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3 Doors Down - Kryptonite - Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down is a metaphor for a man who believes that he is strong in all other aspects of life besides his relationship. He is a strong and determined man, and he has done whatever was necessary for him to protect his girlfriend. However, he has realized that like everyone, he does have a weakness. In the song, he is comparing himself to Superman, a comic book hero that is recognized to save the innocent and fight wrongdoers. However, even Superman has a weakness, and that is Kryptonite. The man in the song realizes that his girlfriend has the power of being his Kryptonite, and he is hoping that she will not hurt him, but instead help make him strong.

He is looking for her to still think of him as strong during his times of weakness, and to stand by him even when he may fail. He wants to know that she will love him during the good times and the bad times. He wants to be able to have support to fall back on if must be, and he is looking for that to be her. In his eyes, she is a powerful woman, with the chance to make him or break him.

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