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Ed sheeran - give me love - Lyrics Meaning

This was the 6th and final hit single release of 2012 reaching 18th on the UK Charts, receiving high reviews, written by Sheeran Jake Gosling and Chris Leonard, the song has appeared in tv shows such as the vampire diaries and has known actress, Isabel Lucas playing as a distressed cupid in the music video, she is seen throughout the video watching over couples, she then using her bow and arrows to ignite peoples passion for each other as a cupid.

With its calm sounding acoustics and violin's starts the song describing him being in love with someone, however they don't feel the same - or they don't seem to be showing the same feeling back to him. "Because I've ben craving more" says that he wants a love that will surpass the one he had before

"Give me love like hers" - referring to an ex, or previous partner they had in the past that he wants back or something better than what he once had, But he still can't forget his old love. He's still thinking about her and crying for her but knows that the girl he's with now loves him and try's to move on.

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