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Old 11-02-2009, 03:54 PM   #121 (permalink)
Man vs. Wild Turkey
ElephantSack's Avatar
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War is born. Fight the war, **** the norm.
Now I've got no patience. I'm so sick of complacence.
The D the E the F the I the A the N the C the E.
Mind of a revolutionary.
So clear the lane. The finger to the land of the chains.
What? The Land of the Free?
Whoever told you that is your enemy.
Now something must be done about vengeance, a badge and a gun.
So rip the mike, rip the stage, rip the system.
I was born to rage against 'em.
Now action must be taken.
We don't the key, we'll break in.

"Know Your Enemy" - Rage Against the Machine

Obnoxious! Mother ****er, can't you tell?
Run through Little Havana yelling, "Viva Fidel!"
Jerkin' off in the sheets when I stay at hotels.
Sippin' Bacardi at AA meetings, smokin' a L.
Gimme a hundred grand, gimme your watch, gimme your chain.
That your girl? Bitch! Get over here! Gimme some brain!
I'll bust off on 'er face, and right after the segment,
she'll probably rub it in 'er pussy, tryin' to get herself pregnant.
I said it, I meant it. That's the way I deal with enemies.
Like pro-lifers that support the death penalty.
And don't talk about war, when niggas know that you pus.
A ****in' hypocrite, draft-dodger like George Bush.
Damn homie! In high school, I beat the **** outta you and your man, homie.
Your girl wanna blow me and don't even know me. She lonely and she think you a phony.
I'll take piss on a development deal from Sony and Def Jam.
Cuz you like all of the rest, man.
And this ain't a verse of ****-talk at the end of the song.
And you can suck a **** if you think I ended it wrong.
**** you and I'm gone!

"Obnoxious" - Immortal Technique

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Old 11-12-2009, 06:42 PM   #122 (permalink)
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Slaughterhouse (Crooked I) - Rain Drops

Dear auntie I still feel your timeless sorrow
Before you died it's like your body was mine to borrow
Like I jumped in your physical shell
While you was going through miserable hell saying goodbye to tomorrow
Everyday it make me sad, angry, mad how you were sent to heaven sacred path
Duct taped and gagged plus raped and stabbed body draped in blood what a faith to have
Such a pitiful end I'm popping Ritalin like they skittles cuz
When I sleep I can feel it again and again and again it's difficult
Killing is the wickedest biblical sin I'm talking about momma's identical twin
I see your face when I look at her
Her reminder of how I've been in the cold
Since 14 years old
Swear to GOD I'll probably be in heaven when the pain stops
Til then all I'm hearing is wind and raindrops.


Eminem - Rock Bottom Verse 2

My life is full of empty promises
And broken dreams
I'm hoping things will look up
But there ain't no job openings
I feel discouraged hungry and malnourished
Living in this house with no furnace, unfurnished
And I'm sick of working dead end jobs with lame pay
And I'm tired of being hired and fired the same day
But **** it, if you know the rules to the game play
Cause when we die we know were all going the same way
It's cool to be player, but it sucks to be the fan
When all you need is bucks to be the man
Plus a luxury sedan
Too comfortable and roomy in a six
They threw me in the mix
With all these gloomy lunatics
Walk around depressed
And smoke a pound of cess a day
And yesterday went by so quick it seems like it was just today
My daughter wants to throw the ball but I'm too stressed to play
Live half my life and throw the rest away
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Old 03-01-2010, 06:48 PM   #123 (permalink)
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What up
To all rappers shut up and with ya shuttin up
keep your shirt on, at least a button up
Yuck, is they rhymers or strippin males?
Outta work jerks since they shut down Chippendales

Light the doobie til it glow like a ruby
After which they couldn't find the Villain like Scooby
He's in the lab on some old Buddha Monk ****
Overproof drunk ****, and who'da thunk it?
Punk try an ask why ours be better
It could be the iron mask or the Cosby sweater
Yes, you, who's screwed by the dude on the CD, nude! [we need food!]

DOOM "Beef Rap"
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Old 03-01-2010, 06:51 PM   #124 (permalink)
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^word, so good
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Old 03-02-2010, 08:16 PM   #125 (permalink)
Master, We Perish
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I like that song Lemonade by Gucci Mane. like the whole thing.
Originally Posted by WhateverDude View Post
Laser beams, psychedelic hats, and for some reason kittens. Surrel reminds me of kittens.
^if you wanna know perfection that's it, you dumb shits
Spoiler for guess what:
|i am a heron i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans
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Old 04-29-2010, 12:12 AM   #126 (permalink)
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Artist: Mac Dre
Album: Ronald Dregan
Title: Feelin Myself

