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Old 05-10-2008, 01:44 AM   #21 (permalink)
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I've witnessed fans who take classical prestigiously are usually anal about everything, but they have to be that way as wasps I guess.
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Old 05-10-2008, 02:09 AM   #22 (permalink)
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The most irritating are prog fans in general, as they think music has to be really complex and shiz in order to have the slightest semblance of value...which is a load of utter rubbish. In fact, the irony is that complexity comes over creativity for that lot, especially given the fact that the vast majority of the neo-prog music they listen to is so completely derivative of early 70s music as to induce laughter. And does virtually nothing new or cutting edge whatsover.

Then, Pitchfork-type indie fans are often twonkish as well. Actually, indie kids are frequently complete idiots. But firstly, Pitchfork types are idiotic because they are just as elitist as prog fans! They openly scorn various genres (particularly prog, in fact) just because they're not supposed to like it according to "party lines", so to speak. As for many indie scene kids in general, then they're annoying because they put "cool" and "image" over the music itself. They couldn't give a damn how uncreative the Libertines were or the point that none of them could play their instruments at all and that their second album was a load of tripe. The fact is that they had the best image of all time and that's all that matters.

Metal fans are twonks for, as has been pointed out, thinking that all other music is for pussies. I've seen at least one friend turn into a metalhead from having been a massive Coldplay fan, and the result was not a pretty sight to behold.

Many rap fans can be complete twits for being uninterested in listening to any other sort of music under the sun simply because it's not "cool" enough for them. Well, so some of that type of fan might listen to a bit of cookie-cutter contemporary r&b too. Whoop-tee-bloody-doo.

Country fans...I'm not even gonna go there.

Music "fans" who listen only to stuff on the radio, in shopping malls, TV advertisements and MTV and stuff...they're tolerable. But then, they have no refined tastes and are thus boring, so they suck too.

The world would be a better place without music fans...
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Old 05-10-2008, 02:38 AM   #23 (permalink)
Moodswings n' Roundabouts
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On the contrary, most of the metal-heads i know aren't like that at all. True, they're not really that open-minded, but they don't go around insulting other's tastes and they seem to have a real genuine love for what they listen to. Must only be where i am!

Those ICP type fans sound horrible but i've never really encountered any, there was one on here a while ago though wasn't there?

Classic rock fans for me, the epitomy of close-mindedness. There's a whole group of people in my school who think music begins and ends with Led Zeppelin, which is very sad.

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Old 05-10-2008, 03:56 AM   #24 (permalink)
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1.Rap/hip-hop kids
I just can't tolerate ppl singing along ALL THE FREKN TIME.

2.Metal heads who diss other genres.

3.People who keep saying "Modern day music sux blablabla"

The rest...i can tolerate upto an extent.

emo/nu-they just don't listen to other genres at all. All they do is stick to their SH!T and i really don't care as long as they don't bother me saying "xxx/yyy band sux".

The prog group some of you talk about...umm never heard of donno much there :\

ppl who listen to MTV/Radio and say this is the greatest band blablabla can also be managed...since they don't know better music exist, they really don't comment much on it.
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Old 05-10-2008, 04:36 AM   #25 (permalink)
The Passenger
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Originally Posted by sleepy jack fire drill View Post
Dream Theater fans easily.

oh god dont get me started, my friend is obsessed with them and liquid tension experiment. he wont listen to anything that doesnt have pounding double bass and guitar shredding.

no but in all honesty, metelheads are the worst kind of fans.
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Old 05-10-2008, 07:01 AM   #26 (permalink)
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the worse kind of music fan is the pretentious close minded individual who thinks only their taste is great yet refuses to educate others in regards to their music in fear that it would dilute the purity of their chosen style.
i am the universe

Originally Posted by bandteacher1 View Post
I type whicked fast,
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Old 05-10-2008, 08:40 AM   #27 (permalink)
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I feel behind asking this but can someone give me a good definition of mallcore?

edit: And agreeing with other posts in this thread, i had forgotten to mention indie fans. Once that happens it reaches beyond music, everything they wear say or do can not be considered "popular/mainstream". And also classic rockers, as said before it starts with Zeppelin and ends with Zeppelin.
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Old 05-10-2008, 09:20 AM   #28 (permalink)
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IDK all music fans have their douche-fags.

U got the elitist indie fans. The elitist metalheads. The annoying scene kids that don't even listen to the bands that they wear shirts of. Apparently there are Mallcore kids. I don't know any mallcore kids so I don't really know if their as bad as you all say or not.

Then you've got people like my group of friends who listen to MCR and think that All American Rejects are the most talented band ever conceived (no joke, he actually thinks they have talent).

So really there are a lot of annoying music fans. It just comes down to your preference. I personally think scene kids are the biggest assholes on the planet, so I'll go with them.
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Old 05-10-2008, 09:29 AM   #29 (permalink)
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classic rock and metal heads for the same reason as everyone else

also those who dismiss anything electronic "cus it's not made with real instruments"
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Old 05-10-2008, 11:00 AM   #30 (permalink)
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I hate Tool fans probably the most, but not really in a musical way. They think that pretty much everything is a conspiracy, which gets really annoying. Punk fans can be like this sometimes.

I honestly hate any fan of any genre of music who isn't willing to accept any other genre, including pop. There are elitists in every genre so I can really pinpoint one genre.

BTW, there are three general types of metalheads:

HEAVY!!!!! metalheads - mostly the metalheads that talk about how heavy their death metal is or whatever. They are usually the ones who denote old metal bands because they are "troo" or heavy enough. Favorite bands almost always include Metallica.

Prog/Elitist-influenced Metalheads - These are the ones that only like the really fast death metal with technical solos in it and stuff. A lot of them masturbate to COB and Alexi, which is kind of odd, but whatever floats your boat. right?

Stoned/Doom metalheads - easily the coolest of them all since they are so laid back. They are obviously into the heaviest metal forms including sludge, stoner, and all the doom genres. These ones, while somewhat laid back, are great at trolling black metal fans and death metal fans. This is because while they are into doom metal, they know the other genres pretty well, so they no the right bands to say to the right fan.

A really general list, but whatever.
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