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Old 03-24-2014, 10:47 AM   #331 (permalink)
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wonderin what his next project will consist of.
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Old 03-24-2014, 05:48 PM   #332 (permalink)
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y'know after he made Power music video i saw and heard bad things about Kanye. Why is this? Also yeezus IMO was the best rap album of 2013 next to because the internet(made by childish gambino) Id rather listen to his so called ego than BANDZ TO MAKE HER DANCE or any of the other mainstream Garbage. Very good album. 4/5
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Old 03-25-2014, 06:22 PM   #333 (permalink)
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"Bandz A Make Her Dance" is so much more fun than anything on this album
Originally Posted by WhateverDude View Post
Laser beams, psychedelic hats, and for some reason kittens. Surrel reminds me of kittens.
^if you wanna know perfection that's it, you dumb shits
Spoiler for guess what:
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Old 03-26-2014, 01:24 PM   #334 (permalink)
not really
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all these chicks poppin pussy im just poppin bands
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Old 03-26-2014, 07:10 PM   #335 (permalink)
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You a college chick, you a college chick
Keep twerking baby, might earn you a scholarship
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Originally Posted by RoxyRollah View Post
IMO I don't know jack-**** though so don't listen to me.
Originally Posted by Franco Pepe Kalle View Post
The problem is that most police officers in America are psychopaths.
Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
You're a terrible dictionary.
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Old 12-06-2014, 08:35 PM   #336 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Antonio View Post
I really enjoyed this, it had this dark and angry passion behind it that really got me fired up and ready to f*ck sh*t up. The rawness and frankly some of the ugly sounds really pumps you up, it's really reminiscent of Death Grips for me, and while people think that may be a bad thing I'm totally cool with more hip hop artists exploring this sort of dark and gritty production style with confrontational lyrics/rapping.
^ I agree completely, at least for "Black Skinhead."

I heard the song for the first time this last month, and I love it for the reasons mentioned above: the passion of the beat and some of West's raw vocals, mostly his yells and pissed-off "gods" at the end.

I love the simple opening melody, the heavy, bouncy beat, and the breaths used as percussion.

The song remind me of an instrumental hype song played before basketball games to rev up the audience. It's a terrific testosterone and adrenalin rush.

Originally Posted by Tambe257 View Post
Production has always been Yeezy’s thing, lyrics/rapping second. The tracks where he tries to make social statements about race, etc. just don’t work so well. The one exception is “Black Skinhead”, which is the best song on the album, with it’s “Beautiful People” style drum groove, and solid production.
I didn't think about the lyrics and meaning of "Black Skinhead" when I first heard the song, which would have worked just as well for me without actual words in it.

But when I *did* listen to the lyrics, there were a few lines that I felt cleverly express the frustration at one aspect of racism directed at black:

"But watch who you bring home
They see a black man with a white woman
And at the top floor they gon' come to kill King Kong
Middle America packed in
Came to see me in my black skin."

I like how Rolling Stone wrote of this song (says Wikipedia): "Next time someone says America is post-race, play 'em this, and watch their head explode."

Originally Posted by Arya Stark View Post
Is everyone actually listening to this? I just finished most of the album, I have one song left, and this music is deep, SO deep. Two of them mention slavery, at least one mentions pregnancy, alimony, etc, and a lot more. Tsupposed to be raw. If you think it's poppin or dancey, you are not listening. At all.
I definitely feel "Black Skinhead" is dancey because of its brooding, powerful, energetic feeling and its beat, but it also has some depth. Hearing about the subject matter of the other songs makes me curious to listen to them, too.
Originally Posted by Neapolitan:
If a chicken was smart enough to be able to speak English and run in a geometric pattern, then I think it should be smart enough to dial 911 (999) before getting the axe, and scream to the operator, "Something must be done! Something must be done!"
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Old 12-20-2014, 04:04 PM   #337 (permalink)
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I'm trying to find info on this album but nothing's very clear. Basically, I'd like to check this album out if it's not blasphemous. Anyone know?
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Old 12-20-2014, 05:59 PM   #338 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by mordwyr View Post
I'm trying to find info on this album but nothing's very clear. Basically, I'd like to check this album out if it's not blasphemous. Anyone know?
He says I Am A God, and depending on how literally/seriously you take his cartoonish grandiose, it could be blasphemous or not. Personally, I would say that stupid is a better word for the lyrics than blasphemous.

I'm not religious though, so I'll let you decide as you might see it differently: Kanye West
Studies show that when a given norm is changed in the face of the unchanging, the remaining contradictions will parallel the truth.

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Old 12-20-2014, 07:44 PM   #339 (permalink)
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Thanks for the info. I think I'll give it a pass.
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Old 12-20-2014, 09:13 PM   #340 (permalink)
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He isn't blaspheming (I'm not religious but whatever) - remember, this is the same guy who wrote "Jesus Walks". The message of "I Am A God" is, to some extent, to shock: "To say you are a god, especially when you got shipped over to the country you’re in, and your last name is a slave owner’s… How could you say that?" The idea is black empowerment and liberation - it's supposed to fight against racism.

(Also apparently it could be a reference to a psalm which says "Ye are gods" because his nickname is "'Ye". Either way - and you may have seen both of these explanations on Genius - I don't think it should violate your religion to listen to it, although that's entirely up to you. Also know that, like many others, I highly recommend it - great album.)
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