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Ed sheeran - Lego land - Lyrics Meaning

Ed sheeran's Lego house is third single lifted from the debut studio album on 11 November 2011 written by Ed, Chris Leonard and the gosling brothers, it played throughout major UK radio stations such as BBC peaking #5 on the UK Chart singles, it received high reviews around Europe and America.

It was released as a YouTube video featuring Harry potters actor Rupert Grint, as an obsessive fan going through a mental breakdown as he tries to reach or meet Ed.

Lego House is used in an obvious metaphorical sense in the fact that you can build a Lego house but it is not permanent, it can fall down or be rebuilt like a relationship, the song is about wanting something or someone so badly while being obsessed with other people or things, when your mind is out of place you lose yourself in it all and you finally accept yourself and your own life moving on, mixing relationships and an obsessions together.

Having being played by many major European and American radio stations, leading Ed to high demands of international touring, Sheeran became UK's one of major artists of 2011 and continues to music and hits.

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