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Music Addict
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Default The 2011 Music Banter User Awards: NOMINATIONS!

Welcome to the event you've been preparing for since you weren't nominated the last time it was on: The 2011 Music Banter User Awards (The Nomination Round)! We've had a lot of great and sometimes questionable people come and go this year, and here's your chance to say what you feel about them. The awards will be a bit different this year, to maximize the amusement and streamline the awards, so please take a moment to read the guidelines below.

  • The Nomination Round will run until December 30th to give all participants time to alter their nominations, and all the stragglers an opportunity to have their say.
  • You may nominate up to three people for each category. You may nominate fewer people, or nobody at all if you so desire, and honourable mentions are welcome.
  • To be eligible for the final vote, a user must be nominated three separate times.
  • Please write a brief explanation about why you selected the people you did for each award; a sentence or two about why they earned it. This is about recognition, so let's recognize!
  • Please keep your nominations confined to one post. You may edit this post until the deadline, and you may post to inform people that you edited your post, but collecting data from a hundred different comments is a nightmare and I may hang myself before the month is up.
  • Please no butthurt. This is all in fun, and we have some negative awards that previously, everyone has managed to take with a laugh and a grain of salt. To help minimize potential butthurt, please be mindful and don't be too big a dick when you post.
  • You may not nominate yourself.



Best avatar - The best member avatar of 2011.
Sexiest Member (male) - The male member with the most sex appeal.
Sexiest Member (female) - The female member with the most sex appeal.
Most Inane - The user who is most vocal about all the dull and irrelevant moments of their day.
Most Enigmatic - The user you find most intriguing and know very little about.
Angriest member - The bitterest member, a cynic who often responds with hostility and bitterness towards new and old members.
Biggest Drama Whore - The member who most often surrounds him or herself with drama.
Nicest member - The kindest member, always makes an effort to treat people well, with respect, and to be nice.
Best debater - The member who's best at discussing and communicating intelligently and effectively.
Worst debater - The complete opposite. The member who's presence in a discussion is usually the most disruptive
Best Writer - The best writer on the site, whether they are writing a review, a summary of their day, a rant and everything inbetween.
Biggest Virtuoso - The member with the highest level of skill with an instrumental ability.
Smartest poster - The forums smartest member.
Funniest member - The member with the best sense of humour and who often makes you laugh.
Best Mediator -The member who is best at controlling arguments, limiting negative behaviour but keeping the discussion fair, on-topic and interesting.
Biggest Troll - The member who's presence anywhere in the forums is most disruptive
Biggest contributor - The member who's posts and threads have contributed the most to the overall quality of the site in 2011.
Most Improved Member - The member who's somehow improved the most in his or her behaviour on the site in the past 12 months.
Most Underrated Poster - The site's biggest underdog - someone who's positive impact on the forums is generally underappreciated or often goes unnoticed.
Most Mainstream Music Taste - The member with the most commercial, mainstream taste in music.
Most Obscure Music Taste - The member with the most varied or obscure taste in music.
Best Music Taste - The user with your favourite music taste this year.
Biggest music nerd - The member who's most knowledgeable about music.
Best Thread Starter - The member with a consistent habit of making throught provoking threads that manage to bring the community together in healthy, lengthy topic of debate or discussion.
Most Missed Poster - The member who's presence on the boards you missed the most in 2011 due to their long periods of absence or inactivity.
Thread of the Year - Your favourite thread created or popularized in 2011.
Best Journal - The best Members Journal.
Moderator of the Year - The member of the mod team who has helped to moderate the site the most in 2011 and who's work and efforts are the most appreciated.
Best new 2011 member - The best new addition to the site in 2011.
Member of the Year 2011 - The overall best member of 2011. The member who we love, appreciate and respect the most.

