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Huey Lewis & the News - Stuck With You - Lyrics Meaning

Huey Lewis & the News is an awesome rock band from the '80s. The band seen success from MTV and as well as been featured on the sci-fi classic, Back to the Future. Even though the band isn't producing record hits like it once did, the band's earlier music is still very popular.

'Stuck With You' is a whimsical love song that's about being with someone, or 'stuck' with someone if you want to put it that way. The song speaks of a relationship that has had a few bad times. A lot of relationships are that way in fact. The song does describe more positivity than anything else. The song is trying to teach all of us something. It is trying to teach that we should all try and make a relationship work. Because you never know the next might be that much harder.

Above all else, you should be happy with whom you're with. Here's a little bit of what Huey Lewis wants you to understand: "We've had our doubts. We never took them seriously. And we've had our 'ins and outs'. But that's the way, it's supposed to be." Loving someone is supposed to be a very serious thing. Not everyone can be loved like they really want someone to love them, but if you stick with the one that's true, they'll be happy to stick with you.

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