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3 Doors Down - Be Like That - Lyrics Meaning

3 Doors Down is a progressive rock band from Mississippi. The band consists of 5 members currently. The band is most notable for 'The Better Life' album as well as their foundation that helps kids' with a better life due to Hurricane Katrina.

To better understand 'Be Like That', one must understand what the band is trying to say. The basis of the song has two main characters, one being male, and the other female. The male dreams to be a Hollywood actor and the female wants to be in a warm bed.

The female is being described as being homeless and the male is wanting to be famous. If you put them together, each one of them wants to be something more or wants something more. And if there was a moral to the song, it would be that dreams don't always come true but sometimes they can. "If I could be like that, I would give anything. - Just to live one day, in those shoes." Not everyone can or will have a better life, but maybe some of us can learn from this song and help others to find the light and perhaps live a dream or two.