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Old 01-14-2009, 08:26 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Buddy Holly Fans of the World UNITE!

I've always given lip service to Buddy Holly's music and appreciated his best known songs like Not Fade Away, Peggy Sue and Rave On. It wasn't until a couple years back when I started listening to some of his lesser known music that I completely appreciated his talents and contribution to rock and roll music.

Buddy was 22 years old at the time of his death and had spent all of 18 months as a moderately successful performer. Buddy Holly was a prodigy at crafting simple, elegant songs about the complexities of love and loss.

He had a unique artistic development deal with Decca Records and his music publisher that allowed him to have dual contracts: One for Buddy Holly and the Cricketts and one for Buddy Holly. It allowed Holly to establish a large body of work in the year and half span of his recording career and most of his recorded material was unreleased at the time of his death. Unfortunately up until 1993 this dual contract presented licensing problems for any label intrested in anthologizing both his work as a Cricket and as a solo artist.

The 1993 MCA 2 disk, 50 song Buddy Holly Collection finally brought together the most important songs from Buddy's 18 months of studio work:

1 Down the Line Holly, Montgomery, Petty 2:04
2 Soft Place in My Heart Montgomery, Petty 2:15
3 Holly Hop Holley 1:43
4 Blue Days (aka Blue Days, Black Nights) Hall 2:05
5 Love Me Holly, Parrish 2:07
6 Midnight Shift Ainsworth, Lee 2:12
7 Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonight Guess, Holly 1:57
8 Changing All Those Changes Holly 1:42
9 I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down Holly 2:19
10 Rock Around With Ollie Vee Curtis 2:14
11 Girl on My Mind Guess 2:17
12 Ting-A-Ling Ertegun 2:43
13 Modern Don Juan Guess, Neal 2:44
14 Brown Eyed Handsome Man Berry 2:06
15 That'll Be the Day Allison, Holly, Petty 2:18
16 I'm Lookin' for Someone to Love Holly, Petty 1:58
17 Words of Love Holly 1:55
18 Not Fade Away Holly, Petty 2:23
19 Everyday Holly, Petty 2:08
20 Tell Me How Allison, Hardin, Petty 2:00
21 Ready Teddy Blackwell, Marascalco 1:32
22 Listen to Me Hardin, Petty 2:22
23 Oh, Boy! Petty, Tilghman, West 2:09
24 It's Too Late Willis 2:24
25 Peggy Sue Allison, Holly, Petty 2:29
26 I'm Gonna Love You Too Mauldin, Petty, Sullivan 2:15
27 Look at Me Allison, Holly, Petty 2:08
28 Little Baby Holly, Kendall, Petty 1:57
29 You've Got Love Orbison, Petty, Wilson 2:10
30 Maybe Baby Holly, Petty 2:03
31 Rock Me My Baby Heather, Long 1:48
32 (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care Leiber, Stoller 1:36
33 Rave On Petty, Tilghman, West 1:49
34 Fool's Paradise LeGlaire, Linsley, Petty 2:31
35 Take Your Time Holly, Petty 1:57
36 Well...All Right Allison, Holly, Mauldin, Petty 2:14
37 Think It Over Allison, Holly, Petty 1:48
38 Early in the Morning Darin, Harris 2:07
39 Heartbeat Montgomery, Petty 2:09
40 It's So Easy Holly, Petty 2:11
41 Wishing Holly, Montgomery 2:02
42 Love's Made a Fool of You Holly, Montgomery 2:01
43 Reminiscing King Curtis 2:01
44 True Love Ways Holly, Petty 2:50
45 It Doesn't Matter Anymore Anka 2:04
46 Raining in My Heart Bryant, Bryant 2:49
47 Peggy Sue Got Married Holly 1:51
48 Crying, Waiting, Hoping Holly 2:04
49 Learning the Game Holly 2:03
50 What to Do Holly

If you'll notice most of the songs aren't fully credited to Buddy Holly and it was standard practice for a band's manager to share a songwritting credit for royalty points, even though Norman Petty, Holly's manager had nothing to do with the writting of Buddy's songs. On a few of the songs above, Holly received no song writting credit on songs he wrote. Notice that future entertainment mogul Paul Anka has a songwritting credit the Holly hit It Doesn't Matter Anymore. I'm not sure who actually composed the song.

