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Nickelback - Hero - Lyrics Meaning

Nickelback collaborated with rock and roll colleague Josey Scott to perform Hero, which was the theme song of the blockbuster movie Spiderman. Hero was written in 2002 by Nickelback front man Chad Kroeger and Saliva lead singer Josey Scott.

The song's theme was inspired by Spiderman and has a vigilante feel to it. The song talks about taking action and not waiting on a hero to save us. This central theme fits Spiderman well since he has the persona of a loner and vigilante who likes to do things on his own in his own way. The song features a verse where the protagonist has lost faith in love because the world is full of killing. This is a direct take from the Spiderman character since Peter Parker experienced the tragic death of his grandfather by a murderous coward.

The single achieved massive chart success in the US and Canada. In the summer of 2002 it hit number one on the modern rock and mainstream rock charts. It went 4x Platinum in the US and 8x Platinum in the band's home country of Canada. Pearl Jam Drummer Matt Cameron played drums for the song but did not appear in the music video.

Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell was originally picked to play guitar but backed out to focus on his solo album.

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