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Ed sheeran - drunk - Lyrics Meaning

Drunk, the fourth single to be released that was lifted from his debut album on 17 February 2012 reaching at first the number 63 on the UK singles chart and eventually reaching number 9 making it one of his top ten singles and continued to reach popularity worldwide.

The music video features a cat who is friends with Ed and takes him out to get him drunk and to distract him from a break-up he's going through, giving a humoured side to the story but as the lyrics dwells deeper into more personal issues on losing a lost one and his inability to change his ways, he cannot let go of the past and drinks to help him with the pain and hopes everything is going to go back to the way it was hanging on to the past.

He knows the way he is and what is he doing is wrong and hasn't found another way to deal with his problems yet.

In the song a lyric states "so shall we speak then" meaning he wants to get in touch and stay in with the person he loves but knows inside they will not love him back.

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