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Nickelback - If Today Was Your Last Day - Lyrics Meaning

This was the third single from Nickelback's sixth album, "Dark Horse," though it was only the second major single released. Singer / songwriter and band guitarist Chad Kroeger has said that the song is his personal favorite, and that that he finds it to be very motivational and positive.

The song had been gathering dust in Nickelback's song vault when Chad decided to pull it out one day and take another look at it. According to bass guitarist Mike Kroeger, "the creative juices started to flow."

The music video, directed by Nigel Dick, shows many thought-provoking moments. In New York City, two young men leave their apartment, get on the subway and head downtown. Later, they can be seen on an overpass ready to toss something over the edge. The `something' is tiny pieces of paper with positive messages written on them, which are picked up and read by the people walking below. In another scene, a couple of women distribute jackets with various messages on the back of them, all taken from the song: "Do Whatever It Takes," "It's never too late." Elsewhere, a man walks into a bank and withdraws a large sum of money. As he leaves, he starts handing dollar bills to everyone he meets.

Would you live each moment like your last?

Leave old pictures in the past

Donate every dime you have?

If today was your last day

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