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Old 01-19-2015, 09:42 PM   #14871 (permalink)
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I just watched The Guard. Might make it a double feature with Calvary, because damn, that was a hoot. Brendan Gleeson is a treasure.
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Old 01-19-2015, 09:50 PM   #14872 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Exo_ View Post

Inherent Vice

Kind of felt like an idiot walking out of Inherent Vice, not knowing what the hell I just witnessed, glad to see someone who is a bit more well versed in film shares a bit of those sentiments. Anyways, it's not my favorite PTA film but I enjoyed it. It's definitely one of his more comical films. The scene with Bigfoot at the end absolutely killed me. I'll be seeing it again for sure.

Favorite film of the year is still Birdman. Don't know about Boyhood but apparently it's a must see.
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Originally Posted by Lucem Ferre View Post
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Old 01-20-2015, 09:08 AM   #14873 (permalink)
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So...American Sniper

I think it would've been mediocre if not for Bradley Cooper knocking it out of the park. That dude is one of the best in the business right now and will go down as a legend

Other than that there's some well-shot action scenes but tons of dry dialogue and some parts of the plot don't tie together well at all. I also hate how the ending was handled, although I'm aware that this was based on a real person I just feel like it could've been handled differently. I don't know, I'm torn about it.

But Cooper makes it worth it. What a performance.

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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
On this one your voice is kind of weird but really intense and awesome
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Old 01-20-2015, 09:44 AM   #14874 (permalink)
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Finally got around to watching Wild, really enjoyed it, probably enough to make my top 5 for the year. Stunning shots, great realistic and believable characters, great soundtrack and editing, fantastic acting from Reese Witherspoon, and some pretty powerful scenes, especially towards the end. Would recommend it to anyone.
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There's 3 reason why the Rolling Stones are better. I'm going to list them here. 1. Jimi Hendrix from Rolling Stones was a better guitarist then Jimmy Page 2. The bassist from Rolling Stones isn't dead 3. Rolling Stobes wrote Stairway to Heaven and The Ocean so we all know they are superior here.
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Old 01-20-2015, 10:47 PM   #14875 (permalink)
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Entertaining for sure but I feel like it would have been a lot better if it had a better plot and been more believable. There could have been so much more to the movie but it just fell back on special effects and a fast pace.
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Old 01-21-2015, 08:43 AM   #14876 (permalink)
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Re-watched this strange mystery/thriller the other day...

Blow-Up (1966)

A young, sucessful photographer takes some spur–of–the–moment outdoor photos in a park and notices something suspicious while developing the pictures. There's a scene featuring a brief appearance by 'The Yardbirds' playing in a club with both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page on the stage together. The film also includes a subtle film score by jazz pianist Herbie Hancock.
Originally Posted by jwb View Post
A middle class job sounds like a boring menu option at a brothel

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Old 01-21-2015, 09:22 AM   #14877 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Psy-Fi View Post
There's a scene featuring a brief appearance by 'The Yardbirds' playing in a club with both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page on the stage together.
That scene is so weird. The crowd just stands there like zombies while the band is playing, then they go nuts after Beck tosses his guitar neck into the crowd. The main dude in the movie fights like crazy to grab the neck and get it out of the club while everyone tries to grab it away from him.

Then once he's out on the street safe he dismissively tosses the neck into the street?!?!?

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Old 01-21-2015, 09:35 AM   #14878 (permalink)
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Absolutely loved it, I didn't want to look away the whole time. Gyllenhaal gives an incredible and chilling performance as a sociopathic cameraman who freelances footage for news stations. The film also does a great job at building nail- biting suspense. Lots of light hearted themes such as ethics in journalism and freedom of the press are explored in the movie. So far this is the best film I've seen from 2014. 5/5
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Old 01-21-2015, 10:19 PM   #14879 (permalink)
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^I heard very good things about that one. Happy to see you enjoyed it. I need to see it for myself.
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Old 01-22-2015, 02:10 PM   #14880 (permalink)
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Yes, I saw this movie.
Yes, the trailer isn’t great.
No, the film isn’t stupid.
Yes, it’s for kids.
Yes, it’s for adults.
Yes, It’s adorable.
No, I’m not kidding.

Seriously. See this film. It’ll be one of the best things you do all winter. It’s cold. It’s depressing. It’s winter. This film however is none of those things. My friend and I went to see it merely because it looked cute. I didn’t grow up on Paddington. I only knew that it was a teddy bear toy or something. I guess I’d have to be British to get the full effect of the novels and toys on their culture. Well it’s a good thing that this is a British made film because they freakin’ nailed it. It’s directed by Paul King. Do you know who that is? Well, if you’re a fan of “The Mighty Boosh” then you’ve seen plenty of his episodes. He also directed a little gem of an indie film called “Bunny and the Bull”. You can find that on Netflix and should really check it out. Paul King made a nearly perfect film on par with the majority of what Pixar delivers to both adults and children.

The movie features almost completely realistic renditions of three bears who not only talk, but where funny hats and eat Marmalade sandwiches. Paddington, the youngest of the bears, leaves for London after his home is destroyed by mother nature. So we have a classic “new guy in town” movie but with a twist, it’s a f*cking bear. Now, nobody seems to be shocked that there is a bear in London or that it speaks like a proper little lad. A whole damn commuter train passes him by, all except the Brown Family. Like most family films, the notion of family is obviously very high in regard and this is where all of the charm of this movie comes from. Seriously, I could watch Hugh Bonneville be Mr. Brown all day. The guy had me in stitches. He was perfectly cast. Hawkins plays a completely endearing woman who is the leader of the “lets keep Paddington” campaign while Bonneville is content being an old curmudgeon. The journey that family takes is not something we haven’t seen before, but certainly something that has been written as charming as possible. Seriously, they were all delightful.

The whole film was delightful really. The only thin I didn’t like about it was that the films main villain play by Kidman was cheesy. It needed it to be cheesy, but I just hated when she was on the screen because it took me away from Paddington and the Browns. The animation was incredible and the voice acting from the bears was as fantastic as the acting from the Browns. See this film with your family or friends. It’ll brighten up that sh*tty winter feeling that we’ve been having for the past two and a half months.


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