Spoiler for THE FORM:
Best Avatar:
Sexiest Member (Male):
Sexiest Member (Female):
Most Inane:
Most Enigmatic:
Angriest Member:
Biggest Drama Whore:
Nicest Member:
Best Debater:
Worst Debater:
Best Writer:
Biggest Virtuoso:
Smartest Poster:
Funniest Member:
Best Mediator:
Biggest Troll:
Biggest Contributor:
Most Improved Member:
Most Underrated Poster:
Most Mainstream Music Taste:
Most Obscure Music Taste:
Best Music Taste:
Biggest Music Nerd:
Best Thread Starter:
Most Missed Poster:
Thread of the Year:
Journal of the Year:
Moderator of the Year:
Best New Member 2011:
Member of the Year 2011:

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Location: The Eyrie, Vale of Arryn, Westeros
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Best Avatar: nonsubmissivewife
Sexiest Member (Male):TheBig3,
Sexiest Member (Female):Vanilla, bc I can't nominate myself ahaha. No really she's gorg
Most Inane: Il_Duce, sorry dude but a lot of your posts are no1curr
Most Enigmatic: bob., he's just so cool, like a modern day Kerouac, he seems so interesting. Lisnaholic, he seems interesting and is super nice.
Angriest Member: TheBig3, no explanation needed
Biggest Drama Whore: Alexthe4th, because again I can't nom myself
Nicest Member: Burning Down, I have never seen her be sassy or rude, ever. Always fair and kind.
Best Debater: tore, because he's excellent at backing up all of his arguments ever
Worst Debater:eraser.time, lame
Best Writer: Satchmo
Biggest Virtuoso: Rezz
Smartest Poster:tore, RVCA
Funniest Member: TheCunningStunt, has a great sense of humour.
Best Mediator: Janszoon It's so awesome to watch him argue with someone because the other person gets so mad and he's just cool as a gd cucumber.
Biggest Troll: Il Duce, sorry...
Biggest Contributor: Pedestrian, Ped is the real queen of this board
Most Improved Member: Dayvan Cowboy, doesn't annoy the **** out of me anymore
Most Underrated Poster: Odyshape, funny, cute, quirky
Most Mainstream Music Taste: ...
Most Obscure Music Taste: CanwllCorfe I have no idea what he listens to
Best Music Taste: Jack Pat,has similar taste to mine, so therefore best
Biggest Music Nerd: bob., he knows everything about every alternative band ever
Best Thread Starter:.....
Most Missed Poster: dankrsta, she's awesome. I also really miss NumberNineDream, and storymilo.
Thread of the Year:
Journal of the Year: I have no idea
Moderator of the Year: Pedestrian, again, queen of the boards and queen of the mods for being the most hardworking and least rewarded
Best New Member 2011: Above, because I said so
Member of the Year 2011: loose_lips_sink_ships

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Unrepentant Ass-Mod
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Location: Pennsylvania
Posts: 3,920

Best Avatar: Urban
Sexiest Member (Male): RVCA
Sexiest Member (Female): Alexthe4th
Most Inane: Il Duce
Most Enigmatic: steveeden
Angriest Member: Urban
Biggest Drama Whore: Paloma
Nicest Member: loose lips sink ships
Best Debater: tore
Worst Debater: hip hop bunny hop
Best Writer: TheBig3
Biggest Virtuoso: Rezz
Smartest Poster: TheBig3
Funniest Member: Janszoon
Best Mediator:
Biggest Troll: Batlord
Biggest Contributor: Pedestrian
Most Improved Member:
Most Underrated Poster: cardboard adolescent
Most Mainstream Music Taste: Vanilla
Most Obscure Music Taste: Sky Lagos Sun Ra
Best Music Taste:
Biggest Music Nerd: SATCHMO
Best Thread Starter:
Most Missed Poster: boo boo
Thread of the Year: The Sexual Experience Thread
Journal of the Year:
Moderator of the Year: Pedestrian
Best New Member 2011: Thom Yorke
Member of the Year 2011:

Left a couple blank cuz I honestly have no idea. Hope that's okay.

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Music Addict
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I'll just fill in the ones that immediately came to mind. I'll fill the rest in later.

Best Avatar: Conan (It’s not Jackie Chan) – I’m a big Tim and Eric fan, and that was one of my favourite sketches by them.

Sexiest Member (Male): Trauma – He’s a good looking dude.

Sexiest Member (Female): ThePhanastasio – She’s just a classic beauty. And this post can’t be seen as hitting on her because I don’t believe she’s interested in men.

Most Inane:

Most Enigmatic: PoorOldPo – As far as I know he only posts amazing paintings in the Art thread. I’d like to know more about him.

Angriest Member: TheBig3 – He’s unbelievably bitter about something. I just don’t know what it is.

Biggest Drama Whore: Alexthe4th – She left a pretty big impression in the short time she was here. Her percentage of posts in the picture gallery is easily over 50% of her total posts.

