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Old 12-30-2011, 03:49 AM   #1101 (permalink)
Melancholia Eternally
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Just a quick reminder that the rules for this thread are in the OP. There you can also find the following.

Originally Posted by Freebase Dali View Post
If you see that your post has not been approved, while other posts are being approved, it's most likely because it was a useless post.
If you treat this thread like the shoutbox, simply inserting random crap that contributes nothing to the point of the thread, then your
post will not be approved, or it will be deleted. If you want to bring up an issue about this, PM a mod.

Last.FM | Echoes and Dust
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Old 12-30-2011, 06:13 AM   #1102 (permalink)
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[QUOTE=Urban Hatemonger;1133383]Oh please.

Stop playing the victim card you're making me want to throw up
The accusation that suggested Urban was actually throwing a pity party, or playing the victim, to the point of nausea, wanting to start blowing chunks; In most etiquette manuals would qualify as an attack or being picked on.

You don't get attacked or picked on.
Since you broke the etiquette rule by calling him basically a cry baby who was making you ready to heave, and, then suggest that he doesn't get attacked or picked on. That falls under your own quote.

When you say stupid stuff on this forum you get called out on it.

He pointed out the fact that it takes more smack to get under his skin; but, when he sees other getting raked, he gets fired up instantly.

That is a good quality. I share that notion, although I don't actually get pissed when I get bombarded at all. I smack for my own giggles, and piss everyone off. But, I also really get peeved when I see others getting brow beaten, or trashed.

That is not playing a personal victim card. He did complain or whine at all.

Who is the judge here who gives the ruling on what is stupid, or not?

I'd say nearly everyone. Stupid is as stupid does, or says. Calling anyone stupid is stupid. These forums really get out of hand, and when I step in, and defend someone, I get bombarded with insults, and, now posts were deleted. Because, I smack back in a manner that amuses me, and no one seems to see the humor. And, I don't call anyone stupid, or any names.

But, I get really ticked when I see others get beat down, and, I play the judgment card. And, everyone dishes it, yet no one can take it back. They cry to the mod.

So, I think urban is a decent human being who will others with more zeal than himself. Selflessness is good.

And, a false accusation irritating to point of wanting to pray to the porcelain god is rude, stupid, contradictory to the point of irony at the least.

That's what I really think. Spilling my guts. And, I have no clue who I am spilling them to, so, whoever you are, that's what I think

But, I don't think you're stupid. I think I am stupid. But, the only stupid person in this world is me. So, if you want to call out someone you think is being stupid.

Ask them if I wrote the post for them That would be funny, and, everyone would get a laugh, I am certain. I know I would.

The passing traveler stops for food and music.
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Old 12-30-2011, 10:50 AM   #1103 (permalink)
The Sexual Intellectual
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Sorry, who are you?
Have we met?

Edit: oops sorry, I forgot to put a video at the end of my post.


Urb's RYM Stuff

Most people sell their soul to the devil, but the devil sells his soul to Nick Cave.
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Old 12-30-2011, 12:34 PM   #1104 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Urban Hatemonger View Post
Sorry, who are you?
Have we met?

Edit: oops sorry, I forgot to put a video at the end of my post.

Who am I? Someone who should have read the upper right corner of the video

Which said something to the effect of 'top 100 really bad songs'

I am someone who could have spared himself a couple minutes of agony

Actually I am apparently an 11 yr old internet weirdo, with a 75% chance of being an alien who cannot post in 'proper' paragraph form, having some sort of neo-psychedelia flashbacks from drug use.

That is just since yesterday. I am a lot of things to a lot of people here.

I am really just a boy/girl who wants to have fun.

Immortal Androgynous Man. I am that I am Seriously.

And, yes we've met. A long time ago, you don't remember? We hung out together

I'm kidding. We are Siamese Twins separated at birth some 6000 years ago.

You got the brain. I got the nuts.

