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Guns and roses - patience - Lyrics Meaning

A hit single that peaked #4 in music charts, another classic hit, Patience been accepted generally as the creation of Axle, going through a troubled relationship with his ex-wife Erin along with Izzy's relationship issues with his ex-girlfriend Angela, The song has strong emotional past tides with its musicians, this is how they able to relate to the song.

Duff said the song started with Axle coming up with a good lyric, becoming the story of the songs origin.

The lyrics has personal feeling from bad relationship experience's, it entail a story about a woman he is in love with, but is already in another relationship with someone or that he made mistakes which made her leave him, but he knows what he did his past haunts him, he knows he's changed and it hurt him to live without her anymore, seeing her with somebody else, he thinks it will take time to get her to eventually realise she loved him and he knows now what mistakes he made and has changed for the better, he's ready to try again and he will do whatever it takes to get her back with patience.

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