Nicest Member: Vegangelica – It’s pretty obvious. She’s just insanely nice.
bob. – I haven’t had many interactions with him, but seeing his other osts, along with the few times I have interacted with him, he’s come across very well.
Burning Down - Fellow Canadian and she made me feel welcome right away.

Best Debater:

Worst Debater: SiriusB – I swear all he does is post Wikipedia articles, even if they don’t really relate all that much to the discussion.

Best Writer: RMR - Excellent reviews. Glad to hear he's been recognized by the Bigs.

Biggest Virtuoso: Freebase Dali - I all too sure what to put as I don't spend much time in the song writing thread, but I loved the track he just put up recently so... him.

Smartest Poster: TheBig3 - Presents his arguments clearly and seems well educated.

Funniest Member: Janszoon – Cracks me up pretty consistently.

Best Mediator: Janszoon - never seems to lose his cool with anything.

Biggest Troll: TheVirgin – I actually thought he was a pretty quality troll. Annoying, sure, but he definitely knew how to push people’s buttons. The quote that is in Conan’s sig is classic TheVirgin…

Biggest Contributor: Pedestrian - Coupling what she contributes to the site along with her mod contributions I think she's done the most to uphold the integrity of this site, along with making it a more welcoming place for new members.

Most Improved Member:

Most Underrated Poster: Mrd00d – Hands down. I don’t think he gets a lot of credit for it, but he has a wealth of musical knowledge in many different genres. He’s responsible for posting many new artists that I wasn’t familiar with.

Most Mainstream Music Taste: DJ Chameleon - I know he claims to listen to stuff that isn't just mainstream but I'm not sure what it is.

Most Obscure Music Taste: Jack Pat - I almost get the sense that he caters more to stuff just because it's obscure, but regardless, he knows a hell of alot about tons of bands I've never heard of.

Best Music Taste: Janszoon – He’s responsible for many new bands and artists that I’ve learned of this year, and he covers a lot of different genres.
Mrd00d – Same as Janszoon, really. Great taste.

Biggest Music Nerd: Janszoon – I know members like Urban Hatemonger and bob. Have a wealth of knowledge, but I don’t think their tastes are quite as broad as Janzsoon’s. I don’t know if there’s a genre he doesn’t know something about.

Best Thread Starter: I'l give it to the trifecta of Phantom Limb, Jester and Sparky because I'm always very interested to see what they've posted in the hip hop section.

Most Missed Poster: downwardspiral – He was my favourite poster when I started out on this site but he seems to have disappeared.

Thread of the Year: Gothic Americana/ Alt-Country/ Dark Cabaret (LoathsomePete) – I believe this thread has about 5 posts in it from 2011, but I thought I’d mention it anyways. Alternative country was the one main genre I expanded my musical tastes in this year and this thread was a great aid for that.

Journal of the Year: 25 Albums You Should Hear Before the Moon Crashes into the Earth and We All Die (Janszoon) – I’ve got many great recommendations from that list. Can’t wait to hear the conclusion.

Moderator of the Year: Pedestrian – She was always the one that answered any questions I had and seems to be doing a great job at keeping this place troll-free.

Best New Member 2011:Electrophonic tonic - Great taste and his power rankings thread is probably the thread I post most in.
Il Duce - He can be hit or miss I find, but with that many posts, he has alot of good material. Weird as ****, but awesome at the same time.
fazstp - one of the members I share the most in common with for musical taste, and I think that "guess the track" thread could have been thread of the year if more people paid it any attention.

Member of the Year 2011: Based on the answers above I think you know my answer: Janszoon. What can I say, I’m a fan.

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Aka Cenotaph
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Posts: 1,888

