchy.
Sic semper tyrannis
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Old 08-22-2014, 08:38 PM   #98 (permalink)
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Sorry but I have zero tolerance for trolls now, and in this case I let it slide for a couple of days. It was fun but with you know who desperate as **** to be on the forum I have low trust levels.
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