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FETCHER. 01-14-2022 02:54 PM


Originally Posted by SGR (Post 2173721)
Who the **** wants to hear Noel Gallagher sing Wonderwall? It would be like hearing Ringo Starr sing Imagine.

I rest my case:

This was worse than I imagined.


Originally Posted by SGR (Post 2186428)
When are the Gallagher brothers gonna stop being complete wankers and just reform the ****ing band?

I agree. They have made their point now :laughing:

brcampbe01 01-24-2022 07:28 AM

I always saw both Gallagher brothers as Stone Roses ripoffs. I think they both were on the Roses' road crew so that makes sense. Ian Brown was a much better frontman in my opinion.

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