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Martina McBride - Wrong Baby Wrong - Lyrics Meaning

This song was originally written by Stephen Barker Liles although McBride did make a few changes to the lyrics to make it her own. She states in an interview about the song that "the song was originally written as a guy who was hanging out with this girl." She changed the song to depict "two friends talking to each other" instead. Although the song was originally meant to be from a guy's perspective with McBride's changes she was able to make the song work for her by changes a few pronouns and lines in the song it was even better than before.

The lyrics depict the way which a woman feels when a relationship comes to an end and tells a story of healing and heartache. "Come on now, everyone falls down, everyone crawls now and then" is a great line of inspiration for anyone going through a rough break up. It lets you know that it is all right to "cry if you want to" and that even though it may feel as if you will never recover that you are wrong as depicted in the line "But if you think you'll never move on, you're wrong baby wrong." This is a great song that is uplifting and inspirational for those struggling with the emotional damage of a recent break up.

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