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3 Doors Down - Better Life - Lyrics Meaning

3 Doors Down is a successful rock band from the Southern Gulf. The band is praised for many things. Their most known accomplishment is a foundation that helps kids'. Hurricane Katrina destroyed life and property and 3 Doors Down is making things much better with their foundation.

'The Better Life or Better Life (title)', is a song about having the better life. Although this sounds like an uplifting title, it all depends on how intrusive it really sounds. Let's go over some lyrics: "It's time, I'm passing away on to the better life. I'm passing away on to the better... On to the better life." Obviously, "I'm passing away on to the better life." The first thing that pops into mind is dying.

But that isn't what the band is really conveying. According to a few interviews, what you need to understand is, one should avoid going down a wrong path and there is a better life. That's why the band started 'The Better Life Foundation'. Brad Arnold (lead vocal) has much of his music in tune with some personal feelings or endeavors. He hopes that many people would be inspired by a better life; and if you can't have a better life yourself, maybe you can give somebody else one, that's what he believes.

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