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Post Just Like Blue

This is actually my first piece of writing that I did liberally. All my other writing has been some sort of assignment. I've went through countless drafts.

Just Like Blue:

Mirari looks in the mirror.
He was unsatisfied with what he didn't have.
But for what he did, he could not see.
He didn't want to stay this way forever and a day:
Not dancing with Blue.
So he grabs a knife and glares at his wrist
to check the time.
Eleven thirty two PM: meeting Blue (You don't want to forget this one).
He maneuvers the knife on the mirror to reanimate the dancing,
of course of Blue, so that when he looks at himself he never forgets.
A crowd attempted to stray his eyes away
but even if he tried he could not break the exquisite
synchronization of share of benevolence
and warm, buzzing endearment between him and Blue.
He carves the swirls that the wisp off Blue's vesture
that garbs her like a waterfall that never touches the earth.
Their absolute knowing of the reciprocated love
is manifested into locomotives that kink the air.
Undeviating sight of Blue eye-to-eye.
He carves the date he met Blue.
He has done this before, but this time
there is much more truth and depth in the carving,
so the mirror shatters.
In a vapor of thought
He grabs the fragments with his naked hands, with no help,
to try and fix the carving of Blue.
He fears he will forget.
It's irreversible, he only bleeds, collapsing to the floor.
He appears in a room in which he doesn't know he's in.
In panic he reviews his medicinal cabinet.
Which is the only object that is visible.
He finds a bottle named "Fear".
He finds another named “Life”, which can only be used once (in emergencies).
And one named "Killer", which is in every medicinal cabinet but never opened.
He loosens the cap to Fear.
Takes a capsule into illumination
opens his mouth
And says,
"Why is this Fear killing me if there is no Killer in the Fear?"
Life can only be used if the user also uses two capsules;
of Emotions,
of Numbers,
of Deity,
of Souls,
of Shapes,
of Conscious,
And four capsules of Color (Two for each eye).
He never took Killer.
No one even attempted to opened Killer afraid that it will kill the user.
But he must have
because the Fear is killing him.
He believes it, although otherwise.
He takes Life:
Ambulance sirens heighten his colors from his repose.
His hands are draped.
"You've seem to have fainted due to Fear", a voice from the right ear proclaims.
"Killer was blended in with it"
"Impossible Killer has never been attempted to be opened"
"Then why does Fear kill me"
"How did you get those cuts"
"Trying to fix a memory"
"What sort of memory"
"Of Blue"
"Well there it is: only Blue Fear can do that"
"Do you think Blue tried to savor our memory like me"
"Only if...”
A figure interrupts
“Time of death eleven thirty two post meridiem. Cause of death 'attempting to find ever lasting love”
He appears in a room in which he doesn't know he's in again.
The medicinal cabinet is once again the only object that can be seen.
He opens the cabinet.
He finds a bottle named “Fear”.
He finds another name “Life”, which is empty
And one named “Killer”, which is in every medicinal cabinet.
He's done, there's no more life, no more Blue
He loosens the cap
swallows his fear and
opens his mouth, trembling,
And uses Killer
“Why am I alive”
“The Killer killed your Fear”
“I thought Killer would kill me”
“Has it ever been established?”
“Well, I mean, no one ever took killer. We all thought that it would kill us”
“Everyone believed that, and for how long?”
“Just because it has been prevalent for an extensive amount of time doesn't make it true. You did something no one has ever done because you swallowed your fear. Fear is always present for the beginning of great things. If you live without swallowing fear nothing will be accomplished, you're going to die anyways, to heck with it”
“Well I thought...”
“No, you didn't think, you thought what they thought”
“It wasn't an important issue for me, the Killer, so I didn't mind it”
“And when you tried to savor Blue's dance it was an issue”
“Well..yes, only because I wanted Blue to do the same”
“So you wanted everlasting love between you two?”
“Yes, but I attempted to do just that and it killed me and then I took Killer and then...”
“I know what happened, all of it”
“Then what did Blue do?”
“She found everlasting love here at your side”, a voice from the right says
With draped hands
Just like Mirari.

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