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Old 04-05-2012, 08:32 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Rock/Metal lovers, do you consider EVERY pop song or band out there bad?

Let me just start by saying that I am also a metal-head when it comes to Symphonic Metal. I love the mixture of classical and heavy rock music- it's beautiful. I have noticed that almost all metal and rock lovers hate pop music. Believe me, I hate it too, but only the new pop. I find it to be stupid, filled with disgusting sexual material and good singers are scarce in the genre because of the overuse of autotune. I can stand autotune if it's used to make an effect in a a song, though. I love the old pop. My favorite band would be ABBA. I find them to be excellent at what they did years ago. The used catchy tunes, employed happy lyrics now and then but also had their dark songs. And when it came to live performances, their guitars were a bit more distorted, so it wasn't plain pop or disco- much more a rock'n roll feeling. You can find a perfect example of this in their live performance of the song "Hole in your Soul" on Youtube. Hell, they even headbanged in that performance. Also, I like Michael Jackson and even Shirley Ellis to name some singers. I think that the old pop and blues etc was deeper than the one we get today. The same goes to electronic music. It's a shame that you can put a full, fake orchestra or string section in a dubstep or techno song by just pushing some buttons on a panel instead of using the real thing. In my opinion there are still great pop singers out there like Josh Groban, IL Volo (which is Operatic Pop), Celine Dion, Amanda Somerville (which is a symphonic metal singer as well and wrote the metal opera Aina) and also Adele etc. My tastes range from old pop and disco to classical and opera, also to hard rock, metal and folk music. What about you guy's? Do you agree that the old pop (and some of the new pop) is good?
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A lot of rock music is pop.

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The great wall of text was erected in 2012.....

Anyways, yeah, I like pop from many different eras. I like the old girl groups, 80s synth pop, I've even enjoyed The Killers now and then.
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I hear you bud....

I'm mostly over the sexualised music. Most of it is just tasteless trash with no substance which is ruining young people's self respect, self esteem and confidence (as much as it is catchy and popular it doesn't sound good comming from little girls, and they are being subjected to all sorts of sexual material at such an early stage when they should just be enjoy the simplicity of a naive childhood). Don't get me wrong, that music has its place, but I honestly prefer a band who can play their instuments well compared to Rihanna for example.
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The type of metal head you're describing that hates pop music certainly does exist (mentioning no names but there are a few on here) Many eons ago I was into pop music long before I got into metal, I get fed up with the poor quality bands quite quickly and that was back in the 1980s and 1990s, so you see, poor quality pop bands have always existed and not just today.
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i'm somewhat a metalhead

i dig pop just fine

it really depends on my mood

i suppose generally, they are like oil and water

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Dude, I love ****ty modern pop. Nine times outta ten I'm listening to metal, or alternative, or classic rock, or punk, or whatever, but every now and again, I just wanna listen to "Oops! I Did It Again". Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Ke$ha? They are god awful **** and I love them.
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I'd be down with pop music if it weren't too simplistic. I've admitted a few times to liking Lights, but that's really it. My mom doesn't get why I can't like bruno mars much to her chagrin, but sooth be said, it feels empty to me. I have this craving for a degree of complexity or subtlety in music and modern electronic pop just seems to be a bit too in-your-face and basic to me. a synth riff, a vocal line in the spotlight and a drum machine just isn't satisfying.

though admittedly, I'm a closet fan of the cheesiest 80's schlock out there. YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND BABY RIGHT ROUND LIKE A RECORD PLAYER
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Ya' know I was reading an interview with Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and he was talking about how he likes listens to ABBA and Bee Gees and that they could write songs with like a good chorus in them.

So like yeah some of these pop bands out there are in fact good artists and song-writers and stuff and here are a few that I like/ respect myself.

I do find that most pop music I like is from the 80s and a little in the '90s. I think some of it is due to nostalgia, but also artists today are just too over-produced and also the record companies just will not allow them to be like creative and stuff. So there is just an assembly line of pop-tarts that all sound alike: Britney, Christinia, Katy... all sound the same-ish.

Prince is like a music machine!

Soundtrack to one of my favorite movies! Plus it just has a nice beat.

Yes believe it or not I do in fact like Rick Astley! He just has a good voice!


Yeah I even like some Ace of Base. They are like the ABBA of Generation X!
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I'm not against pop, considering that a large portion of the music that I listen could be described as it. I know it's a little cliche among music lovers but the only pop I truly don't like is the modern autotune dominated synth pop that gets mixed in with hip hop and the like. Most of you know what I mean. But otherwise I'm willing to listen to a pop album before I make a "proper" judgement.
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