I am also a urban hate monger. I hate the mongers who oppress a certain urban class of people. The mongers who keep them in the rotted down infrastructure of our major cities providing them with little chance of upward mobility through a segregated school system, and, provided an ample supply of crack cocaine in order to make certain they would not ever actually have an opportunity to rise up and demand a change. And, fill up the prison systems. There are a lot, and, they are over-crowded. Not actually funny.

I hate those mongers bad. The two percent of mega-rich crackers who control 98% of the money in this blessed country, and a couple other great countries, who manage to oppress the entire world.

I also apparently enjoy running around to see how many members I can alienate and irritate. Although, I am actually a pretty nice fella. Just lonely. And, strange. And, tramps like us, baby we were born to run.

That is who I am. Nice to see you again brother.

Here's a parody. Dylan's 'Times they are a changin'

Come gather round people and fall to your knees
and bow to the red white and blue m16's
if you liked the riot cops you'll love the marines
they'll be at all of your demonstrations
to beat up your bodies and tear down your dreams
for the times, they are not a-changin'

come children and students abide by our rules
we'll send in the troops to recruit at your schools
and we'll tell you it's noble, we'll tell you it's cool
and you'll hear every word that we're saying
and there's room in the jails if the classrooms are full
for the times, they are not a-changin'

come mothers and fathers and friends of the slain
while we exploit your loses to fund our campaigns
we brought you the war, now there's no one to blame
you best hope the new leader ain't crazy
you can vote how you want but the outcomes the same
for the times, they are not a-changin'

come senators, congress men, don't fear a thing
they'll fall in the line behind the new king
and accept with a smile what little you bring
they'll forget all the wars you're arrangin
the bullets they'll pierce and the tazers will sting
for the times, they are not a-changin'

come presidents, dictators take what you will
these people are yours to tax and to kill
if they ever rise up there's walls you can build
the system is strong you're maintaining
just speak with a smile and lie with a skill
for the times, they are not a-changin'

the paths they are plain, the choices are clear
if things are to change, friends, it's gotta start here
and if now ain't the time i hope the times near
while there is still something left worth saving
so stand up fight back to hell with your fear
for the times, they are not a-changin'

That is one funny song, don't you think? Weird Al take a back seat

The passing traveler stops for food and music.
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Old 12-30-2011, 01:17 PM   #1105 (permalink)
Music Addict
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Originally Posted by steveeden888 View Post
I took it personally. And, I know you. From 20 Words, I have you all figured out.

I'd be careful what you think and spew out. Karma sucks em back. And, they taste like crap.

And, HaShem might be a little ticked about you skatin back to Egypt there Santa Claus.

He said it was none of my business. It was his. He can be a hellacious enemy, or haven't you heard?

Judgment day really sucks, and is a reality that bites.

friendly warning. Don't take it personally, unless you take it personally.

I don't dislike you. I like you, that's why I am posting.

For all the enemies who don't know each other

I think I know all mine. Not my enemies. Enemies of me

I think I am on the fencepost with you blaster Maybe not.

And, I think Ska will soon be.

It was that he did not like you, but he did not know you, and he wasn't your enemy.

I like you blaster, and, I apologize for blasting ska, but, it just wasn't nice.

So, Billie Joe wants everyone to know the enemy that they don't know, but, don't like, and denies being an enemy

Hope that clears this up

I stood up for you blaster, so, you gotta like me now, sorry.

I've always liked you, Steve. You quite possibly could be an alien. I'm not ruling it out.
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Old 12-30-2011, 03:06 PM   #1106 (permalink)
Account Disabled
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I always thought I had posted in this thread loads but upon review, I now see I have only ever posted one big list(and most of those people are now dead) so I will do a rough one about the current active members.

Mighty Salami - The guy gets a lot of criticism for being a suck up or trying too hard. I think a lot of it is undeserved. He's an extremely nice fellow and although he can come on a little strong it only demonstrates his enthusiasm. Very keen and friendly.

Above - Undeniably a very interesting person and quite unique in comparison to many other members. Can however be very harsh and mean sometimes, don't agree with her approach to conflict. Overall though, really cool.

Ska Lagos Jew Sun Ra - I used to think he was pretentious and douchey but I was wrong. Very nice, smart and a huge contributor.

