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Old 12-16-2015, 06:07 AM   #1 (permalink)
Still sends his reguards.
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Default The 2015 Music Banter Awards (Nominations)

This is the nomination phase of our annual Music Banter awards. The rules are simple.....
  • Please nominate no more than three people per category (or less...or none )
  • The top five people nominated (or less) in each category will continue to the voting thread
  • IMPORTANT Please write a little something about why you nominate this person....this whole idea is about recognizing each other!
  • You may not nominate yourself (or your thread )
  • Please keep you nomination in one post
  • This is meant to be please don't attack people and don't feel attacked
  • I'll tally the nominations on January 3rd and put up the voting thread by the 4th

Best Avatar:
Best Signature:
Sexiest Member (female):
Sexiest Member (male):
Howard The Duck Memorial Award for Most Inane Member:
Biggest Fanboy/girl of the Year:
Best Writer:
Nicest member:
Smartest poster:
Funniest member:
Angriest Member:
Best Mediator:
Best Site Contributor:
Biggest Music Contributor:
Best Media Forum Contributor:
Best Taste in Music:
Most Improved Member:
Most Underrated Poster:
Best Thread Starter:
Most Missed Poster:
Biggest Music Nerd:
Most Diverse Music Taste:
Most Mainstream Music Taste:
Most Eclectic Music Taste:
Thread of the Year:
Moderator of the Year:
Journal of the Year:
New Journal of the Year (created in 2015, any journals started in 2014 don't count):
Best New Member 2015:
Member of the Year 2015:
Biggest Lounge Lizard:
Vitruoso of the Year:
Lifetime Achievement Award:

**Special thanks to both Ki and Vanilla who i basically modeled this thread off of their previous years....thanks for making this very simple

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Fck Ths Thngs
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Best new mod 2015.

I don't got a god complex, you got a simple god...

Originally Posted by elphenor View Post
I'd vote for Trump

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Out of Place
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YES! i was waiting for this event to return.

Nicest member: Mr. Charlie
Biggest Music Nerd: Akyho
Best Mediator: Plankton
Funniest member: Batlord & Grindy
Best Site Contributor: TrollHeart
Best Taste in Music: Frownland
Most Underrated Poster: Psy-Fi
Most Improved Member: Wpnfire
Most Missed Poster: John Wilkes Booth
Most Diverse Music Taste: Goofie
Most Mainstream Music Taste: Goofie
Best Thread Starter: Monkeytennis
Best New Member 2015: Chelsea Dagger & Akyho
Biggest Lounge Lizard: Roxy & Batlord
Lifetime Achievement Award: TrollHeart & Batlord
"Hey Kids you got to meet the MIGHTY PIXIES!"

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What's the difference between 'Most Diverse Music Taste' and 'Most Eclectic Music Taste'?
A smell of petroleum prevails throughout.
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Old 12-16-2015, 08:39 AM   #5 (permalink)
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Posts: 7,036

Howard The Duck Memorial Award for Most Inane Member: Ashwell John
Biggest Fanboy/girl of the Year: Batlord and him not shutting up about ****ing Kesha (also Manowar)/Chula and ****ing LZ
Nicest member: Suzy Creamcheese/Lisnaholic/Mr. Charlie
Smartest poster: Xurtio/Frownland/JWB
Funniest member: Batlord/Plankton
Angriest Member: YorkeDaddy/William_the_Bloody
Best Mediator: Exo
Best Taste in Music: Frownland (Since his taste is closest to mine)/Plainview/Mondo Bungle
Most Improved Member: Chula. Hooray for medication.
Most Underrated Poster: JWB. A lot of what he did was kinda annoying, but many people unfairly dismissed everything he said as pure trolling.
Best Thread Starter: Trollheart/TechnicLePanther/JWB
Most Missed Poster: Janszoon/Lisnaholic (both still active, but not active enough)
Biggest Music Nerd: Mondo Bungle. Thank Satan for his amazing metal knowledge / innerspaceboy
Most Diverse Music Taste: Goofle/Frownland/Batlord
Most Eclectic Music Taste: Goofle/Frownland/Batlord (as above)
Thread of the Year: Love Or Hate. The mighty granddaddy of rec threads.
Moderator of the Year: Plankton/Exo
Journal of the Year: Mondo's 'Mega Angst'. Short and not about music, but a very interesting read/YD's 'Musicbanterus'
New Journal of the Year: Horror's 'Horror's Horror'. I like his writing style and there are a lot of reviews I'm looking forward to.
Best New Member 2015:
TechnicLePanther (contributes A LOT, likes a lot of good music, overall cool guy)
ChelseaDagger (like her chill attitude and overall posting style and humour)
Horror (he's a little too new to evaluate, but also seems very cool and puts a lot of effort into his endeavors here)
Member of the Year 2015: roscoe_the_first
Biggest Lounge Lizard: Batlord/Roxy/Ki
Virtuoso of the Year: Plankton
Lifetime Achievement Award: Trollheart. He IS Musicbanter.
A smell of petroleum prevails throughout.

