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Screen13 12-27-2021 07:16 PM

For some reason, in my opinion he really "went south" when he fully went solo even before the rant that's been quoted many times over (and justifiably - in a live setting that's never called for such stuff). In bands - Bluesbreakers, Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and The Dominos - he was alright even though I still don't get the "God" thing attached to him. He could have even formed something with George Harrison and made it work if Cream's "Badge" is anything to go by. Maybe there was just being with others that curtailed the very elements which made many criticize him.

Growing up, I heard the talent but never really got into the MOR AOR/Dad Rock that he created. Maybe it was the Alternative 80's in me, but I seriously laughed when I heard "I Got a Rock and Roll Heart" and heard nothing but bland bar music while moving into '85 and wanting him to stop despite the fact that "Forever Man" was a hit with a capital S.

The recent bit about going against someone selling a Bootleg (Live USA, just in case someone asks) that was one that can be bought from a German store (and I'm sure others) in the 90's was really something that could have been handled better by both parties but has shown the lack of communication we have today. Imtrat went through the loopholes and released a number of those dodgy discs, many of them under the Live USA banner - some possibly of serious historical interest to listeners - but to me it should have be a hint that it really should have been "No Go" to e-bay it if you can't sell it on Discogs. It was all clickbait headlines and the rest.

Tristan_Geoff 12-27-2021 09:00 PM

I for one admire my Eric Claptin overlord and appreciate his accomplishments towards bein the shredder he is at the geetar

Tristan_Geoff 12-27-2021 09:01 PM

jk **** a musical copright money grubber

rostasi 12-27-2021 09:09 PM

I hope Eric gets a ton of clap.

Lisnaholic 12-28-2021 07:22 AM

^ HaHa! Very droll !

Although it was a decade or so later, I actually attended the same High School as EC, so as you can imagine he was something of a local hero, and if you knew where to look you might see him in a pub. We saw him in the country pub that was three mins walk from from EC's house and where, reputedly, George Harrison had sat in the pub garden, admiring the spectacular view and dreaming up "Here Comes The Sun". The pub used to serve light meals, like paté on toast. This is a detail I remember because I was so proud of the remark I made to my friends: "I think I'll have the Paté Boyd."

Top that if you can, Trollheart!

rubber soul 12-28-2021 07:25 AM


Originally Posted by Lisnaholic (Post 2195330)
"I think I'll have the Paté Boyd."

Top that if you can, Trollheart!

Lisnaholic 12-28-2021 07:53 AM

Well, perhaps it was one of those things that seemed funny at the time, rs, but I feel your reaction is a little harsh :( + ;)

Trollheart 12-28-2021 10:11 AM

That's nothing. I once met Sean Dunphy in a chip shop AND he gave me a chip! :D

rostasi 12-28-2021 10:14 AM

(...looks up Sean player...singer... ??)

Lisnaholic 12-28-2021 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by rostasi (Post 2195345)
(...looks up Sean player...singer... ??)

^ Ditto, except *doesn't bother to look up Sean Dunphy*

Who is this guy,TH ? Your old gym teacher, or what? ;)

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