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Martina McBride - Independence Day - Lyrics Meaning

The song `Independence Day' was written by Gretchen Peters and portrays how domestic violence looks from an eight year olds eyes. Although her parents divorced when she was only 8 she does not have a history of domestic violence she wrote the song as she interpreted the effects of domestic violence on children from abusive homes. Martina McBride who is an advocate for many domestic abuse organizations is dedicated to helping women and children in abusive relationships and loved the song as soon as she heard it, so she decided to record it.

This song was originally recorded by McBride in 193 and released on her album `The Way That I Am' in 1994 making it all the way to number twelve on the Hot Country Songs chart. Basically the song tells a story about domestic abuse as seen through the eyes of the women's eight year old daughter. In the video the son depicts the mother setting the family home on fire and killing the abusive husband which allowed her to gain independence and finally break free of the abusive relationship which she was trapped within. Sadly the little girl loses both of her parents that day as her mother goes to jail and her father dies. The song depicts the scene happening on July 4th, Independence Day which ironically was the day in which the women regained her own independence from her abusive husband.

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