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Old 12-14-2012, 01:03 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default I'm not a rapper

I have never rapped, I'm never going to rap. I like listening to hip-hop (blue scholars are one of my favourites for reference).

Right now I'm doing a pretty mindless labour job with long hours, I don't start a "proper" job till next year.

Anyway point is I think I read a thread on here about writing hiphop/rap lyrics and it stuck, it gave me something to think about while I'm working, then I started fretting I would regret not writing them down.

So...I guess this is where I share them.
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Old 12-14-2012, 01:06 PM   #2 (permalink)
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The first one:

turn on the tv and what do we see
people still continuing to kill one another
over land, religion, something or other
contempt for each other like our contempt for mother nature
and how what we take from her may affect our future

change the station, an advert of materialism
some stupid ****, another product of capilatilism
is this the only alternative to oppression or communism

so drink your beer, so smoke your weed
worship a god a fear, if that's what you need
just as long, just as long as you know
that none of the above will set you free

these simple perceptions, ignorant solutions
all contribute to the violence of nations
and help perpetuate the universal illusion
just turn on the news to see if it's true
it's on every channel, but what do you do
switch it off if it's not relevenat to you

this culture of consumption, this self consumed atmosphere
all building fear
year upon year
cutting imaginary strings to what we hold dear

so how do we retaliate
can we contibute as individuals
can we fight against what we claim to hate
or will we continue with these contrived ****ing rituals
the ones for you, which have become so damn habitual

rapping alone, no microphone
I might not be helping, I might not be fighting
but does it count for something if these words are my own
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Old 12-14-2012, 01:25 PM   #3 (permalink)
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not bad sir.
Originally Posted by Janszoon View Post
"Just a sharing, 'cause I didn't know...don't go to Whole Foods on Hanukkah, because it's CRAZY!"
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Old 12-15-2012, 12:26 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Here's another one:

I remember sitting across the table from you
the atmosphere around us drowned in silence
tension between us but no threat of violence
no mention of what we would ever do
yeah, I remember being with you

sure there was aways food on the table
and we had a steady relationship, always stable
neither of us ever passed judgment
you failed but tried to hide dissapointment
yeah, there was only one thing to do
on some level I even think I knew it too

now I look back on it I see your position
it was just something that had to end
it was one of the things we just couldn't mend
even though I feared and denied our seperation
as the time neared I had hope, almost

it happened, I was losing you
but it was for the best, you knew, that's why you did it too
you let me down gently, no anger, just tears
just acknowledging that we had to face our fears
of no longer being one of a fake two

now that I have the benefit of hindsight
I can see that once again you were right
I'm better for it, and you are too
we're happier for it, even though we're no longer two
no longer a couple, that's no longer a troubling thought of mine
somehoew you knew, somehow you knew
that we'd both end up fine

I'll always be gald we had each other
and shared intimite thoughts together
I love that we're apart, but I also what you did for me too
you set us free, you're a better person than me
your truth and utter loyalty
it's something i'll remember and treasure, forever
I'll never forget sitting across the table from you
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Old 12-21-2012, 02:28 PM   #5 (permalink)
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a "fun" one:

strutting along head boppin to the beat
goes with the rhythym of feet on the street
best head phones on, wandering with the groove
dictates the way the body moves

the music isn't theoretical, classical numerical
it's conception definately wasn't a miracle
but it goes with the ryhtym of the feet on the street
it's catchy and simple, not very technical
just nod your head if that's all you wanna do
or bust a move, try something new

foot tapping, finger snapping
maybe even booty shaking
it always gets them out their seat
you'll join in too, you know what I mean
it just goes with the ryhtym of the feet on the street

round and round, up and down
this music ain't underground
a tune for all you've finally found
forming feel good memories, with ease, like these

the first kiss reminded, that backflip that one guy did
being proven right, then acting candid
family holidays, you enjoyed anyway
your drunk eigtheenth birthday, and all the **** you did that day
all these memories seem so far away
they are born again when you hear that beat
the one to the rhythym of the feet on the street
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Old 12-30-2012, 02:54 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Stormy night:

I ain't here to preach to you
teach to you
or write a goddamned speech for you
I just need to get this off my chest
cause right now I can't take a breath
the following story, it might be true
the events, they spoke to me, don't know about you
the consequence a mystery, the rest, nothing but history

a young man walks along a road
his head in the clouds, boots heavy on the ground
it's dark, raining, pit-patter all around
it's a long walk home where he lives out his aimless exsistence
where he lives all alone with no drive or persistence

tats one one arm, scars on another
some from violence, some from other
an unfortunate habit he got from his mother

does he know any different?
does he feel remorse?
maybe you should get off your oh -so- high ****ing horse

a car pulls up, he needs the ride
not as if he wants to confide
but these oppressive thoughts ain't keeping him dry
why over-think this one little bit
if you've never even given a ****
hell, it even looks warm inside
like I said, he needed that ride

clambers through the door, wipes his feet on the floor
yeah drive on mate, I'm drenched to the core
got rent to pay, and kids to watch
I'm already late, for that, and more
his lies a second nature, his past present future
he doesn't know you, be he'd try to screw ya

a constant progression , a constant regression
about time he learned a ****ing lesson
he'll come to learn it eventually
that's one thing I gaurantee
how do I know this?
well, for one thing, that idiot was me

the car pulls away into the storm
the sky was clear earlier, I shrug, it's the norm
along the road we continue to drive
the driver looks over, somehow dead inside
the look in his eyes, somehow all too alive

we come to a stop and he reaches for steel
tick tock, time stopped, i loe the ability to feel
you just don't expect this **** to happen to you
this can't be right, this can't be real
next thing I know there's a gun to my head
is this how i go, i'm filled with dread

a voice rings out too clam, too clear
"all that matters is you got in the car"
"You don't know what this is, we've come this far"
"you ain't nothing to me, I don't care who you are"

a gun to my head, a knife in my hand
an open trunk with a body in a body -bag
Am I joining him in this ****ing wasteland
am I cutting him up piece by piece, is this what's planned
if I do, then can i go, and if that's so, does my relief show?

the figure in the trunk moves, and i thank god his soul is still still here
but the driver pushes barrel to my temple, what was relief now turns to fear
I'm not going to be cutting up meat, oh no, oh dear
that's a minor feat compared to the realisation that blood would be spilled
him or me, kill or be killed

I down look into those eyes, they look like mine

what if I was him, and he was me
what if he was free to do what I might just do?
or what descision I might just make,
The unthinkable route I might just take

would he, could he, will I, could I
which route could I even contemplate
it's so ****ed up I started to shake
this situation, this condition, with just us three
captor, captive, and the selfish me
is this the bull**** they call fate?

the blade was heavy in my fist, clenched
bare white knuckles, shaking and tensed
my boots heavy on the ground
the rain still pit-patters all around

I try ignore the plea in his eyes and I throw my hand to the skies
I brought it down, fast and slow, my hand empty with no blade to show
did I truly let go?
I don't truly know if I ever made a descision
but into the darkness the blade it flies
my choice or not, there was no incision

"do you want to die, was that your choice?"
"or will your last words be another filthy lie?"
I try to reply but I have no voice
but if I could, would I even deny that that was my choice
I choke, my sprirt broke, I drop to my knees
can I still beg for my life please?

a shot rings out and into my ears
am I dead yet? Am I still here?
I open my eyes, no bullet was fired
only a bolt, a flash, skyward
suddenly there's nothing left to fear

I'm crouched on the ground
I'm trying to comprehend
what inside me I've found
and what still surrounds me
the rain, the rain
pit-patter all around
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