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Guns and roses - November rain - Lyrics Meaning

A power balled released as a hit singled in 1992 it is guns and roses third longest recorded song.

The song begins an opening statement clearly saying that the narrator sees the love in his partner's eyes, restrained by a fear that she may be hurt, the title "November rain" is repeated to symbolize a period of depression from a flawed relationship.

A relationship that has been going for a long time and that they are currently dealing with the hardships it takes by giving her time and space to no end but with all the problems fails.

He shows how he feels and has hope that she feels the same but its unrequited love, "It's hard to hold a candle, in the cold November rain."

The metaphor here is the holding of the candle stands for him trying to hold onto his love for her, but she doesn't hold the same feelings for him anymore and eventually his love will also die, like as the candle it will be extinguished by the rain. He does not want this to happen, but eventually it will, unless she can recover her love, while he holds on to the hope that the love she had will reignite.

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