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Rockafella Skank 12-22-2003 11:36 PM

The Official Sublime Thread
My fav album of theirs is 40oz to Freedom, but I also got one or two others. They're such a talented group and it's so sad that they had drug problems. Do you guys like Sublime?

MobilizeTerror 12-23-2003 09:37 AM

The first time I heard Sublime I remember is in a little, hot, tatoo shop, and some mexican guy turned it up real loud while my dad was getting his first tatoo, he has like 5 now. They are pretty good, I don't know what the tatoo shop has to do with it though...... :D

Thrice 12-24-2003 04:56 PM

I love Sublime...Santaria is my fav by them. Summertime, datrapr and wrong way are some other fav's of mine!!

Xarius 01-04-2004 11:24 PM

They are really good. I loved "date rape". Surprisingly, they were one of the few Ska bands to get radio time. :)

Beor Uaine 04-04-2004 03:17 AM

40oz rocks. "Date Rape" is such a great song. If it wasn't for date rape, I would never get laid. :p:

DJ_Jester 04-04-2004 12:57 PM

Sublime - April 29, 1992 ... love it!

DJ_Jester 04-05-2004 09:53 AM

So Sublime Similar...
<Sorry... mispost>

ally 05-25-2004 05:46 PM

bradely nowell death
alright well i just realized that bradley nowell (front man of sublime) died 8 years ago today of a heroin overdose. Sublime was an amazing band, its sad that they were just beginning to get some of the recognition that they deserved right before brad died. any thoughts or comments on his death?

btw- if any have heard the song poolshark they say that bradely predicts his death in it. ( below is an excerpt)
"Tying off that dinosaur tonight
It used to be so cool
Now I've got the needle
I can shake
But I can't bleed
Take it away, but I want more and more
One day I'm gonna loose the war"

ally 05-26-2004 03:16 PM

eehhh, no comments? oh well

mynameismike 06-06-2004 09:18 PM

i'm sure he's been missed, especially by his wife and kid (i think he had a kid). Sublime rocked though.

funkymaster 06-18-2004 06:13 PM

sublime rules all

Thrice 06-19-2004 08:11 AM

Ha ha I love smoke two joints.

Sleepsnekkid 06-19-2004 08:22 PM

Santaria is by far my favorite. Me and a couple of my friends drove to the top of this mountain in my town while we had that song playing. Then we just put it on repeat and sat out under the stars, while getting wonderfully messed up. Ahh, good times :)

likenother11di 07-23-2004 11:35 PM

Sublime is one of my favorite bands. I'd have to say 40oz. to Freedom is also my favorite album of theirs but Secondhand Smoke is good too. I love New Realization and Slowride.

likenother11di 07-23-2004 11:43 PM

Ya, Sublime was awesome. I belive the whole poolshark thing. I think he really wanted to stop all the heroine but it just got out of control.

likenother11di 07-23-2004 11:44 PM

Jakob Nowell is Bradley's son

skabucket5 08-09-2004 07:23 PM

yea...brad was trying to get clean because of his son and he was clean for a little bit but then he got back into heroine and then on may 25 he took some heroine that was stronger than he was used too...sublime is the sickest band ever...he sings poolshark w/ such emotion...if ure a huge sublime fan check out it's awesome

skabucket5 08-09-2004 07:26 PM

i'm obsessed w/ sublime i have 40 oz and robbin the hood...i really wanna get second hand smoke but i'm a little low on the fav songs are what i got, pool shark, dj's, don't push, ball and chain, and sooo many others i looove sublime

SkaKid 08-11-2004 06:53 PM

I myself love Sublime, Bradley Nowell did predict his death, and I think it admirable that he was able to admit his weakness. There's something you must understand, when dealing with hard drugs like Heroin, and feel the need to take some before expressing yourself, it will get out of hand, Bradley realised that.