Best Avatar:
  • CanwllCorfe - Has interesting, dark avatars that are usually abstract in some way or another.
Sexiest Member (Male):
  • DoctorSoft - Mandark is a sexy beast.
Sexiest Member (Female):
  • Aurora: this (the second picture)
Most Inane:
Most Enigmatic:
  • Hip Hop Bunny Hop - I know absolutely nothing about him, and I would love it if he would share a bit more with us in who he is.
Angriest Member:
Biggest Drama Whore:
Nicest Member:
  • Lisnaholic - He looks sort of like Jesus, and he's nicer than him, too.
  • Necromancer - Don't let his name fool you, he's one of the most benevolent people on this site.
Best Debater:
  • Ska Lagos Jew Sun Ra - Read any of his posts. Pretty much his only failure in a debate was in the 'Does smoking Marijuana make music better?' thread.
  • Hip Hop Bunny Hop - While I may disagree with 90% of what he says, he can certainly back up his points.
  • Tore - Smart as hell and goes very in depth with his arguments
Worst Debater:
  • Blastingas10 - Makes bogus claims and endlessly supports those on his side (in an obnoxious manner) while trolling the opposition
Best Writer:
  • Big3 - Just read his journal entries and see for yourself.
Biggest Virtuoso:
  • Loose_Lips_Sink_Ships - He apparently makes a lot of his own music and is a talented guitar player. Yet... he doesn't bombard any of the members of MB with it. This shows restraint and modesty.
Smartest Poster:
  • Anteater - Almost every conversation I have ever been in with him shows he knows a lot about music. He knows so much about so many genres that it's as impressive as it is intimidating.
  • Paloma - Incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about Psychology, and I have seen her put this knowledge to use in helping other members of MB.
  • Jackhammer - Pretty much the same description as Anteater's (except I haven't spoken to Jackhammer as much as him).
Funniest Member:
  • Pedestrian - I love her dry sense of humor
  • Janszoon - Makes a lot of smart, funny remarks
Best Mediator:
Biggest Troll:
Biggest Contributor:
  • Pedestrian - Come on... if she doesn't get this then who does?
Most Improved Member:
Most Underrated Poster:
  • Zer0 - Knows so much about indie/alternative music and tends to go unnoticed by most of the members on this site
Most Mainstream Music Taste:
  • Dj Chameleon - Listens to a lot of mainstream pop/rock and hip hop
Most Obscure Music Taste:
  • bob. - Do I really need to explain why?
Best Music Taste:
  • Stu - He and I share somewhat similar tastes in music. He knows and loves a lot of musicians that I know and love.
  • Ska Lagos Jew Sun Ra - Even though we tend to argue a lot about music, I still respect his taste in music the most out of everyone else's on this site.
  • Janszoon - Pretty much everything this guy recommends is gold.
Biggest Music Nerd:
  • Il Duce - He loves all types of music and isn't as discriminatory in his taste as others on this site. He enjoys pretty much anything from Justin Bieber to The Gerogeriegegege
Best Thread Starter:
  • Jackhammer - Has made many long-lasting threads. You have to give him credit for that...
Most Missed Poster:
  • Dankrsta - Without her, the Avant-garde/Experimental forum has gone relatively inactive. She and her extensive knowledge of the avant-garde will be missed.
Thread of the Year:
  • Should rock be considered prog just because it's technical? - It has triggered a lot of intelligent and thought-provoking discussions. It would be wonderful if all threads did this.
Journal of the Year:
  • The Playlist of Life --- Trollheart's resurrected Journal (Trollheart): Nobody has spent as much time on their journal as Trollheart has.

Moderator of the Year:
  • Pedestrian - Works incredibly hard to improve the site, not only by running several threads that require maintence (this thread, the General album club, the music week things, etc), but she is also very helpful to the newer members and is a spam murderer
Best New Member 2011:
  • Electrophonic Tonic - Fantastic taste in music. Very knowledgeable. Very laid-back. All newcomers should take after him.
Member of the Year 2011:
  • Pedestrian

Will probably add more in the future. (Sorry about having the same people take several of the categories...)

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one big soul
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I'm terrible with these. There's so many members that it's hard to keep track of everybody and I often mix people up, but I'll do my best.

Best avatar - jackhammer
Sexiest Member (male) - Big3
Sexiest Member (female) - Vanilla
Most Inane - ...
Most Enigmatic - Ska Logos Jew Sun Ra
Angriest member - anticipation
Biggest Drama Whore - ...
Nicest member - bob.
Best debater - lucifer_sam
Worst debater - YorkeDaddy
Best Writer - Mighty Salami
Biggest Virtuoso - RezZ
Smartest poster - lucifer_sam
Funniest member - Janszoon
Best Mediator - Janszoon
Biggest Troll - hip hop bunny hop
Biggest contributor - Pedestrian
Most Improved Member - Il Duce
Most Underrated Poster - Unknown Soldier (ironically!)
Most Mainstream Music Taste - djchameleon
Most Obscure Music Taste - bob.
Best Music Taste - anticipation
Biggest music nerd - Urban Hatemonger
Best Thread Starter - Conan
Most Missed Poster - Roygbiv
Thread of the Year - Metal Wars !!!!
Best Journal - Janszoon's "25 Albums..."
Moderator of the Year - Conan
Best new 2011 member - Electrophonic Tonic
Member of the Year 2011 - Pedestrian

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Music Addict
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Posts: 2,622

Best avatar - Urban gets this one. Jackhammer and CanwllCorfe 2nd.