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Old 12-16-2015, 10:06 AM   #6 (permalink)
I'm back, baby!
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Just a point: are these not meant to be sent via PM?
Trollheart: Signature-free since April 2018
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satan in the fire
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That's the final voting after the nominations are narrowed down.

Originally Posted by Chula Vista View Post
Originally Posted by Chula Vista View Post
Originally Posted by Mindfulness View Post
2. What was the strangest/best/worst party you ever went to?
Prolly a party I had with some people I know
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Crusher of tiny Nords
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I'll be voting even though I've been super MIA and my candidates will be drastically skewed from lack of recent interaction.
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Ask me how!
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Location: The States
Posts: 5,274

Best Avatar: Innerspaceboy (Looks good, and has a fun story behind it), The Batlord (Always has hilarious avatars), Carpe Mortem (Probably the best gif avatar)
Best Signature: The Batlord (For the links to legendary threads), Plankton (For obvious reasons)
Howard The Duck Memorial Award for Most Inane Member: roscoe_the_first (Placed the entire forum on ignore), BigDGarciaDancer (Makes a ton of threads about how great sports and blue jean fetishists are), Ashwell John (Such a mysterious Ashwell John...)
Biggest Fanboy/girl of the Year: Baihe (Jesus fanboy), Frownland (Self fanboy), The Batlord (Ke$hanowar fanboy)
Best Writer: Janszoon (Always writes top notch stuff), Trollheart (Even if you don't think that his writing is quality, you've got to admit that he's got the quantity), The Batlord (Fun reviews, and great short stories)
Nicest member: Goofle (Always brought the bangers in plug, and cheered everyone up), Rostasi (Super nice), Paedantic Basterd (Supports everyone, and never gets involved in the daily petty arguments)
Smartest poster: Rostasi (Basically a walking music library), Unknown Soldier (Knows his stuff)
Funniest member: roscoe_the_first (Everything he posts is gold), Frownland (I think he has an underrated sense of humor, and self-awareness), Plankton (The gif-master, as well as a photoshop extraordinaire)
Angriest Member: Fuck you for not letting me nominate myself.
Best Site Contributor: Everyone offers something to MB. But for organizing events, I'll say Trollheart, and for packing journals full of content, I'll say Ki and Unknown Soldier.
Biggest Music Contributor: Rostasi, Neapolitan, and Goofle (All three have rec'd me tons of music)
Best Media Forum Contributor: DwnWthVwls (For the assault of gifs, funny videos, and pics of sassy lasses), Plankton (For the gifs and pics. Vote GOAT!)
Most Underrated Poster: Frownland (He's actually really funny, in a dry sort of way, and is open to all kinds of music), Chula Vista (Everyone assumes that he's just a Led Zep/Classic Rock nut, but in plug he was up for anything)
Best Thread Starter: John Wilkes Booth (Say what you want about him, he knew how to get people talking, and saved MB from some very inactive periods), The Batlord (For obvious reasons)
Most Missed Poster: WhateverDude (MB just ain't the same), Machine (Rarely see him anymore), Burning Down (Doesn't post very often)
Thread of the Year: (The greatest thread in existence), (Heh), (Heh heh)
Journal of the Year: (A classic that never disappoints)
New Journal of the Year (created in 2015, any journals started in 2014 don't count): (Fun while it lasted), (Always fun), (Massive amount of content for a new journal)
Best New Member 2015: Chelsea Dagger (Just fun all around)
Member of the Year 2015: Mondo Bungle (Great person going through a tough time, and always finds the time to give quality recs)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Plankton (Done a lot of good in the time he's been here, like the Forum Member Showcase), Trollheart (Organizes a large amount of events, just for our entertainment)
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Old 12-16-2015, 01:32 PM   #10 (permalink)
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Posts: 6,325

Best Avatar: - Frownland
Best Signature: - Goofle. It has me in it.
Sexiest Member (female): - It'll always be WWWP.
Sexiest Member (male): - Innerspaceboy.
Howard The Duck Memorial Award for Most Inane Member: - Soulflower
Nicest member: - Suzy Creamcheese
Smartest poster: - Janszoon
Funniest member: - Goofle
Angriest Member: - Ki
Best Mediator: - Suzy Creamcheese
Best Site Contributor: - Trollheart
Biggest Music Contributor: - Sidewinder
Best Taste in Music: - bob
Most Underrated Poster: Rostasi
Most Missed Poster: - Paedantic Basterd
Biggest Music Nerd: - Trollheart
Most Diverse Music Taste: - Goofle
Most Mainstream Music Taste: - Chula
Most Eclectic Music Taste: - Grindy
Thread of the Year: - Missing Posters Bulletin has been gossip central this year.
Moderator of the Year: - Urban
Best New Member 2015: - TechnicLePanther
Member of the Year 2015: - John Wilkes Booth
Biggest Lounge Lizard: - John Wilkes Booth
Lifetime Achievement Award: - The Batlord
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Originally Posted by John Wilkes Booth View Post
ants are at every zoo you ever been to bitch
Originally Posted by OccultHawk View Post

would you kiss the vagina of a woman who asked you to switch off half japanese?
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