2tonegator 08-27-2004 10:54 PM

yes sublime does indeed rock

smoke2joints 10-29-2004 04:31 PM

sublime are my favourite ever band. i think my favourite album is 40 oz to freedom and stand by your van. then again so are all ther albums . i always like live albums alot. hmm yeh. sublime are great :)

Kaaz 11-02-2004 02:39 AM


Originally Posted by skabucket5
i'm obsessed w/ sublime i have 40 oz and robbin the hood...i really wanna get second hand smoke but i'm a little low on the fav songs are what i got, pool shark, dj's, don't push, ball and chain, and sooo many others i looove sublime

seems you are the only one who has found the true beauty of sublime

if you want to hear what brad REALLY thought? listen to these songs

Freeway time in La county jail
pool shark
all you need
Steppin razor
dont push

Keep brad alive in our hearts people :yeah:

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All_Nite_Dinah 11-07-2004 01:13 PM

Its sad how polluted these boards are with sublime threads. Don't get me wrong, I like the band and all bot you guys really really blow them out of proportion. Especialy condidering almost all the songs you say you like by them arn't ska at all.

Thrice 11-16-2004 12:18 PM

...but this is also the reggae forum,

and if i was forced to classify them into a genre on these borads, I'd go with reggae

voodoo child 11-23-2004 11:07 PM

u guys forgot about pawn shop, me and my friends used to get high and just put that song on repeat all day, great song

All_Nite_Dinah 11-24-2004 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by Thrice
...but this is also the reggae forum,

and if i was forced to classify them into a genre on these borads, I'd go with reggae

Sublime is more punk than ska or reggae.

Oi_To_The_World 11-24-2004 06:02 PM

i live in the midwest and sublime is surprisingly SO BIG here that everywhere i go i cannot escape it. everything from robbin the hood to their self titled to even long beach dub all stars is played out almost excessively. no disrespect, i'm just fryed.

Raine 11-29-2004 08:17 PM

Sublime does in deed rock.
"Wrong Way" is undoubtedly my favorite song by them. It also has sentimental value too I suppose. the first of theirs I ever heard. Man me and this song go way back.

Them and 311 are two of the few groups out there that have made me do strange things whiel listening to their music.
(Did that make sense)

sleepy jack 11-29-2004 09:06 PM


Kaaz 12-02-2004 08:02 PM

can you guys believe, its been over 8 years since brad died :(

ZutonFever840 12-03-2004 12:50 PM

Sublime is a Great Band. Burrito's is one of their best songs! I dont really know what genre they are. I never really thought of them as ska though.

bent on buddha 03-18-2005 08:57 PM

copy cats
allow me to shine the light on the fraud that sublime is. now b4 u get up in arms here me out. sublime is an amazing band with amazing talent... but most of that talent derives itself from stealing other bands lyrics. now granted maybe u can appreciate their renditions a wee more than lets say bob marley or peter tosh who actually practiced, believed, and advocated the many topics they covered in their ORIGINAL songs. but to break it down they are just that... copy cats.

IMATOOL 04-28-2005 12:10 PM

The Official Sublime Thread
Anyone still listen to them. I do to bad the singer is dead, i love that band. :band:

[MERIT] 04-28-2005 01:02 PM

sublime is one of my favorite bands of all time.

IMATOOL 04-28-2005 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by oojay
sublime is one of my favorite bands of all time.

WOW somthing not stupid to say im suprised

SaTaNsChIlD666 04-28-2005 02:31 PM

ut oh here we go again!

[MERIT] 04-28-2005 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by IMATOOL
WOW somthing not stupid to say im suprised

wow! a smart a$$ comment! im NOT surprised. youre a clown.

ArtistInTheAmbulance 04-28-2005 02:41 PM

SO Sublime... Dont like 'em. But reccomend me some good songs and Ill give them a listen. Anything to stop you kids from arguing ;)

[MERIT] 04-28-2005 02:45 PM

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