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Guns and roses - Estranged - Lyrics Meaning

Estranged is known as the bands 2nd longest song at over 9 minutes, Slash stated this was one of his most intensive playing, Slash also said the song was written whilst the band was rehearsing for an extended period of time in Chicago and that the song was written at a time when Axle's marriage was came to an end.

The song as well as the music video shows loneliness and despair of a man who suffers the irreparable loss of the person you were strongly attached to, he still thinks of her, he feels lonely and as he see time pass he's talking to himself while he thinks of what could have been in his fragile relationship.

The video starts with an empty house with Axle in a child's room alone he is in the place that holds most of his good memories, trying to return the times when he was happy but at the same time knows deep inside that he's lost everything that was important to him and it can't be returned, ."I'll never find anyone to replace you" she is gone forever, and he still holds on to the memories not wanting to let go, he cannot replace her, he's in the most difficult time of a relationship that is crumbling and you're losing the one you love.

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