I'm out of this world, not your run of the mill'n
My name is furl, I'm the owner of the bill'n
I'm a stoner and I'm chillin with two bitches like Jack
I pimps and I macks drive a Benz and a 'lac
man I've been in the back wit the groupies and the stars
I've been out front with the thugs in the cars
I've been in the yard with the Mexican mafia
And I only run with niggaz that'll kill and die for ya
I'm popular, I'm a rap star
but I live like a rock star running from the cop cars
I drop bars wit slaps that Knock hard and I charge for this **** extra large
I'm sicker than sars higher than mars and I treat my bitch like an ATM card

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
I'm in the buildin and I'm feelin myself
Man I'm feelin myself

She's in the buildin and she's feelin herself
She's lookin bad but I'm willing to help
Stop it baby your killin yourself
come on I got your back you could chill in my dealth
I'm feelin myself too
Man imagine some of the things we can do
You under me
Me under you
Then we can catch the Liquor store before 2
We can hit my nigga and go get some shrooms
And if you still want to kick it we can go get a room
It won't cost you much
I'm a good buy
****-on-discount bitch good bye
what I look like mr. Frank **** for Free
No Dough Hoe you can't **** with me
get the **** out
Bitch you still in my dealth
You full of **** and I'm feelin myself


I'm a Westcoast Bad Boy
I represent it
dre thats a bad toy is it rented
hardy har har very funny
You don't hear my tummy
I gets my money
My stomache ain't growlin
I'm stylin and wilin' drinkin Vodka straight **** a Long Island
I want my own Island bet you I'm a get it
I switch hits and play with both mits
I pack a 4 5th Im after your bitch
he ain't doing it right shes after your scritch
And I'm after hers with these macking words nerd
I thought squares stayed sharp
Your nothing but a mark in a bucket Sky Lark
I'm playing my part
I'm mr. Furly
quit interrupting I'm talkin to your gurlie
[sig link deleted by mods, please read the rules]
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Old 05-03-2010, 07:07 PM   #127 (permalink)
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t’ll never be my chair that your on
crown so tight that it cuts off circulation to the brain no oxygen
otherwords there’s no heir to the throne
when I die so does hip hop
hitch**** better sh-t bitch ass got a zip locked in a bag
you ***s aint been able to fade me since Kid Rock had a high top
keep blogging while I’m mind boggling my zone like I’m in the twilight
talking of my bone this is my mic dog I like hogging it

Eminem - Despicable
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Old 05-03-2010, 08:50 PM   #128 (permalink)
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Diamonds and Wood- UGK

Pimp C:
I'm pimpin through the ave trying to see some good.
But everything is still the same in my neighborhod
Niggas frown when you up and smile when you down
And when you change for the better shife fools stop comin' around.
I see the jealousy and hate, the wicked ways
We all lost childen, pray for papers, and smokin our lives away
Got to the point where I could not decipher day from night
She say she love me but all we do now is ****in' fight.
My conscience **** with me so much that I can't eat or sleep
The other side of selling dope and out there running the street
And even though I'm gaining street fame coming from this rap game
Lustful thinking and compulsive drinking in a normal thing.
Some get erased and misplaced trying to win the race.
Some try to hold on to their place by smoking with lace.
But see drugs and plastic thugs ain't gonna change the hood.
I'm smoking skunk and poppin my trunk to make me feel good.
Chill Out
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Old 05-04-2010, 03:59 PM   #129 (permalink)
True to username
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Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 1,100

If you serve God for money you serve the devil
Claim to be in the war, never heard the metal, yeah
Never even been in combat
Never even felt the supreme love from a warm gat
I'm on another plane
You could stand in front of your fam
But I'm shootin right through your mother's frame
I got knuckle game, but I don't use that
**** a fair one, where the two-twos at
Where the nitrous oxide and balloons at
Where my mother****ing Uncle Howie goons at
This for everybody holdin hammers
If you come into our shows then you go bananas
And holding banners
In support of Mumia Jamal
Run up on you ****ing pigs with the heaters and all
I'm deceiving the law, that's what I'm here for
My lastfm
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Old 05-11-2010, 09:45 PM   #130 (permalink)
Join Date: Apr 2010
Posts: 21

I might've failed to mention that the **** was creative
But once the man got you well he altered the native
Told her if she got an energetic gimmick
That she could make money, and she did it like a dummy
Now I see her in commercials, she's universal
She used to only swing it with the inner-city circle
Now she be in the burbs lickin rock and dressin hip
And on some dumb ****, when she comes to the city
Talkin about poppin glocks servin rocks and hittin switches
Now she's a gangsta rollin with gangsta bitches
Always smokin blunts and gettin drunk
Tellin me sad stories, now she only ****s with the funk
Stressin how hardcore and real she is
She was really the realest, before she got into showbiz
I did her, not just to say that I did it
But I'm committed, but so many niggaz hit it
That she's just not the same lettin all these groupies do her
I see niggaz slammin her, and takin her to the sewer
But I'ma take her back hopin that the **** stop
Cause who I'm talkin bout y'all is hip-hop

COMMON-I Used To Love H.E.R. (verse 3)
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