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Nickelback - Photograph - Lyrics Meaning

Photograph is a single from Nickelback's fifth studio album titled All the Right Reasons. The song achieved chart success as it peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song describes in detail front man Chad Kroeger's adolescence. The lyrics provide the listener a walk down memory lane and an in-depth look at Kroeger's life. The song describes Kroeger's life as one very similar to the majority of people. He reminisces about hanging out at the arcade, sneaking out of the house, kissing his first girlfriend and not graduating high school.

This description of his life resonated with main stream America and Canada and produced yet another huge commercial success for the band. Part of Nickelback's appeal is their ability to relate to people as well as their ability to play rock music in a safe and moral way that doesn't rock the boat too much. This style has won them just as many enemies as fans, but that is fine according to the members of the band. The single was a huge success in Canada where it stayed at number one for seven straight weeks. The video for the song was filmed in Hanna, Alberta Canada, hometown of the majority of the band.

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