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Nickelback - Something in Your Mouth - Lyrics Meaning

Something in Your Mouth is the second single released off of Nickelback's sixth studio album titled Dark Horse. The single reached number one on the Billboard mainstream rock chart in March of 2009. The song has adult themes and innuendo throughout. It references a female who gets attention from men by her provocative dress and movement. The song featured a return to the hard rocking sound of previous Nickelback songs. Front man Chad Kroeger came up with the guitar riff while on tour and recorded it on his cell phone for producer Mutt Lange, who held up a microphone to his cell phone and captured the recording. The original recording from the cell phone was used for the album.

Unlike some of the groups previous material such as Savin' Me and Photograph, Something in Your Mouth has no deeper meaning and is about sex. Kroeger said in an interview he wanted some of the band's new material to grab the listener's attention and keep it. They purposefully put in the adult themes and innuendo to draw people in and get them talking about the song. The title of the song can be interpreted numerous ways with the most common association being oral sex.

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