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Huey Lewis & the News - Do You Believe in Love - Lyrics Meaning

Huey Lewis & the News is a band from the '80s, and they still produce music today. The band seen success from MTV and too has been featured on the timeless classic 'Back to the Future'. Even though the band isn't producing record hits like it did in the '80s, the band's earlier music is still liked by millions of people around the world.

'Do You Believe in Love' is a love song from the 1980s. As you might guess by the song title, the artists are telling a story about love. It's a story about two people. The lyrics describe an individual that's walking down the street one day looking for a woman and she was doing the same; looking for a man. The progression of the song goes on about the two spending the night with each other and eventually falling in love with each other. Toward the end of the lyrics, you understand that their love lasts a very long time. The music video also reflects on what's been said.

There is really no moral for the song at all. Well maybe there is and if you do... Do you believe in love? Love is always out there!

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