Sexiest Member (male) - Man..Ive never actually thought much about it. RVCA? and maybe Big3.

Sexiest Member (female) - Vanilla gets this, with attitude alone. ThePhanastasio is beautiful in almost the same way as Tumor also, Great Attitudes and personalities. and Aurora. and Paloma both have beautiful personalities and good looks as well.

Most Inane - N/A

Most Enigmatic - Tumor!, she is someone that I find captivating. I just love her to death. And Phanastasio as well, she seems so sweet and honest.

Angriest member - anticipation, I actually don't mean that in a bad, bad way. I'm quite sure that he is a nice person. Hell, I get angry myself sometimes, I'm no better or worse than he is, to be honest.

Biggest Drama Whore- Paloma and Mighty Salami, I mean that in a good way. I like a little drama myself once in awhile.

Nicest member - Right-Track., Vegan and Garrett 2nd.

Best debater - Right-Track is a legend. Tore.

Worst debater - The Virgin.

Best Writer - Pedestrian seems like a natural. RMR has some outstanding reviews.

Biggest Virtuoso - Freebase Dali. Followed by RezZ in at 2nd.

Smartest poster - Right-Track, Almauro,

Funniest member - Urban Hatemonger

Best Mediator -Janszoon Freebase Dali is a master as well.

Biggest Troll - Still..Telepicker. After all this time.

Biggest contributor - Unknown Soldier.

Most Improved Member - This one goes to: "Mrd00d" - Skazelton, he is a good dude, no matter what he thinks about me. Blastingas is making improvement. Duce is getting more involved in the music forums.

Most Underrated Poster - Jack Pat, Almauro, The Batlord, LOLPOCALYPSE, Electrophonic Tonic, and Metal Connoisseur as well.

Most Mainstream Music Taste - No one else but "Duce"! And I like most of the same bands & artist that he does too.

Most Obscure Music Taste -I would have to go with stu, bob, and Ska on this one.

Best Music Taste - Almauro, BastardofYoung and Soldier, because they like a lot of the same music as I do.

Biggest music nerd - Duce, I like the same music that he does as well, so I'm a music nerd also.

Best Thread Starter - Unknown Soldier and Jackhammer

Most Missed Poster - Mr. Dave!, Boo Boo.

Thread of the Year - Metal Wars!!!!!!!

Best Journal - Pass..(for now)

Moderator of the Year - Pedestrian all the way .

Best new 2011 member - BastardofYoung, one of my all around favorite debaters period. Mighty Salami is one of the newest members I like a lot.

Member of the Year 2011 - Urban Hatemonger's return as a moderator deserves this award.

That's all .

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Music Addict
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Posts: 5,128

Tentative List.

Shall clean this up as I remember people I've forgotten.

Best Avatar:

