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Martina McBride - Teenage Daughters - Lyrics Meaning

This song was co-written by the Warren brothers and Martina McBride with her oldest daughter Delaney as the inspiration behind the song and describes the growing pains which parents experience as their daughters turn into teenagers. McBride said "Almost everyone goes through it" and that she "Finds it interesting that other songs haven't been written about it." She admits that the shift of attention from parents to friends is a natural yet terrifying transition for many parents and that "this is a journey" that is "perfectly normal" for teenage girls to go through. The entire lyrics for the song were easy for the singer to come up with due to personal experience with the entire song being written in just 45 minutes.

On the day of the writing of `Teenage Daughters' her own daughter had told her husband "Mom hates me" and it was that statement that motivated me to write a song about the challenge of raising a teenage daughter. She feels that the song is easy to relate to whether you are raising a teenage daughter, have been a teenage daughter or have a sister or close friend in your life that is going through this often difficult stage of parenting. Ironically this song was first made available on iTunes on the day which her middle daughter officially became a teenager.

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