I realize that Buddy Holly is from the prehistoric age of rock and roll. Rock music was so young that there weren't even any proper venues for performances and when Buddy Holly died, he was on a tour of shows that were primarily done in high school gymnasiums and union halls. Fairly humble venues compared to the Royal Albert Hall, Shea Stadium and the Isle of Wight.

Tell me what your Buddy Holly experience is. I have a couple to share:

I saw the Crickets on one of those summer reunion tours in the Eighties and was stunned at how much the band sound got out of one guitar,a drum and stand-up accoustic bass. Later Carl Perkins joined the Hollies on stage and it was just flippin' awesome.

My aunt still has the unused tickets she had for the Buddy Holly show in a high school in Cedar Rapids Iowa on February 4th, 1959. Buddy never made it to that show because the fatal plane crash that killed Holly and the Big Bopper went down in Clear Lake Iowa the night before the show.
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I can't believe that one of the most important people in music only has this thread and no replies.

Does anyone actually like Buddy Holly here?

I love his songs, a great songwriter that made magic out of simplicity yet set he set the standard for how rock and roll would be made and performed. His influence on the rock world is almost immeasurable, with many major acts like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones etc etc all being immensely influenced by him and all being huge fans of his music.

Forget the fact that he died early and 'oh, what could have been', think about what he did do, which was a lot more in 18 months thatn a lot of other people managed to do.
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Originally Posted by Alfred View Post
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Buddy Holly is totally incredible. People mark the Beatles as a group that accomplished so much in such a short time, but Holly never gets that kind of recognition. This guy was only making music professionally for four years for christ's sake! Really revolutionary stuff here.
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Old 08-07-2009, 11:27 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Never heard anything he did, nor have I even ever heard OF him. I'll add him to my get-around-to list.
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I know who he is but Ive only heard the song:peggy sue.I have to get around to hearing him.Does he have a movie about his life?

ps Ritchie Valens was also in that plane.RITCHHIIIIIIIE!!LOL

Edit:I also heard: oh boy and holly hop.
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Originally Posted by Schizotypic View Post
Never heard anything he did, nor have I even ever heard OF him. I'll add him to my get-around-to list.
How have you never HEARD of him? I mean the man was and still is a legend.
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Buddy Holly

September 7, 1936 / February 3, 1959

Buddy Holly, singer, songwriter, founding member of The Crickets. Holly was killed in a plane crash on 3rd February 1959 along with The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valans.

Buddy Holly 20th Century Classics

1. That'll Be The Day
2. Words Of Love
3. Peggy Sue
4. Everyday
5. Not Fade Away
6. Maybe Baby
7. Oh Boy!
8. It's So Easy
9. Rave On
10. True Love Ways
11. Think It Over
12. It Doesn't Matter Any More

Normally I try to avoid the greatest hits albums but this truly is Holly`s best work!
These songs were remastered and compiled on one disk in 1999, so it sounds so clear and clean that you would almost think that Buddy is still with us! Timeless Classic! 8/10

The Crickets and their new Brit bikes; Joe B. Mauldin on this Thunderbird, Jerry Allison on his TR6A Trophy, Holly on his Cyclone. Photographed outside a Dallas Texas dealership May 1958.

Buddy Holly & The

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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post

Buddy Holly

That's not Buddy Holly!
My Tunes
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Originally Posted by Jedey View Post
That's not Buddy Holly!
Fixed it......Thanks!
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Old 12-07-2011, 06:25 PM   #10 (permalink)
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Damn. I though Gavin B. was back on MB

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