  • CanwllCorfe: My favourite artwork is curious, dark in nature, often subtly disturbing, and it seems we share that in common, as his every avatar this year has been a beautiful piece of work.
  • Paloma: The squid queen is yet another great piece of work. It's a shame we never found who the artist was, because I would love to see more of their work.
  • Freebase Dali: Specifically thinking of the creepy nurse avatar prior to whatever he has now. I loved that for a long time.
  • Honourable mention: Janszoon for the face of eyes, Jackhammer for Pink Freud.
MOST HANDSOME Member (Male): I Prefer to think of people in more classic (and in my opinion, flattering) terms.
  • RVCA: This is a topic of concern for the staff recently. RVCA is possibly too handsome to be posting on our forum. Investigation pending.
  • Lucifer_Sam: This has NOTHING to do with Harry Potter.
  • Stu: Factually handsome.
MOST GORGEOUS Member (Female): I hate you all.
  • Paloma: The genetic result of hundreds of years of poetry written on the topic of eyes.
  • Aurora: Your appearance changes constantly, and you wear them all well.
  • Vanilla: And she knows it, which is in her favour, because confidence is an important factor in appeal.
Most Inane: N/A
Most Enigmatic:
  • CanwllCorfe: I know scant few things about you, but they're all qualities I admire.
  • Dankrsta: Perhaps it's because she's been MIA for months, but even in the height of her posting she was a bit of a mystery.
Angriest Member:
  • Big3: Seems to be rather embittered about something in this forum's past, and will not put up with the tomfoolery that goes on around here.
  • Paloma: When she is irritated by something, she speaks her mind, and without revision. It's not as much about frequency of anger as intensity.
  • Lucifer_Sam: Same boat as Big3, when it comes down to it.
Biggest Drama Whore:
  • Oojay: For all of his One-Man-Against-The-World self righteous arguing.
  • Dirty: For someone who thinks this is "just the internet", he sure gets worked up about what happens on it.
Nicest Member:
  • Jack Pat: I have literally not seen him say a negative thing about anyone. He finds positive qualities in everyone who posts here. He chooses to step back from confrontations, or negate them, and is generally well mannered.
  • Vegangelica: Wrapped in patience at birth and kindness runs in her veins. She's pretty much mother earth personified.
  • Burning Down: If you deserve the benefit of the doubt, then this is the moderator you should pray you screwed up in front of.
  • Honourable mentions: Lisnaholic, Loose_Lips_Sink_Ships.
Best Debater:
  • Tore: The man has a wealth of patience as well as knowledge.
  • Janszoon: The real beauty of Jansz' debate style is that he can win an argument without ever addressing the points being made, by debunking the manner in which you present them rather than the points themselves, which is so frustrating, the arguer becomes unable to maintain composure, and buries themselves. Not that I would know this personally or anything. Nope.
Worst Debater:
  • Blastingas10: when challenged, his method is the internet equivalent of cramming his fingers in his ears and shouting "I CAN'T HEAR YOU" repeatedly.
  • Erasertime06: allows his personal biases to get in the way of that which is logically sound.
Best Writer:
  • ThePhantastasio: Whether it's a presentation of an effectual philosophical play, or a simple thread on her favourite albums, I find her writing, no matter the length, very captivating.
Biggest Virtuoso: N/A
Smartest Poster:
  • Tore: The number one person I hope to see enter a thread on an intellectual topic.
  • Right-Track: It's not always about debating. Sometimes it's about how sharply you express yourself.
  • Freebase Dali: One of the most logically sound people I've ever come across. I find I agree with his perspectives regularly, whether I want to at first or not.
Funniest Member:

  • Janszoon: Consistently elicits "guffaw"s and "teehee"s.
  • Tumor: Sometimes her special, vulgar way with words leaves me in stitches.