Paloma and Unchained Ballad - My two best friends here. Have been for a while and look to be in the foreseeable future. I could talk to them for hours and hours. Not got a bad word to say about either of them. Probably the only folk here I consider genuine friends rather than "internet friends" atm.

bob. - Amazing guy. Outstanding knowledge of music and just in general a fascinating bloke. Despite this he's always extremely nice, never comes across as cocky or prtentious or anything. One of my favourites around here and the sight would not be the same without him.

Il Duce - I don't get it. I don't find him funny. I don't find him interesting. I find him creepy and he makes me want to vomit. He has like 6000 posts and I think I have cringed at at least half of them.

Trollheart - Lots of respect for this guy. He is so devoted to posting in his journal and giving feedback to other journals. His life must revolve around music for him to give it so much time and I really appreciate that. Quite an eccentric personality too.

The Mods - I think the current mod team are great. I don't dislike any of them and tbh the ones I have spoken to are legends. Very good at their jobs, I never see any problems. Couldn't be arsed writing them all seperate :P

Sneer - I'd never really encountered him before recently. Cool guy with a great music taste and lots of knowledge.

Kayleigh - My fellow Scottish member, others come and go but we're the most active. Amazingly nice person and has a great sense of humour too, always up for a bit of banter.

Zer0 - I love his journal. Amazing taste, good writer and I have never seen him come across as anything other than a nice guy.

ThePhanastasio - Another member I can't think of any bad points for. Really nice, funny, interesting and most of all just incredibly cool. Also clearly very talented and creative and such as we can tell from her writing and work in theatre and the like.

Tumor - Me and Tumor have a kind of Love/Hate relationship. It's a lot of fun. She's not nice in the slightest and can be downright rude but I like her a lot. She's a barrel of laughs.

Hope I haven't forgot too many people!

And a moment of silence for great MBers that have sadly gone awol.....
NumberNineDream, AwwSugar, +81, TheCunningStunt, downwardspiral, clutnuckle, dankrsta, bannister.
Gone, but never forgotten.
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Old 12-30-2011, 07:59 PM   #1107 (permalink)
The Sexual Intellectual
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Originally Posted by steveeden888 View Post
blah blah blah
You should try be more concise, I didn't read a word of that.

Have another video

Urb's RYM Stuff

Most people sell their soul to the devil, but the devil sells his soul to Nick Cave.
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Old 12-31-2011, 03:34 AM   #1108 (permalink)
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Default Spilling Guts and what I really think. It won't be approved

Originally Posted by Urban Hatemonger View Post
You should try be more concise, I didn't read a word of that.

Have another video
That is fckng hilarious. That is the extent of my posts. blah blah blah

I am a blahger. Don't listen to a word I say. I am a dumb*as hillbilly who married his sister. I broke my arm once, because, I fell out of a tree raking leaves.

I mean Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence, Pete fell off, who was left? I said repeat! Pete and repeat were sitting on a fence, Pete fell off, who was left? I said repeat!.....blah blah blah

My wife, my sister left me. The judge ask her why. She said, 'he's always picking his nose, and, never lets me get on top, when we are fornicating.
So, I told the judge what my daddy always told me.

"Boy, always keep your nose clean, and don't f*ck up!

But, I do have something that is long and hard on me.

4th grade.

Now, if that ain't funny, then I can't help you anymore. When you asked to be more concise, I wonder. Does humor have to be concise? Or, just kind of funny?

The rants have stopped. I am out of the bickering business, from now on.

It is wrong, and, I am as guilty as sh*t. Even as my intentions were not malicious. Judge Judas, just disrobed.

Do you understand any of this? Because, if you don't. Wow. That's all I will say.

peace to you brother. I do mean that seriously.

Now for the song. I forgot to listen to yours. Copy, backspace, listen, and forward space

Now, could you be more concise? It sounded like it might be very lyrically concise, and a strong message. But, I could hear a word of it

I am lying. I did hear 'apocalypse'.

