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Huey Lewis & the News - Bad Is Bad - Lyrics Meaning

Huey Lewis & the News is a stellar band from the '80s era. The band seen success from television, events, and most notability from Back to the Future part I. Today the band isn't producing record hits like it once did, however a lot of people still love Huey Lewis & the News.

The song 'Bad Is Bad' was released during the '80s. The song does have strong moral meaning. The song is stating that bad is simply bad or too bad. Bad as in the not good way. The song tells a story about you can be cool doing bad things but simply bad is bad. However one can also interpret that being cool is bad, which also is a possible conveyance. But overall the lyrics are discussing a young individual who is doing bad things in their eyes (to an older generation), which doesn't mean the young individual is doing bad things to people; just doing cool things that seem, punk.

Here's a few lines of lyrics to understand a bit better and concluding: "In the crowd, I see his mom and dad I said, "Hey hey uncle, man your son is bad." Sometimes, sometimes bad is bad I said, "Cool is a rule but sometimes bad is bad."

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