Best Mediator:
  • Vegangelica: Bestows a sense of calm upon any argument, giving each party a tangent idea to think about and discuss with her, rather than each other. Queen of misdirection.
Biggest Troll:
  • The Virgin: To this day, I do not think he was a real person.
  • Baggs: Remember the great progwank of 2011.
  • Dirty: The quality of his trolling wasn't high, but he gets points for persistence and determination.
  • Honourable mentions: Highoctane, Killcreek
Biggest Contributor: N/A
Most Improved Member:
  • Skazelton: It used to be that I only ever saw him posting videos, but now I see him sniping members who irritate him. He's actually much more intelligent than I first credited him for, and his passive-aggressive insults amuse me. He has a fire in his belly, and I prefer that to the one dimension I saw in him prior.
Most Underrated Poster:
  • Lisnaholic: Works hard to maintain the FAIR album club, always has something worthwhile to say, and is generally one of the nicest people I've come across. I wish he'd post more.
  • Odyshape: A great artist who has come up with some very thought provoking threads this year.
Most Mainstream Music Taste: N/A
Most Obscure Music Taste:
  • CanwllCorfe: Always has something out of left field to recommend. I should keep better tabs on what he's talking about.
  • Dankrsta: Single handedly kept the avant-garde forum active.
  • Dayvan Cowboy: The only person I have on lastFM who I sit at "LOW" compatibility with.
Best Music Taste:
  • Stu: I'm constantly nicking stuff off of this guy's lastFM and out of what he uploads on mumu. We have a lot of taste in common, but at the same time, he's got a wealth of music I know nothing about.
  • Zer0: More traditionally, this user is someone I have a lot in common with. We both have extensive backgrounds in independent music, and share a lot of artists in common. I will take anything he recommends without a second thought.
Biggest Music Nerd:
  • Jack Pat: His curiosity knows no bounds, and neither does his willingness to discuss it. Once you get talking to him, you realize he's an untapped resource of information.
  • Bob: A fan of everything from Bodychoke to the Decemberists. He's up for anything, and is a great guy to have around in a conversation. I wish I'd heard half the amount of music he has.
  • Urban Hatemonger: The man has 2700 artists logged on lastFM.
Best Thread Starter: N/A
Most Missed Poster:
  • Clutknuckle: A very thoughtful poster with a broad taste and knowledge of music.
  • Dankrsta: Didn't get to know her very well before she vanished, but one of the most quality posters of the 2010/11 year.
  • TheCunningStunt: Funny guy who has become rather an important person over on RYM. He has a lot more to offer than meets the eye.
  • Honourable mentions: The Folkslave
Thread of the Year:
  • Rezz's Send Something to Someone thread. A shame it's fallen into disrepair! I received some great stuff from it, and did my best to return the favours. A fun, musically oriented thread.
Journal of the Year:
  • Trollheart's Playlist of Life. There is absolutely nobody who approaches Trollheart's consistency and dedication. The amount of work he puts into it is staggering.
  • Zer0's The Final Sound. A user I always like to see post and read the recommendations of. I've picked many recommendations out of this.
Moderator of the Year:
  • Janszoon: For his consistent attention to forum order. If MusicBanter were a day job, I would honestly say he has not taken one sick day.
  • Freebase Dali: If you've got a question on mechanics, or even just logic, this is your go-to man. I only pretend I understand what half of these tools are for, and I only pretend to understand Dali when he explains them.
  • Loathsome Pete: It's very clear that he feels strongly for this community and preserving the quality of the forum. I didn't think I was going to get to work with him, but I'm grateful I do.
  • Honourable mentions: The remainder of staff; Vanilla, SATCHMO, Duga, Burning Down, Conan, Mojo, NSW, Urban, and Yac. I want to explicitly state that, while the rest of the staff can't be here as regularly as I think they would like, they do a stand up job. They are fair, and they are diligent, and I want to acknowledge that in all of them.
Best New Member 2011:
  • Electrophonic Tonic: A user I wish posted a great deal more, he's a great contributor to the music forums and the General Album Club whenever he's around.
  • TomClancy11: A very broad minded poster with many worthwhile contributions made, and yet to make.
  • Above: Possibly our most recent member, has jumped in with both feet and flying colours. I like to see that ambition in a poster.
  • Honourable mentions: RMR, for breathing life into a neglected forum. Thom Yorke for just generally being good to have around. Unicr0n as a huge music nerd who hasn't yet had an opportunity to shine. I've come to know him through lastFM and I can't wait until he has more free time. Rubato. Has 7 posts so far, and every single one is quality. If Unicr0n and Rubato stick around, next year will be great.
Member of the Year 2011:
  • Jack Pat: Outstanding citizen and all-around-gentleman. I find what little he reveals of himself immensely relatable and interesting, and I admire his philosophies and behaviour. One of my favourite people here the more I get to know him, and above all else: he thinks I'm funny.
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Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Ashland, KY
Posts: 1,667

Best Avatar:
- Burning Down immediately comes to mind, as she effectively became "Simpson Guy" in the eyes of The Virgin, something that cracked me up. So, at least hers has the fondest memories from the past year for me.

Sexiest Member (Male):

Sexiest Member (Female):

Most Inane:
- Il Duce. Still an interesting and nice dude generally.

Most Enigmatic:
- I'm going to have to go with Love-Song on this one, first and foremost. This individual has not posted since May 16, but they posted for a really long time, accumulating an impressive post count...mainly in threads about love songs, which song describes how you're feeling...etc. Still, I know next to nothing about this member - gender, location, life goals, actual taste in music, whether or not he/she was in a loving relationship and gushing over it online - or creepily pining for someone from afar - but they are still, in my mind, certainly an enigma. Wrapped in a riddle. With a side of mystification.

Angriest Member:
- I think Urban. Followed by TheBig3.

Biggest Drama Whore:
- Tumor

Nicest Member:
- Vegangelica is extremely nice.

Best Debater:
- Janszoon, I'd say.

Worst Debater:
- eraser.time whatever the numbers are at the end of the username. Jesus Christ.

Best Writer:
- Pedestrian first, followed by Janszoon then SATCHMO.