Who is it, or post the lyrics. I would like to hear them, but, I can't so I need to read.

Relax urban. I'm a nutcase, who just quit the trying to wake people up business. It doesn't pay anything, and, the working conditions always suck for canal water. I'm tired of playing the bad guy. I just want us all to win baby. But, no one likes this game. It's football, whether by foot or the dum*as* game we don't call soccer.

We kick for three points. We throw, run, and carry a ball for six points. And, then kick for one point. And, that is football my friend

American style. And, we rule the world. Ask God. Or, J....us. They are right-wing conservative capitalist supporters, who hate socialism, or equality, or equal justice, and woman's rights. And, they can't stand anyone who doesn't agree with the tea party. And, evidently, they need a lot of money to do them mighty works for our salvation!

That's Love. American Style.

Do you understand that?

If that is not funny, please, buy a sense of humor? I'll loan you the quarter.

I just changed my direction, but, not for any different reason. If I can't get you to Love, I'll just try to get you to laugh. They are both happy times.

peace dude. It's all in the name of Love and Peace. I was so guilty of the same thing I was accusing others to be, I just don't want to do it anymore. I knew I was, and, I didn't like it one bit.

I don't need to anymore. If so, then I deserve everything I get in return.

I am not an as*hole. Or, weird. I just played one on the www. And, I didn't have to. So, I stopped today. It's up to everyone to choose Faith or a return trip to the Hotel California. It always has been. And, I am a has been. So,

Ah man that has to be funny. If it isn't, please tell me. I am not a happy guy. I just enjoy humor to calm the pain. Just like most comedians.

I am recommending to everyone the mighty salami. He is a worthy mutha. And, he has serious skills Even as some of you think he comes on kinda strong. He is strong, and one of the nicest Euros I have had the pleasure to meet. And, he bashed me to bits a couple times. And, then apologized when I felt offended. What an a hole.

And, pedestrian. He is one witty sarcastic mutha.

Necro is from Ohio. And, everyone from Ohio is alrighto. But, if you really think that fool's overture is about WWII, uh....okay. I would bet you all the dead people you talk to, that you are mistaken

Blastergaster - That dude wants the Truth, and he'll get it someday. And, not the hard way, which is a smack attack, leaving folks wishing it was a big mac attack.

Jaywalker. Never had a issue, but, I've read his posts, and he has some knowledge, and seems to not be rancorous. Don't know him, but, I like him. And, he's not really even my enemy. I don't think he likes ska punk. I don't care for ska punk either. It is too redundant.

Urban? I don't how I could confuse you with idiot humor. And, a really ironic parody, that tells it like it is, not isn't, like Dylan. Bob's a dreamer.
Ryan Harvey is a realist. Bur, Urban is a hate monger, and I hate mongers too. So, even as it goes, he/she will evolve musically Into a primal mating caller, like all the artists are reaching out for physically fit chicks.

How confusing can that be? Everything else I thought to laugh. So should you. Because, I am funny, if not crazy. I have always been told I should have been a comedian.

So, it's not me talking. It's the pub, or the booze, or the vicodin, zanax, or ambien. But, not weed or lsd. I have no friends, or know anyone who sells weed anymore. I always copped from my brother. He died, and is no longer able to cultivate.

SOB! You want to talk about a J.... freak, he would kick your ass if you said anything about his beliefs.

Toughest 5'4" dude you would ever mess with. He never kicked mine. We always fought to a draw.

So, if you really wanna fight. I'll give you my address, and, then kick your ass!

Who else?

Duce.....He is beautiful man. I mean an 11. Wow. My wet dream.

Charlemagne - I don't think she hangs, but, she is sweet.

Lucifer sam - at least he knows who he worships. He is closer to the Truth than most other religious folk. Except the mightiest salami.

I am leaving out the people I may not have good feelings towards, so, if you know me, and, I left you out. You'll know why. Unless, I forget, and i do forget. I am not really 11 yrs old. I am freaking ancient of days.

Siriusb Luciferian. He or she at least gets it. Smart too.

