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3 Doors Down - Here By Me - Lyrics Meaning

3 Doors Down is a progressive rock band from Mississippi state. The band has 5 very popular members as of today. When you think of 3 Doors Down, you think of 'The Better Life' album as well as their foundation that helps kids' with a better life due to Katrina that devastated the U.S. Gulf. The band also is credited for other charity work as well.

'Here By Me' without a doubt is a love song. Read these lyrics closely: "I can't take another day without you. 'Cause baby, I could never make it on my own. I've been waiting so long just to hold you. And to be back in your arms where I belong." He wants his love to be by him. The song entails that he misses her, and without being with one another, he is lost.

The lyrics also say that she's far away from him. If you were to make a movie out of this, they could have broke up or she is far away and they need to meet at some point. Ultimately, most songs like these are just a song to where two people need to love each other and never to be alone.

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