Biggest Virtuoso:
- RezZ. Followed quite closely by Freebase Dali.

Smartest Poster:
- Tore. His writing is always well thought out, and very intelligent. I'll also give a mention to Freebase Dali when he doesn't appear to be posting drunk.

Funniest Member:
- Janszoon. Most likely to crack me up when I read his posts, anyway.

Best Mediator:

Biggest Troll:
- The Virgin. Gone, but not forgotten.

Biggest Contributor:
- Pedestrian. For sure.

Most Improved Member:

Most Underrated Poster:
- Necromancer.

Most Mainstream Music Taste:
- djchameleon.

Most Obscure Music Taste:
- dankstra, Ska Lagos Jew Sun Ra (sp.?), and CanwllCorfe.

Best Music Taste:

Biggest Music Nerd:
- SATCHMO. Dude knows his stuff, and his vast quantity of knowledge is both impressive and intimidating.

Best Thread Starter:
- Pedestrian. I was going through a list of threads I thought were worthwhile and entertaining, and she certainly had the highest count of these. Excellent stuff.

Most Missed Poster:
- James. He was a sweet kid who kind of flew under the radar a lot. Also, dankrsta.

Thread of the Year:

Journal of the Year:
- Trollheart's, followed by Janszoon's. Great stuff.

Moderator of the Year:
- Pedestrian.

Best New Member 2011:

Member of the Year 2011:

It's a hand-me-down, the thoughts are broken
Perhaps they're better left unsung

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Best Avatar: Freebase Dali I like it.
Sexiest Member (Male): RVCA Good looking guy
Sexiest Member (Female): Tumor. She's a girl who likes Noise Rock. Quite funny too.
Most Inane: s_k I know his heart is in the right place, I just do not find a sizeable chunk of his posts engaging. That's just me though, I'm sure other people do.
Most Enigmatic: Mrd00d I know fuck all about this guy (or girl?), but I'm always interested in reading his/her posts.
Angriest Member: Big3 Chill the fuck out.
Biggest Drama Whore: N/A
Nicest Member: Bob. Great guy, shared many a rec with him and he's always a joy to talk to.
Best Debater: Lucifer_Sam Always concise in getting his point across, doesn't hold back if he disagrees with something, which I like.
Worst Debater: Erasertime. I'll say no more.
Best Writer: Pedestrian I love her style, mainly because of it's fluidity and use of language.
Biggest Virtuoso: N/A
Smartest Poster: Tore Always calm and considered in applying his considerable knowledge to posts. Never in-your-face with it either.
Funniest Member: Janszoon I'm envious of his wit.
Best Mediator: N/A
Biggest Troll: Mighty Salami
Biggest Contributor: Pedestrian Self explanatory really, she's simply very important to this forum.
Most Improved Member: DoctorSoft I like his enthusiasm for new music, and I feel as if he's become a little more confident in his own opinions over the last few months.
Most Underrated Poster: Anticipation Intelligent guy who doesn't suffer fools kindly, I like his taste in music too. I'd also like to mention Zer0, I love reading his posts, always insightful. Bangin' taste also.
Most Mainstream Music Taste: Aurora She likes what she likes and comes across as passionate about her taste, which is what it's all about.
Most Obscure Music Taste: Canwllcorfe Always interested to see what he's listening to, particularly fond of his taste in DSBM.
Best Music Taste: Bob. I have quite a lot in common with him taste wise, and he's always sending new stuff my way. Yet to receive a bad rec.
Biggest Music Nerd: Jack Pat Insatiable thirst for new sounds, I sense he lives and breathes music.
Best Thread Starter: Jackhammer His topics are always well considered, and invariably incite healthy discussion.
Most Missed Poster: music_phantom The guy had a great taste in music, and was always thoughtful in his posts.
Thread of the Year: N/A
Journal of the Year: Janszoon 25 albums Informative with his choices, which are mostly bang on the money.
Moderator of the Year: Pedestrian I'm sure the rest of the mod team do a sterling job behind the scenes, but Ped visibly puts so much into ensuring this place ticks over smoothly and remains interesting. Always has time for everybody too.
Best New Member 2011: TomClancy Appears to be a cool cat. Look forward to seeing more from him.
Member of the Year 2011: Jack Pat Always has interesting points to make about great music of an often challenging nature, and he's constantly wanting to learn more. Seems like a genuinely decent chap too. It's posters like Jack that make MB worthwhile.

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