Mr Rubato. He/She doesn't offend anyone I don't think. Not me. And, everyone has taken shots at me, minus a few. Like Mr Rubato

starry night. Undeserving of the smack.

Moonlitsunshine. I am a troll. And, you are indeed intelligent.

duga at least saw the humor in all that rancor.

mr dave. and I ramble? I couldn't finish his posts! No offense, you are alright. Confusion is not your epitaph

I've left some out, but, that doesn't mean anything, unless it means something to you.

Look at how me and mighty went at it. And, then ask him if I am an a*shole.

I Love the dude man. One of the nicest people I've met from a certain area.

I'm done with the rants folks. I will hitherto attempt to make you laugh, not irritated. I am childish in my sarcasm. So, take it that way. It's funnier when you don't take it sirius.

And, my farts duga stink!

Finally, I not only do not want to an American Idiot.

The passing traveler stops for food and music.
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the worst guy
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James - Ignores his new best friend in the MD Community

Originally Posted by Chula Vista View Post
Originally Posted by Chula Vista View Post
Originally Posted by Mindfulness View Post
2. What was the strangest/best/worst party you ever went to?
Prolly a party I had with some people I know
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Get in ma belly
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Originally Posted by James View Post
Mighty Salami - The guy gets a lot of criticism for being a suck up or trying too hard. I think a lot of it is undeserved. He's an extremely nice fellow and although he can come on a little strong it only demonstrates his enthusiasm. Very keen and friendly.
Awww yeah, thanks man! Wondered when I'd next get some love here!

Ok, before I clear off for a while (to the delight of Urban), I'll say a few words about some members I've met over the last three months:

Urban Hatemonger: I'm not trying to lie here at all, or seem unnecessarily complementary for the purpose of "sucking up", but I do genuinely like you. You are the funniest member here, I've found everything you've written to be informative and helpful, even that guide to The Fall, which I thought was a very good series of reviews. And like it or not, our musical compatibility is "super high" according to LastFM. I know a lot of people don't really like you, but I do. All your little digs at me were lighthearted and very amusing, even if I'm still scared stiff of you.

James: Thanks for saying that. Since first meeting you, I've considered you very friendly and polite. You have some pretty fantastic music in your collection too, so you're definitely one of my favourite members here.

blastingas10: Sadly not many people like him here, and this is unmerited in my opinion. I know he can get angry sometimes, but he actually knows quite a lot about music, and I find myself in agreement with him most of the time. Perhaps some of the things he writes about are controversial, but I think he can contribute quite a lot in this forum.

Garret: despite having little to say, every recommendation he makes has been excellent. In fact, possibly the best music I've heard all year was posted by him. He's clearly got a huge knowledge of music and I think he might have some of the best tastes on this site.

The Phanastasio: Please let that be the right name. You're another of my favourite members here. I think you really know a lot more than you're given credit for, and I feel sorry for all the horrible things going wrong in your life.
Although our musical tastes are completely dissimilar, I still listen with great interest to anything you say.

Aurora: I can't believe she's one of my neighbours! Well, back up in Scotland she is. And a neighbour in Scotland is anyone within a 30 mile radius.
The point is, she is a really really nice person and I love her.

Now for some less friendly ones:

Above: I'd like to make it clear that I don't follow you around and I am not trying to win your favour in any way. There's only one person here who I am trying to win the favour of, and that is duga(don't ask me why, I just feel like it). I don't think that trying to impress people is a good thing, and I'll assure you it's not my aim. It would amount to nothing anyway, since this is merely a music forum. The reason we I might seem to be a little too "matey" as you out it is that we do tend to have the same opinions over certain aspects of human rights, and this is entirely coincidental. I'm not accusing you of anything, or trying to win "brownie points". Just don't take it personally.

Bane of Your Existence: Why yes, you are.
That was an awful joke because I don't want to waste anything better on you.

Captain Ron: Anyone who thinks I'm creepy seriously needs to check this guy out. Even for a troll he's creepy.

All the spammers that were online on Christmas day: you guys seriously need to get yourselves a life.

That will do for me.
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