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Huey Lewis & the News - I Want a New Drug - Lyrics Meaning

Huey Lewis & the News is an outstanding rock band from the 1980s. The band has had much success from music television and as well as been featured on the very popular movie, Back to the Future. Even though the band isn't producing record hits like it once did, the band's earlier music is very well-liked by a lot of people.

'I Want a New Drug' is still a popular song. The song's meaning and what it actually means is about the same. The song counters the use of 'old' drugs. Not targeting just any specific drug, every bad drug out there. The song sounds like the person wants a 'perfect' drug. Similar to the lyrics, a drug that has no side effects at all. The artist Huey Lewis once stated that he wrote the song one day after he woke up from a party.

The song seems more hypothetical than anything else. As there is no such thing as a drug that can: (here's some lyrics) "I want a new drug. One that won't make me sick. One that won't make me crash my car. Or make me feel three feet thick." Sorry to say, a 'perfect' drug is far from reality.

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