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Martina McBride - Anyway - Lyrics Meaning

The song `Anyway' is the first song that Martina McBride helped write and it is one which is close to her heart. She admits that the lyrics behind the song were inspired by many things such as "a poem by mother Theresa" as well as "real life and the fact that we all face adversity." The lyrics of this powerful song suggest that even though the circumstances of life are often beyond your control, you have to have faith that tomorrow will be better than today. The lesson behind the lyrics is that you should always believe in yourself and follow your heart even if the odds are stacked against you.

McBride stated in an interview when asked about the song that the song is especially helpful for her personally because she tends to "get really scared and nervous about our future." When the song was first brought to McBride the chorus had already been written and she loved it, from there she decided that this would be her very first try at writing a song. She admits that "I wasn't sure that I had the talent to do it" yet the song came easy to her and with the help of the Warren brothers they completed the lyrics to `Anyway' in just a couple of hours.

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