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Key 01-21-2019 10:36 PM

From Grandma & Grandpa, To You

I want to say before I get into this that I in no way want to make this feel like I'm trying to get nice things from people in the worst time of their life. These are items that have been gifted to me to hold onto for life as the previous owners have now passed away. I take them into my collection respectfully and I hold them near and dear to my heart.

With the passing of my grandmother a few years ago and now with my grandpa passing away recently, part of the process is collecting the items that he owned and putting it in a place for safe keeping. I've been honored time and time again to be gifted items from now both my grandparents after they had passed away. It definitely helps to have items in the room to just sort of hope that a part of them is still there watching over you.

Back when my grandma passed away, I was given this:

This is just a picture online but I have that exact copy. Somehow, my grandma knew I was going to love Star Wars later in life before I was even born, and I feel like she held onto this for the exact moment to have it handed over to me. It's stayed in my collection ever since and I'm never getting rid of it.

Now, up to recently, there were a few other things gifted to me to further solidify the collection that helps me feel a little bit better knowing that they are both now in some form watching. I know that may or may not be true but hey, it helps.

Once again, I think somehow my grandpa knew that I was going to love music in a big way later in my life so he held onto these for this exact moment to get them to me:

These are some of the greatest gifts I've ever been given and I feel like in a lot of ways, they were gifted to me directly from my grandparents. They just had to know. They had to.

Zhanteimi 01-21-2019 10:38 PM

Oh man. Those toys are just the coolest! My daughter would kill for those.

Key 01-21-2019 10:45 PM

I couldn't quite believe it when my mom gave them to me but I'm absolutely in awe. They're fantastic.

[MERIT] 01-21-2019 11:13 PM

If this was facebook, I would click the heart emoji.

Key 01-26-2019 06:47 PM

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