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Ed sheeran - Autumn Leaves - Lyrics Meaning

The feeling of this song lulls you in with its simple melody of four-chord arpeggio, as you are swept into a powerfully written chorus and melodic sound, autumn leaves describes the yearning of a person who's passionate longing is to be with that person for just one last time, to talk to them, whether it's because of death, break ups, or fall outs, or he pushed them away he will not give up or let go. Making the song sound more saddening Ed is able to describe this in a way that connects to everyone, that these things are common to a lot of people through life by repeating the word "Another" he is able to put this across.

the song goes through a silver lining, showing something positive comes out of the bad things in life, " The stars shine for you" a strong notion to implicate that the person who has left or passed away will never be forgotten, they'll be cherished in memory. The basic reverent tone of the song indicates that the person it's referring to was someone close to the author's heart that cannot be forgotten or he refuses to forget or let go.

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